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  1. DwightK

    Modern? Solos? Bar Band music?

    What newer (90's 00's) music would work for a bar band for their set list? Music that has solos? Wolfmother's Joker, White Stripes 7 Nation are in a friends playlist but neither they nor I can come up with others. Where are the "classic rock" bands of today? Songs you can dance to and have...
  2. DwightK

    From Directivo to Dish?

    Dish now has my local channels and I can get UPN and WB. I've been a Directivo customer since that came out and a D* customer since way before then. D* has sunday ticket and OLN (for bicycle racing but they only cover the TdF now sow that is a no nevermind anymore) which are not on E*...
  3. DwightK

    Random Lovecraft news

    Just in case there are any Lovecraft type peoples still reading around here. I was randomly chatting with a coworker today about a new author I read (Caitlin Kiernen) and he lit up and started discussing horror authors. Turns out he is the editor for a soon to be released book about...
  4. DwightK

    Broken Xbox! What dvd head cleaner to get?

    Had to use the xbox chat support thingy as my xboxen dies after about 10 minutes of play. No matter the game. The chat dude said that a dvd head cleaner is the solution. Any suggestions to a good one? Never even heard of that item before and I with 4 dvd players in the house. Ya know, If it...
  5. DwightK

    Co-op games?

    I recently purchased and played Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (PS2 version as it was $19 vs 49 for xobx). I played through solo and had a blast. I then played through the game co-op with a friend and the game was superb:emoji_thumbsup: I nor my friends are not at all interested in head to...
  6. DwightK

    Contacting Scifi re logo?

    Is there any way to provide feedback or contact the scifi chanel concerning their new logo? It is BRIGHT white and I'm afraid it will start burning in my screen. I went through their website and emailed them but immediately got back a form mail that basically said we don't care and wont...
  7. DwightK

    Xbox Live Peer to Peer only???

    Are there games for xobx live that are NOT peer to peer? For some reason I was under some strange assumption that I would be playing Ghost Recon on high band-width servers, not like this. Peer to peer sucks for anything other than, well, anything. I envisioned huge sets of servers similar to the...
  8. DwightK

    SpeedTV WRC coverage Argentina

    I don't know if any of you watch the sameday coverage of WRC Rally racing but what is hapening this weekend is absolutely disgusting:angry: Each night, SpeedTV is interjecting a 30 minute, un-announced, NASCAR news thingy inbetween the rally stages. it was at the beginning last night and...
  9. DwightK

    Scifi's The Chronicle. Gone forever

    just had to post after watching the series finale. The Chronicle and 24 were the only new shows I actually enjoyed. Now I am down to just one. the subject matter, humor, everything about the show appealed to me. Some exec. pulled the plug on me. Oh well:frowning:
  10. DwightK

    New main speaker options?

    I would like to know if you all have any suggestions for upgrades for my main speakers. I'm currently using Phase Tech 4.5T's as mains and rears and have one Phase Tech PC-3 as my center and SVS16-46 subby. The 4.5's in front are screaming to be used as surrounds in my bedroom:D The PC-3...
  11. DwightK

    Help choosing amp for my SVS

    Been playing around with what I have available and have found I like the amp I ripped out of my Velo CT100 better than an old receiver (100W) and a PA amp (175W). Any opinions on what I should get? Choices are: MCM's 370W plate amp @ $180ish Partsexpress 250W plate amp @ $130ish Adire audio...
  12. DwightK

    New SVS report and a thanks

    Thanks to all of you here (and Ron, Tom, and Erik) I received my new 16-46cs today:emoji_thumbsup: You all weren't kidding about the packaging NOR the sound. Set it up ASAP using an old Sherwood 115W receiver to drive the SVS, calibrated to 75db, and plugged in TPM. WOW! I have been using a...
  13. DwightK

    How to hook up Sherwood rec for SVS CS

    Getting antsy here with a 16-46 CS on it's way:D I will be using an old Sherwood 1340 receiver for amplification for a bit and have a question. Do I just use one of the audio cables to the CD input? As in just the red tipped one from the sub out jack to the red input CD jack or do I run both...
  14. DwightK

    DVD Player dilemna

    It appears to me that dvd players can either have an adequate (or better) progressive capability -OR- they have the capability to play CD-R, CD-RW, VCD, SVCD, MP3, etc... Is there such a player that can do both? I have a Pioneer DV-333 which is superb at xSVCD et.al. but am really interested...