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    FS: Hitachi 57" HDTV 57SWX20B

    Hitachi Ultravision 57" 16:9 HDTV Monitor Model 57SWX20B Triple CRT rear-projection big screen Includes DVI w/ HDCP input Specifications sheet: http://www.hitachi.us/tv/resource/pr...x20b_specs.pdf Two remote controls and all manuals included Located in downtown Chicago...
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    Hitachi 57SWX questions? This a good deal in Chicago?

    Before I take the plunge on a tv for my upcoming apartment, I wanted to get some advice. Let me describe the setup with a layout. This top side faces west. Both the West and South walls are floor to ceiling glass (forget about light control). The tv will probably be driven by an HTPC...
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    Is this new maelstrom defective?

    My new Adire Maelstrom. It is hard to get that close without getting blurry, but for a few inches the yellow is not flush with the black metal. There is a gap of around 2mm. There is no glue coming out of the edges like in other places where there is actually excess. Is this defective? Will...
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    WTB: Headphone Amplifier

    Looking for a good headphone amplifier to drive a Senn HD600.
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    BFD RCA 1/4 adapter

    GOLD RCA JACK TO 1/4" MONO PLUG ADAPTOR Parts Express Part Number 091-1010 $1.80 each http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd..._ID=2427&DID=7 Will this work? If I'm doing 2 separate subs I'll just need 4 of these right? Thanks.
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    Brahma 15 EXTREME, and 18!

    http://www.adireaudio.com/Merchant2/...uct_Code=BEX15 Oh my. Anybody seen more info on this? They also mention an 18" Brahma on the regular website. Any similar Tumult plans?
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    -> Maelstrom/Tempest analysis!

    My goal is to build a great subwoofer using one channel of my Parasound 1500A amp, which provides 315W at 4ohm. The Tumult and AV15 aren’t readily available, and seem to like more power. The Tempest is a forum favorite, but I think the Maelstrom may actually work better as you’ll see in this...
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    FS: Parasound 1500

    The Parasound HCA-1500A is a John Curl design. THX Ultra certified. http://www.parasound.com/products/am...500aspecs.html Continuous Power Output - Stereo: 205 watts RMS x 2, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 8 ohms, both channels driven; 315 watts RMS x 2, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 4 ohms , both channels driven...
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    HK 525 modifications ! ? !

    Just pulled the trigger at JandR and should have the HK525 next week. Anybody opened one of these up and have some pictures/descriptions? Not that I'd ever void my warranty :) but these are some mods I think could help the 525 for my setup: 1. THE FAN. Either disconnecting or replacing...
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    Audition and comparison: Polk LSi15, LSi9, Klipsch, MBQ...

    I finally got my Polk LSi audition in yesterday. Polk and Rocket were the two major players left to audition on my list. I also posted a few of my previous speaker thoughts here (tried B&W, Thiel, Magnepan, Klipsch, BA, Mirage, Martin Logan...)...
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    FS: Polk PSW650 dual 10" sub

    Polk's top of the line PSW650 sub. Dual 10" powered subwoofer with all the amplifier controls. It is very musical and has good reviews out there. $365, plus shipping if applicable. Here is their homepage for more information and pictures...
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    Modify BFD for non-balanced?

    I know that the balanced inputs designed for higher voltage sources is one of the major downsides of using the BFD for subs. Has anybody considered modding this little toy to take a non-balanced source, and perhaps handle home theater level inputs better?
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    QSC: PLX, RMX, or what?

    QSC seems to be pretty well liked here for pro-audio amps for subs. PLX costs a little more than RMX line, but some of its ratings are full-bandwidth instead of 1kHz which leads me to believe its 'better'. What are some of the issues I should be looking at? What is the order of quality for QSC...
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    Equalization/Filtering for Sub and Shaker!

    Here is the low-frequency part of the setup I am considering (only thing I currently have is the amp). This will be an apartment, so I'm thinking the bass shakers will help me keep the overall volume down without losing that impact feeling I love. -one Adire Tempest 4ohm -8 25W Aura Bass...
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    Receiver to drive bass shakers and be source?

    Is it possible to have your receiver drive bass shakers and be the source for external amps? IE I have a 5 channel external amp, but am wondering if I get a receiver instead of a pre/pro (such as the HK520) can I use its internal amps to drive bass shakers? I know there are two zones, main-ins...
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    Tumult Power Suggestion

    I'm sure this has been brought up, but search is off now. How much power is recommended to match with the tumult? Any info out there about power to max out with given enclosure volumes? Any particular amps you'd pick? Plate or rack. Thanks