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  1. Dave F

    Is there a RSS feed of upcoming DVD releases somewhere?

    I've been looking for a RSS feed of upcoming DVD releases, but I've been coming up empty. Netflix has a feed of new releases, but not of upcoming titles. DVD Empire has feeds, but they haven't been updated in ages. Anyone know of a feed for upcoming releases? Thanks- Dave
  2. Dave F

    Whatever happened to the rumored Clone Wars DVD?

    When Cartoon Network's Clone Wars series was just beginning, it was rumored that there would be a DVD release very soon. Season two just began & CN reran the first 10 episodes, but I haven't seen anything lately regarding a DVD release. Is it still on the way? When? Season one would only be...
  3. Dave F

    DVD-Lab site awol?

    I just noticed that the DVD Lab site ( http://www.mediachance.com ) isn't responding. Has anyone heard anything? -Dave
  4. Dave F

    Good online store for comic back issues?

    Anyone have any recommendations for a good online store for back issues of comics? I'm not well-versed in what the prices should be, so I'm looking for a place that generally has reasonable prices. If it matters, I'll be looking for issues of Buffy. Thanks, Dave
  5. Dave F

    House of the Dead 3: 2 simultaneous light guns?

    Does House of the Dead 3 support using 2 lightguns at the same time? I'm thinking about picking this up as a Christmas gift, and if you can use 2 guns at the same time, I'll pick up 2. Also, does it matter which type of video connector is being used? It will be for a non-HDTV, and I think...
  6. Dave F

    Beyond Good and Evil: Widescreen-Yes, Anamorphic-No

    Very frustrating. Beyond Good and Evil is widescreen, but does not display anamorphically. So no matter what, it's letterboxed. It seems like a great game so far, but the gorgeous graphics are bittersweet since the presentation blows. Non-anamorphic widescreen. One step forward, two steps...
  7. Dave F

    Diana Krall -Look of Love - SACD or DVD-A

    Both the SACD and DVD-A release of Diana Krall's Look of Love are priced about the same. Is there any significant difference between the two? Any reason to choose one over the other? -Dave
  8. Dave F

    Has anyone tried the Pro System Selector (component switcher)?

    Has anyone here tried the Pro System Selector (component switcher)? It is powered, so my initial thought was that it was an active switcher rather than a passive switch. However, I didn't notice that it also acted as an ethernet switch, so perhaps that would account for the power. If it is...
  9. Dave F

    Final Fantasy X-2 Demo: weird visual effect?

    Has anyone else noticed a weird visual effect in the demo version of Final Fantasy X-2? The gameplay parts of the screen seem to have a weird blurring of the image, almost like a double-image. The effect isn't present on the HUD or in the menus. Is the full game the same way? I'm looking...
  10. Dave F

    Primal (PS2) - $9.99 @ EbGames.com

    FYI: EBGames.com has Primal (PS2) for $9.99. I've never heard a lot of talk about this game, which is a real shame. It's fun Tomb Raider-style game with a stronger emphasis on hand-to-hand combat. Also, it has the best PS2 graphics I've ever seen. If you have a PS2 and can display 16:9 480p...
  11. Dave F

    A quick ESPN NFL question

    Doesn't ESPN NFL have an option to have the CPU finish out a game? I thought I had read that it did, but last night I couldn't find the option. If it's possible, how do you do it? It'd certainly be handy when the game is a blowout & there is no chance of a different outcome. Also, is there...
  12. Dave F

    X-Arcade & Xbox problems

    Has anyone here tried using an X-Arcade joystick with an Xbox? I seem to get a bit of lag between the button presses and the onscreen action, and I've heard of others reporting this as well. It seemed okay for Soul Calibur, but I'm having a real hard time in Street Fighter. When starting a...
  13. Dave F

    Can cable and dish co-exist in the same house?

    I really want to switch to DirectTV for some HD channels, but I live in a house with some other people that use cable. Can a DirectTV and cable both be fed on the same coaxial line? Or would I need to have a second coxial line fed through the house? -Dave
  14. Dave F

    Anna K. & XSN

    Yahoo news pic So how much lower could those pants ride before the pic would be considered NSFW? ;) -Dave
  15. Dave F

    What's the difference between the two "Lady in Satin" SACD's?

