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  1. Steven Bothe

    QSC RMX Amp Users

    What Fan did/do you use to quiet the amp down? I have read it is one of these: FBK04F24H FBK04F24U http://www.digikey.com/scripts/DkSea...S&Cat=31064717 But which one? Also, did you wire in a pot to adjust speed?
  2. Steven Bothe

    Subs for Sale VTF-3 and ARS300

    Two Subs for Sale: HSU VTF-3 in great shape, less than 1 year old. http://www.hsustore.com/vtf3.html $550 + shipping or best offer Acoustic Research ARS-300 in good shape (one spike got slightly bent when I moved it around the room), a little less than 3 years old...
  3. Steven Bothe

    Wow, got my Tumult enclosure from Acoustic Visions

    Just got my Tumult enclosure from Acoustic Visions... It is awesome... Looks great, even better than in photos. Some small shipping damage, the grill clips. It is a Sealed Cube, just like Kilimanjaro on http://www.acoustic-visions.com/pinnacleseries.htm , except mine is passive. I'm using a...
  4. Steven Bothe

    65SWX20B from UEC

    I just ordered a Refurbished 65SWX20B from UEC (Hitachi Reseller of Hitachi Refurbished Sets). https://www.uecweb.com/ I hope this risk pays off, and the set arrive in great operational condition. The fact that it was just barely over $2300 delivered made me take the risk on a Refurbished...
  5. Steven Bothe

    C3 and R3 for sale

    Swan Diva C3 (interal Tweeter) and R3 with approximately 10 hours of use, in as new condition, in original "super packaging." C3 - Retail: $499 Asking: $390 (obo) Shipped R3 - Retail: $599 Asking: $470 (obo) Shipped Packaged: $800 (obo) Shipped $775 (obo) Local [email protected]