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  1. Tremain

    The Best Star Trek set?

    Thanks, guys! It's the Bluray for me, it seems! The new music and effects drive me nuts ( a real, low George Lucas kind of thing, haha), and the menu is just too much for every single episode, which I re-watch quite regularly.
  2. Tremain

    "Timeless" on NBC

    I wonder, considering the change of focus near the end, how much time travel itself will feature? It seems they were heading toward the political stuff more. It will be interesting to see what they do.
  3. Tremain

    "Timeless" on NBC

    As an aside, Lone Ranger expert Martin Grams is writing a dissertation for his degree debunking the suggestion on Timeless that Bass Reeves was the actual Lone Ranger; He's written most of the authoritative books and articles on the subject, so it will be interesting to read. I'm happy that...
  4. Tremain

    Don Rickles 1926-2017 RIP

    I was pleased to see him on TV in his later years; often, elderly actors are tossed in the "What? I thought he was dead!" bin. I'm a 70's kid, and I loved the guy; I'd die to see him harass Angie Dickinson just one more time.
  5. Tremain

    The Best Star Trek set?

    Yes, this is the one...that square remaster. Awful. I like something like slimline cases (a very good trend, in my opinion). I'm casting about for a particular set...the alpha, if you will. If blu has the easy access, then that's my goal, thank you.
  6. Tremain

    The Best Star Trek set?

    I bout the complete original Star Trek a few years back. Each series is in an awkward plastic case, which holds the paper sleeve for a hideous fold-out plastic book which encases the unlabeled plain discs. Each disc has an invasive and time-consuming access menu, and I think that CG and new...
  7. Tremain

    Hi, hello, how-dee

    Hi all, I'm a mild collector (about 1,000 discs/sets), and am always looking for advice to improve the quality of and access to good stuff. I also like to chatter about cool things, so this seems just the right place for me. :)
  8. Tremain

    The Big Bang Theory Season 10

    I lost it after mid-season nine; the main premise/joke of the show, the "Big Bang", was Leonard's acquisition of Penny. Once he got Penny, they became a background commenting duo, sharing little asides about the other characters from the sidelines. That, and the strange phase where Amy...
  9. Tremain

    "Timeless" on NBC

    Now that all TV has to be movie blockbuster quality at 1 mil. per episode, the days of cranking out inexpensive, excellent programming is gone. Honestly, being a curmudgeon of sorts, I'd rather they'd spend that money releasing bluray remasters of 1970s ABC/NBC/CBS movies of the week, hahaha.
  10. Tremain

    Westinghouse Playhouse - Scarface Mob (2 part Untouchables pilot)

    It's all about business. In the TV realm, they don't usually care about completeness or quality, but how many times those hypothetical "ma's" are going to drop $9.99 on a collection of Bonanza because "pa" really likes it. For every "remastered or die" stickler in the world, there are...
  11. Tremain

    "Timeless" on NBC

    I liked that one very much; the men were allowed to be legendary and masculine, and human. Though overly PC at times, which is typical now, Timeless managed to tell a few very good stories. I actually got a little chill when Lucy shook Lincoln's hand. That's the one I've watched again and...
  12. Tremain

    "Timeless" on NBC

    For me, it was the Abe Lincoln episode...it was really tight.
  13. Tremain

    Route 66

    Great series. What could have been a slick, cheesy show was made legend by gritty, well-done stories, fearlessly told. Not a lot of fearlessness in TV today, IMO.
  14. Tremain

    "Timeless" on NBC

    I liked the first few episodes, but it got "turned up to eleven", and I lost interest. I wanted more time travel, less conspiracy. Still, a time travel show is a treat, even if burdened overly with plot. I also wonder how all the crappy shows survive; it's a great mystery.