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  1. Conroy Tesa

    FS- Star Wars Spec ED LD f - Toronto Area

    Only played twice!! Selling due to cash needs $50 U.S of B.O. Buyer pays shipping due to size of box. Can send pictures if desired. ********Also DVL-919 LD/DVD player For Sale - 400 for BOTH LD and Player!!!**** DVL-919 LD/DVD player Specs Video Processing: 10-bit...
  2. Conroy Tesa

    Rio Riot 20gig MP3 player for sale

    Just got a 3rd gen Ipod for birthday and no longer need this anymore. Awesome sounding and with cool features including * Built-in FM Tuner with custom presets * Extra-large, backlit LCD * Exclusive, Rio LogiTrack interface makes it incredibly easy to find, sort and play your favorite songs...
  3. Conroy Tesa

    WTB:Expressvu 6000 receiver

    In Toronto area, looking for a reasonable deal. Thanks
  4. Conroy Tesa

    Does anyone know anybody that does 5.1 upgrades to pre/pros in Canada

    There was a place in Canada that did it but they don't anymore. MSB for 300 us ~ 500 cdn is alot and even they said not to bother. I wanted to add it to my citation 7.0.
  5. Conroy Tesa

    ICBM buzzing sound- anybody else experience this?

    I just noticed this this morning. I installed this on the weekend but never noticed it till now. There is a low buzzing coming from all speakers that doesn't change with volume. It is connected between my pre and amps as a global bass management. I have it plugged into the same power bar as...
  6. Conroy Tesa

    vandersteen 2wq crossover question

    I bought a 2wq sub and it didn't come with the variable crossover. The dealer custom made one for my amp 50 ohm input After reading the manual, it suggests one lower than the input. What are the input levels on this variable crossover?
  7. Conroy Tesa

    WTB Outlaw ICBM (in Canada if possible)

    Dollar conversion and PST/GST a killer. Any available?
  8. Conroy Tesa

    HELP! Can't setup Millenium 2.4.6 dts properly

    Hi Anyone who has or has had this could you help me out? I just purchased a millenium off someone and am having problems with it in auto mode. I have it set up with a Sony EP9ES DD decoder and a Citation 7.0 preamp. I have it just before my amps. I followed the instructions and have...
  9. Conroy Tesa

    Help setting up dts Millenium 2.4.6

    Where do I get test tones so I could set up this decoder? VE, Avia, other?
  10. Conroy Tesa

    Buckaroo Banzai in Canada?

    I have tried to see on the HMV/Futureshop sites to see when this will be released here and for how much $$. There doesn't seem to be an entry. It is being released on the first week of January right?
  11. Conroy Tesa

    Does xbox support anamorphic DVD playback?

    I have a 36 inch Wega xbr that supports anamorphic squeeze. How do I get my DVD's on my xbox to support this. I am using the HD pack with the xbox. do I change the video options in the setup screen to 4:3? Letterbox? Widescreen? I'm confused!
  12. Conroy Tesa

    nad t571 dvd/cd changer any good? how to test?

    Hi I wanted to get a new DVD player and this one caught my attention. These are the features i really want/necesary: DVD/ CD changer MP3 decoding Progressive scanning with 3:2 pulldown Very good cd playback (I would say 60% music/40% movies) HDCD/24/96 burr bron converters the NAD t571...
  13. Conroy Tesa

    bin Laden in Hannibal?

    Maybe I'm a bit late but I just noticed when the Italian cop Prazzi(?) is at home in chapter 11 checking the FBI top 10 wanted site Osam bin Laden and a couple of buddies are on there. Was this ever pointed out earlier? Too bad he went after Hannibal instead! ------------------ Conroy
  14. Conroy Tesa

    Add new dts decoder or buy new pre amp?

    OK I'm going to ask an opinion here on what you people think is the best upgrade path. I have a Citation 7.0 with an Sony EP9ES DD decoder with the following equipment Bryston amps PSB Stratus Silvers Front Mirage OMr2 for the surrounds PSB C6 for the center 2Wq Vandersteen Sub DVL 919...
  15. Conroy Tesa

    Anybody own a Millenum DTS decoder?

    Is this thing any good? Is there ANY bass management? I have a DD system and wanted to cheaply add DTS. ------------------ Conroy
  16. Conroy Tesa

    Is 'The THing' being rereleased on Aug 28?

    I wanted to pick this title up but it is either hard to find or over 40 bucks canadian. On Amazon etc it says there is a release date of Aug 28, 2001 What does that mean? ------------------ Conroy
  17. Conroy Tesa

    Best place to RENT HK/anime movies in T.O.?

    In Toronto, where I used to work at 404 and 401, there were a bunch of LD places that had great releases (all these cool John Woo movies and anime) for rent but for the life of me, I can't find any places to rent DVD's. Ballbuster sucks and so does Rogers. Is there anyboudy on the board from...