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  1. Ken Bentley

    F/S or F/T:GBA SP system Bundle + games

  2. Ken Bentley

    F/S or F/T : Toy Story 2 pack

    gone traded... thanks for all offers
  3. Ken Bentley

    F/S or F/T Pixar Animation Collection..

    SOLD.... TY for all offers
  4. Ken Bentley

    F/S or F/T:Toy Story 1 & 2 + bonus disc

    US BUYERS ONLY PLEASE Paypal or USPS money orders hi there i have either for sale or for trade $ 70 (Toy story 2 pack ( has both movies ) plus the third disc from the ultimate toy box, i found the thrid disc for sale at a local Gamestop, all disc are perfect like new) some wants...
  5. Ken Bentley

    F/S: dvd lot

  6. Ken Bentley

    F/S Toy Story Double Pack!!

  7. Ken Bentley

    dvds for trade!!

  8. Ken Bentley

    need help..i think my heater core in my car went bad

    well this am while driving to work. my windows started to fog up and i smelt antifreeze.. so i get to work and there was antifreeze leaking from the back side of the engine, i think it is the heater core. any one else have ideas of what it could be.. i have no fluid coming in the car. i hear...
  9. Ken Bentley

    DVDs For Sale!!! Toy Story & Toy Story 2

    titles pending...
  10. Ken Bentley

    DVDs For Sale>.

  11. Ken Bentley

    F/S: dvds and box sets...

  12. Ken Bentley

    Wants Transformers box sets.. huge offer inside..

    hi there i am in need of the transformers box sets... wants: transformers Season 2 Part 2 Box transformers Season 3 Part 1 Box willing to trade nightmare box straight up for Transformers S3 P1 box heres my trade list... http://www.dvdaficionado.com/dvds.ht...1&id=spawn2812
  13. Ken Bentley

    looking for T2 UE with metal slip cover or tin

    got it...
  14. Ken Bentley

    R2:Transformers The Movie.. widescreen vs fullscreen pics.

    first off thanks to Matthew for hosting the pics for me... here are pics from The Region 2 Transformers Movie SE . they have they widescreen version. from the pics i dont see much of a diff from widescreen to fullscreen in the pics. so when they release the 2 disc se for us in...
  15. Ken Bentley

    R2 TFTM widescreen pics... vs. Rhino TFTM(FS)

    http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/3f101...jqnI_A51L1w.a3 http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/3f101...jqnI_AVQd9JEe6 http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/3f101...jqnI_ApZf.0sZS http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/3f101...jqnI_AHUwEaRwM so it seems there really aint a diff between wide or full for...
  16. Ken Bentley

    wants: spawn the movie + spawn animated

    anyone... or even the ninja turtles 1,2,3 dvds???
  17. Ken Bentley

    TTT extended edition cover art (collectors box set)

  18. Ken Bentley

    wants: toy story

    hi all. well i am looking for toy story toy box.. will trade big for the box.. post here or pm or e-mail.. thanks for looking. http://www.dvdaficionado.com/dvds.ht...=1&id=monster2
  19. Ken Bentley

    Wants: Hellraiser DVDs

    hi there i am looking for all the hellraiser dvds. post here or e-mail me if you have all of the hellraisers.. thanks list of my dvds are in my sig..thanks for looking.
  20. Ken Bentley

    Wants: Nightmare On Elm Street Box Set..

  21. Ken Bentley

    Trade/want list

  22. Ken Bentley

    what one of these is the better one to buy??

    ok i cant make up my mind on what one is the better buy.. A Bugs Life CE 2 disc set Sealed. in eaither the slim case or double alpha.. from hollywood video $40 or the godfather Collection what one is the better dvd to buy. any help woudl be greatfull thanks... planning on...
  23. Ken Bentley

    Wants:Transformers DVDs

    see my new one and only trade/want list... http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...hreadid=100376 i have finally figured out the proper way of doing this...lo
  24. Ken Bentley

    FT: Sleepaway camp Box Set with 4th disc/ 24 S1

    FT: Sleepaway camp has these to trade. e-mail offers. or post here. 24 Season One Box setTraded sleepaway camp. with 4th disc/ red cross. wants Blade II or mask of zoro SE of superbit. thanks for looking.
  25. Ken Bentley

    Wants: toy story ultimate toy box/sleep away camp

    I have Removed my list for the time. for as i will be on vaction for the next two weeks.. when i get back i will repost thanks again.... and everyone have a great weekend...
  26. Ken Bentley

    Does Anyone here own Puppet Master Box Set??

    hi i am thinking bout buying this set. i have been offer to purchase it. my question is. is this box set worth owning. i love the moives. but have heard half good and half bad thngs bout the set.. lmk thanks... video sound etc.. thanks