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  1. DFurr

    Bi-Amp and Tri-Amp Applications

    Out of curiosity, are any HT folks bi-amping or tri-amping their speakers or do HT speakers have the capability. I'm brain dead when it comes to the typical home theatre equipment.
  2. DFurr

    QSC USA 900 Amps For Sale

    I'm upgrading my QSC amps to the newer DCA models so I've got FOUR QSC USA 900 amps for sale. They are in my way so I'm having a fire sale. $90 each plus shipping.
  3. DFurr

    Besides movies what are your other hobbies?

    I did a search but couldn't find an existing thread that covered "other" hobbies. So I'm curious what other hobbies movie fanatics have. I've been an organist since high school when I switched from piano to the organ. I'm currently the substitute organist for a church in Riverside, Ca. A year...
  4. DFurr

    New HT in Sun City, Ca

    After moving from Atlanta, Ga to Sun City, Ca our home screening room is 99% complete. It was built on the same design as our other HT except with much higher ceilings, larger projection booth and new JBL surround speakers. Projection consist of a Kinoton PK-60D 35mm projector, Epson 5010...
  5. DFurr

    What We Call the D&D Cinema

    This is our home screening consisting of 35mm, Dolby Digital, StereoVision 3D, 4-track magnetic sound and Epson 5010 digital 2D/3D projection. We pop corn in a 1938 Burch Popcorn Machine and steam quarter pound hotdogs in a theatre style Star machine. Projection Equipment.JPG (93k. JPG...
  6. DFurr

    The Fugitive...Digital Track Issues

    I hope this the correct forum to post in. If not maybe a mod will move it. I ran a Blu Ray of the Harrision Ford flix "The Fugitive" this afternoon. The Dolby digital track was NOTHING like the 35mm DD print that I've run in the past. Has anyone else experienced problems screening this...
  7. DFurr

    New to the Forum

    Well I'm a newbie here. Although I run 35mm in my home theatre I have recently installed an Epson projector and truly amazed at the picture it produces on my 11' screen. All the other equipment is theatre equipment from the JBL Cinema speakers to the Dolby CP-500 Digital processor. But for...