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  1. Jim__B

    Victoria's Secret Pre-Empted?

    While my wife and I were watching amazing race the commercials for VS Show whould last 1 second then goto doppler radar. We did not think anything of it but when AR ended it went to an episode of Frasier. Any other areas not getting the broadcast. I had no plans to watch had to finish Sum of All...
  2. Jim__B

    Ice Age $3.00 off

    I have not seen this mentioned yet but Papa Johns pizza is offering a $3.00 off coupon with the purchase of their Mammoth deal(13.99). So if you like PJ's pizza you may want to get one gives you an easy dinner and $3 off Ice Age. I got the coupon though on a large pizza as all they seem to do is...
  3. Jim__B

    GTA:Vice City release date changed?

    I just got an email today that my preorder will not be shipped until 10/28/02(EB). Gamestop says it ships 10/26. Does any one know what its new release date will be. Just want to know if I should cancel the pre-order, if a place like Best Buy will have it on 10/22, which is the date their site...
  4. Jim__B

    Family Guy DVD- US release around Xmas?

    I did not see this posted here yet so here goes. Over at Planet Family they are saying there is a good chance of a release around Christmas. They don't have a lonk so I don't know how reiliable the source is. It will supposedly contain the never aired episode also. Hopefully Futurama won't be...
  5. Jim__B

    PS2 and Controller $199 @ EB

    Don't know if this is a good deal, just thought I let everyone know. I am looking to possibly get a PS2 now that the price dropped. This weekend may be a good time to pick one up at BB with the coupons. Link Removed
  6. Jim__B

    New Panasonic DVD players when?

    Just wanted to know when new model to replace the rp56 will be out. Gonna probably get one but I will wait if a new model will be out shortly.
  7. Jim__B

    HK 320 Question

    I am planning to purchase a HK 320, but I had just wanted to know about its power ratings. I will use to to push the NPS1 and a JBL PB12 will it be powerful enough to handle those?Thanks
  8. Jim__B

    Upgrade Questions?

    Just wanted some opinions on my set up I am looking into. Receiver Harman Kardon AVR120 or AVR220 depends on the prices I can get. Speakers JBL NPS-1, don't know what sub to go with yet.(249 free shipping) DVD Panasonic RP-56(low 200's) Any other suggestions would be appreciated...
  9. Jim__B

    American Pie 2 cover?

    I see the whole cast is on the cover but wher is the other guy Kevin? Just thought it was wierd everyone was there but him. Did se any threads on this so I thought i would ask.
  10. Jim__B

    Mini DV Camcorder

    I need some advice, I am looking at the Sony TRV30 for all the features it offers. Mainly the still image quality, I know a camcorder is no substitute for a dedicated still camera but I want both features for my vacation and I don't want to carry 2 cameras. I have looked at comparable JVC, and...
  11. Jim__B

    GCN Memory Card

    How much does the Nintendo one hold it says I think 59 blocks, but how much is that really? The games that I need the Memory card are Madden and Luigi. Lastly, are there any 3rd party ones out there that are cheaper and hold more.
  12. Jim__B

    The New Justice League?

    When does this start on Cartoon Network? I could have sworn it was supposed to be in October, but I guess I was wrong.
  13. Jim__B

    Car ?- - - 2002/01 Mustang GT vs Z28

    Anyone here have one if so what are you expiernces. Think of getting rid of my 94 V6 Camaro. Test drove a Z28, and was impressed with the power but it seemed to be lacking something. I am going to drive a Mustang GT Monday, just wanted to get some opinions on it. I have always been a Chevy...
  14. Jim__B


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  15. Jim__B

    That 70's Show ?

    Does anyone know what happened to Donna's mom Midge? I seemed odd that in the credits she is missing, then when they were at Donna's house we on'y saw Bob. I know the Eric sister was gone for her problems but what is up with Midge. Thanks
  16. Jim__B

    2002 Altima ?

    Just wanted to know if any one here has one yet or has driven on. IF so what are your impressoin. I am really thinking about getting one. Been doing some research and test drove one tonight. I just wanted to get some 1st hand info if any of you are familiar with the car. Thanks
  17. Jim__B

    NCAA football for Xbox or gamecube?

    Trying to decide between these 2 systems and the one that will have this game will be my choice. I know PS2 has one but I don't want a PS2. Thanks