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    Drive Blu-ray Review

    I guess I don't get it... I just finished watching it and with all the hype a was expecting crazy good movie. I thought it was just OK at best glad I Netflixed it vs buy. I guess I don't get these new "stylized" movies. It was quite as boring as American Tourist" but almost. I would not call...
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    366 Days of pictures

    I was wondering if anyone else was doing this? I decided to give it a shot this year. The idea behind it is to take and post a picture every day of the year. Some people reuse pictures, my goal is to take a new one (or many so I have one to chose from) everyday. Only day 5 and I see how hard...
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    Sony Pictures Launches UltraViolet today.

    I really dislike the UV model mostly because the times I use portable copies is when I'm traveling. I don't always have streaming access then. This is why I like Digital Copy. I have 90 movies with me on my laptop and some subset on my iPad.
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    Apple to Enter TV Display Business Late This Year. Would you buy an Apple branded HDTV?

    My answer would really be maybe. I think it would require several factors... What size TV, Where I'm I looking to upgrade. Does it have airplay built in. I'm sure I could think of others. The interesting thing is what are they going to do to revolutionize the TV.... Apple doesn't do things like...
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    Review Mythos XTR Speaker System

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    TiVo Compermised

    I just received this email from TiVo... So if you use a TiVo you might be aware of some new levels of spam.
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    7 channel Definitive Technology Speaker Setup

    I'm selling my current speakers. They all work flawlessly. Definitive Technology BP2006TL (4) Definitive Technology C/L/R 2500 Definitive Technology BPX (2) The center channel and BPX's are like brand new. The BP2006TL's could use new sock in 2 cases. Overall they are in good shape. I will add...
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    Mitsubishi WD-65833 with Entertainment Wall

    I'm selling my Mitsubishi 65" DLP (WD-65833) with a cherry entertainment wall. TV Details: 1080p DLP Display Mitsubishi Exclusive 6-Color Light Engine x.v.Color Dark Detailer Smooth120Hz Bulb was replaced less then a year ago The cherry entertainment wall is adjustable down to...
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    Home theater being updated....

    So I'm in the process of bidding out a face-lift for my home theater. I have never done a big bang update before but I have the extra money so I decided to jump. Of coarse I'm watching CES to see if there is going to be anything so cool that I have to wait. :) I thought I would start the post by...
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    Samsung UN65C8000 65-Inch 1080p 240 Hz LED 3D HDTV

    Does anyone have one of these yet. I'm looking to upgrade from my Mits DLP. Mostly want to hang it on the wall to buy me some more space in my home theater.
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    Projector for Gaming

    So I'm looking for a HT Project for a friend of mine that also wants to be able to game. He is worried about lag I have never experienced lag on one when I have gamed on them but thought I would throw this out there for any recommendations. I would also take any advice on good projectors. I...