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  1. Brian_J

    FS: Barco Graphics BG808 CRT Projector-$2,000

    BARCO GRAPHICS 808 FOR SALE! VERY GOOD CONDITION This projector is very easy to setup and extremely stable. I only tweak convergence a few times a year! It was purchased with VDC rebuilt tubes about 18 months ago. The projector came from a local reputable CRT seller (Chuchuf-AVS Forum). He...
  2. Brian_J

    Language and XBOX Live

    Ok, I am not a prude or anything nor do I assume my 9-year old kid doesn't hear any of this stuff during the week but the language was getting a bit out of hand the past couple of nights (yeah you know who you are). Between the F-bombs, c-sucker and other much more graphic language it seems...
  3. Brian_J

    ETF with Behringer Mic and Shark DSP110

    Folks I am about to throw a $2,000 computer out the friggin window. I have previously tried to get ETF to work but have been unable. I figured there was something amiss with my desktop so I purchased a soundblaster mp3 usb sound card to go with my laptop to try and get this right. I also got the...
  4. Brian_J

    *** Official 13 GOING ON 30 Discussion Thread

    The thought of a 13 year old in a 30 year old body screwing around with 30+ man just sort of creeps me out and someone else recently mentioned the same thing in a conversation. Is this hollywood gone wrong? Brian
  5. Brian_J

    My Adire Kit 281 and LCC Speakers

    Follow this link to see the pictures of my finished (almost) transmission line Adire Kit 281 and LCC center speaker in Rosewood, curly Maple and Zebrawood with piano black top and bottom. These have taken quite a while to get to this point...
  6. Brian_J

    XBOX multiplayer games I can play with my kid?

    Well with Christmas rapidly approaching I am trying to figure out what games to get for my son (and me of course ;) ). But every game I look at seems to say 1-player. I am basically looking to recreate that Halo experience with co-op mode. We did the timesplitters and that was good and even...
  7. Brian_J

    Know any good boating forums?

    Says it all. Interested in boating forums, runabouts, sail boats, cruisers, etc. I know of iboats.com but cannot find any others. Thanks, Brian
  8. Brian_J

    Thinking about buying Wreckless? Don't bother!

    I am easy to please but this is one of the worst games I've ever played on any platform. Truly, truly horrendous gameplay is the only way to describe it. Thank goodness I got it for only $35. I can probably sell it on Half.com for about the same price. Brian
  9. Brian_J

    How bad can my stocks get?

    Boy it has been awful the past year or so and today just takes the cake. Unfortunately I missed most of the boom market of the past 6 or 7 years. Right now I am in some sort of shock as not one of my picks saving EBAY and Starbucks have done anything but sink to the bottom of a very very deep...
  10. Brian_J

    Shadow of the Vampire...somebody please explain this movie to me!

    Ok, after watching this film I am now really confused. What in the Hell was going on? Brian
  11. Brian_J

    What's the best electric shaver?

    Subject says it all. Thanks, Brian ------------------ Zed's Dead Baby...
  12. Brian_J

    Your movie pet peeve?

    ...when people sit down at a bar or a restaurant and order a full drink or a full meal and then not touch it, then decide to leave. Who does that? Yeah this is petty. That's why I put it in the After Hours Lounge rather than the Movie Forum. Brian ------------------ Zed's Dead Baby...
  13. Brian_J

    What ever happened to Session 9?

    Did this movie even open nationally? Brian ------------------ Zed's Dead Baby...
  14. Brian_J

    Georgia Tech Prevent Defense!? yuck

    Fire the defensive coordinator please! and send the next coordinator in college football who uses prevent defense straight to the guillotine! Brian ------------------ Zed's Dead Baby...
  15. Brian_J

    Do any of you order so many movies that you forget and order the same one twice?

    I almost did this twice within the past week. Brian ------------------ Zed's Dead Baby...
  16. Brian_J

    Power Conditioners-What's the general concensus here?

    I am getting a new RPTV and started to look at power conditioners (Monster 2000, 2500 price range). What's the general concensus, useless tweak or necessary component? Brian ------------------ Zed's Dead Baby...
  17. Brian_J

    IXOS cables any good?

    Subject says it all, I'm looking for component video cables. BTW, I saw some IXOS cables on EBAY that did not look like the current line-up for under $20. IXOS COMPONENT VIDEO CABLES MODEL # 1531. Ever heard of them? Brian ------------------ Zed's Dead Baby...
  18. Brian_J

    How do you route your cables (through receiver or direct to TV)

    I am getting a Toshiba 50H81 within the next week. How do you guys handle video switching. Do you go directly from the DVD player, dss box, etc., to the TV and if so, how do you cut down on the extra steps (i.e spouse factor) involved when you add a receiver in the mix. I dont feel like...
  19. Brian_J

    Home Theater vs Living Room Theater

    Guys, I have been considering building a home theater but wonder if I should because I am concerned about ending up with a "museum". Having a living room theater is convenient and does not make you feel isolated, which is my biggest concern with having a dedicated home theater. Logistics wise...
  20. Brian_J

    Anything special about component video cables...

    or are they just three sets of 75 ohm rca cables? Brian ------------------ Zed's Dead Baby...
  21. Brian_J

    Help me choose between the 50 and 57H81 before I go insane!

    I had always assumed I would get the 50" but now just cannot figure out whether I should go with the larger one. My viewing distance will be about 9-10 feet and the tv will be used for a good amount of directv so I wonder if it would be better to stay with the smaller one. Are there any...
  22. Brian_J

    TV of SVS a guest at AVS Forum

    Just thought I'd let you guys know that Tom is a guest over at the AVS Forum right now so you sub designers might want to ask some of your questions of the bassy one himself. Link is: http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum17/HTML/000095.html Brian ------------------ Zed's Dead Baby...
  23. Brian_J

    Frustration! Help me please

    I recently picked up the BFD to even out the response in my room. I thought i would make it easy on myself by using my radio shack spl meter with ETF or Spectraplus software but I cant seem to figure out either. The frustration is also high due to some software glitches that i had to hurdle...
  24. Brian_J

    Where to get BFD cheap?

    The subject says it all. I cant find one for less than MSRP of $159. And EBAY is a joke, people pay more than MSRP! Brian ------------------ Zed's Dead Baby...