    There are two SACD versions of Billie Holiday's "Lady in Satin". Does anyone know which is the better version? http://art.towerrecords.com/coverart...0482&X=75&Y=80 The first version came out in 1999, and features 5 bonus tracks. http://art.towerrecords.com/coverart...2315&X=75&Y=80 The...
  16. Dave F

    Suggestions for scanners?

    I have an itch to buy some accessories for my computer, so I'm thinking about picking up a scanner. However, I don't know much (read: anything) about scanners, so I do not know what to look for or avoid. I would appreciate any suggestions. The main function will probably be for scanning art...
  17. Dave F

    Virtua Fighter 4:Evo

    I picked up Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution today, and just finished about a 4 hour session. :) In short: this game is a steal. It's being released under the Greatest Hits banner, which means that it's $20 at most places, and only $15 at Best Buy if you use the Gamers Gift card + $5 coupon. While...
  18. Dave F

    Essential PocketPC software?

    I'm a transplanted Palm user with a new PocketPC, and I've been having a difficult time finding "essential" software. Or even not-so-essential freeware ;) Does anyone have any suggestions or good sites for info & software? After living in the world of a lot of free Palm software, the lack of...
  19. Dave F

    Nifty wireless adapter

    Linksys has a new wireless adapter, the WGA11B, which they are marketing towards the gamer market. It functions similar to the wet11 bridge, but this is driverless, yet still supports WEP. (If you use wep, you need to initially hook it up to a wired network, & run a utility which stores the...
  20. Dave F

    Fox's Naked Killer

    So since the new Fox release of Naked Killer has some major cuts, does the R2 HKL release have the same cuts? What's the deal? And has Fox ever said why we don't get the commentaries from the HKL discs? -Dave
  21. Dave F

    A good source for total sales data?

    Anyone know a good source of data for total games sold? There's a couple games that I'd be interested to hear how well they sold. Or how poorly, more the point. :frowning: -Dave
  22. Dave F

    Deltamac or Megastar version of Police Story 3/Supercop?

    Which is the preferred version of Supercop/Police Story 3? I found listings on eBay for versions by Deltamac and Megastar. The only Megastar listing was region 0, so am I correct in assuming that was a bootleg? There were r3 and r0 listings for the Deltamac release. Is either release worth...
  23. Dave F

    Wing Chun

    HK Flix has a new release of Wing Chun by "Modern Audio". Has anyone heard if this is a decent release? -Dave
  24. Dave F

    Online Canadian music stores?

    Anyone have some suggestions for online Canadian music stores? I tried HMV, but they didn't have what I was looking for.... Thanks, Dave
  25. Dave F

    Testing for a faulty CPU?

    There are apps to test RAM, but are there any apps for testing CPU's? I've had some odd crashes when running CPU-intensive processes, so I'd like to try determine if the problem actually lies in the CPU. Thanks, -Dave
  26. Dave F

    Video games constitutionally protected

    Video games constitutionally protected Given all of the bad press that games get, I'm astounded that there has actually been a ruling in favor of the gaming industry. The following quote gives me hope that games might someday reach the level of respect that it has the potential to demand...
  27. Dave F

    Any Zelda: Link to the Past visual walkthroughs?

    Anyone know of a visual walkthrough for Zelda: A Link to the Past? Everything that I've found is text based, which sometimes isn't much help. I'm stuck in the Ice Dungeon and my GBASP is going to meet the pavement soon. Thanks, Dave
  28. Dave F

    Primal (PS2) progressive scan?

    I've seen various reports that Primal has a progressive scan option. Anyone know how to enable it? I can't find it in any of the menus. This would be the first PS2 game I've tried in 480p, so is there anything goofy I have to do like holding down the red button on the Gamecube? Thanks, Dave
  29. Dave F

    Dead or Alive 4, Code Cronus, and another crappy videogame movie

    From Yahoo - 'Dead or Alive' Game for Film Deal: The article later mentions that Code Cronus will be out this fall, and DoA 4 will be out in fall 2004. :frowning: Man, that's a long wait. I'd even settle for 'DoA3 Turbo Hyper-fighting edition' in the meantime. :) -Dave
  30. Dave F

    Any U.S. customers order boxsets from Blackstar?

    I was trying to figure out the charges incurred for ordering Buffy season 6 from Blackstar.co.uk , but it got too confusing. Does anyone have any idea how much they usually charge for shipping, etc for boxsets? In the past I've ordered from Bensonsworld, but I'm wondering if I can save a few...