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  1. Dennis_H

    Finally built a new sub (now whelmed)

    I bought a Tempest several years back along with a PE 250 W plate amp (the one with the remote) with the intentions of building a great new sub. Didn't get to it until this weekend. Used WinISD and built a vented box that is close to 13.5 cu ft after driver and ports. I tuned it to around 18hz...
  2. Dennis_H

    Clapton SACDs

    Went to Best Buy yesterday and didn't see any Clapton SACDs. Which ones were released? Are they hybrid, multichannel, etc? I'm hoping Slowhand is released on SACD. I want to hear The Core in multichannel... BB is easily becoming Worst Buy. Hardly any DVD-A, SACD, and not even the new TSO...
  3. Dennis_H

    What Satellite Network PVR to get

    I'm considering getting a satellite TV service for the first time. If I do, I will get a PVR. I don't have HDTV yet, so that is out of the consideration for now. Dish and Direct both have PVRs, basically the same programming, and close to the same cost (as far as I can tell). I'm in the Dallas...
  4. Dennis_H

    Dayton 8" DVC

    Has anyone looked at the new Dayton 8" DVC shielded sub driver? 8" sub driver I would like to use a small driver for my bedroom system that many of you were very helpful with. The main goal was (and still is) to keep the size and cost down and still have a listenable system. I have modeled it a...
  5. Dennis_H

    Cheap bedroom speakers

    I'm looking to put in some fairly inexpensive speakers for the bedroom. I'm not looking for perfect sound in there, but I don't want it terrible either. I think I would like to put in some of the TB 3" or 4" 'full range' speakers in small enclosures to just have a nice little system to watch...
  6. Dennis_H

    Dish PVR

    Now that Dish network is offering a $9/mo special (at least in my area) for a year, I'm thinking of doing the dish thing. One of the equip choices is the Dish PVR 501 system. Any comments on this unit. I know it records digitally off the satellite, so quality should be good. How is its ease of...
  7. Dennis_H

    Coffee table sub

    Due to circumstances way out of my control (wife changed her mind), I don't think I'll get to fill in the area around my fireplace and go with the dual Tempest IB project I had been longing for. But, I'm still going to make a new sub in the next couple of months. I'm toying with the idea of a...
  8. Dennis_H

    Sub Design question

    I'm looking at designing a new sub for the house. My current DIY is OK, but could be much better. What I'm looking at is moving the AV system into another room. This room is on a raised concrete slab of about 12". On the right side is a recessed area with seats around the fireplace. This is...