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  1. Adam*M

    Stargate SG-1 Season 8 on 10/4

    Region 4 is missing most of the commentaries.
  2. Adam*M

    Stargate Atlantis - Season 1 Boxed Set on 11/15/05!

    On my site, we have an episode guide for both shows, including the original air dates. You could use that as a guide for viewing the two shows. In fact, maybe I should make up a special page just for this purpose... My site is here.
  3. Adam*M

    MacGyver Season 4 In Dec. !!

    I just bought season 1 from Amazon, and I received the fixed version. :D
  4. Adam*M

    Stargate Atlantis - Season 1 Boxed Set on 11/15/05!

    The picture clearly shows the first case holding discs 1 & 2, the second case holding discs 3 & 4, and the third case holding disc 5. They are all DVD-9's, with 4 episodes per disc.
  5. Adam*M

    Stargate Atlantis - Season 1 Boxed Set on 11/15/05!

    Here's another shot of the Atlantis Season 1 box: The set does include all episodes from the first season, including the pilot. The 5 discs come in 3 cases, as you can see in the picture above, so the set will be much thinner than the SG-1 sets.
  6. Adam*M

    Replaced Theme - How should it be done?

    There is no "best way" to mangle a show.
  7. Adam*M

    Love Boat to Fantasy Island!

    A little birdie told me that Fantasy Island season 1 is coming on 11/15 for $49.95 SRP, with a running time of 776 minutes on 4 discs.
  8. Adam*M

    Stargate Atlantis - Season 1 Boxed Set on 11/15/05!

    "Stargate Atlantis - Season 1" will be released on 11/15/2005, according to information I have obtained. It is a 5 disc set, with a suggested price of $59.95. It has a runtime of 873 minutes. (Until this title is announced by the studio, the info still could change.) I will post cover art...
  9. Adam*M

    The Partridge Family is coming!

    Season 2 is on the schedule for 11/8, as Pavan said. Here's a bit more info: It is a 3 disc set, with a running time of 552 minutes. The suggested price is $29.95. That's all I've got for now.
  10. Adam*M

    Hart to Hart - Season 1 on 10/25/2005!

    My info has been confirmed: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=3916
  11. Adam*M

    What about "Fame"

    Sorry, but what I posted is all of the info I received.
  12. Adam*M

    Outer Limits (New Series) Season 1 Coming to DVD

    The suggested retail price for this new set will be $59.95. (Of course, the price you actually pay is usually much lower than SRP.)
  13. Adam*M

    What about "Fame"

    "Fame: Season 1" will be released on 11/1/2005, according to information I have obtained. It is a 4 disc set, with a suggested price of $49.95. The studio is Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. (Until this title is announced by the studio, the date could still change.)
  14. Adam*M

    Bewitched Season 2

    I don't understand why people are afraid to order things online. I have sold about a million dollars' worth of DVDs through my website links to Amazon, and nobody has ever made a complaint to me. In fact, you are safer typing your credit card into a secure web page than you are handing it to...
  15. Adam*M

    Bewitched Season 2

    Here's the info I have received on this release: Two sets: "Bewitched (Black & White) - The Complete Second Season" and "Bewitched (Color) - The Complete Second Season" will be released on 10/25/2005. Each set contains 5 discs, with a suggested price of $49.95. These titles should be...
  16. Adam*M

    Hart to Hart - Season 1 on 10/25/2005!

    "Hart to Hart: The Complete First Season" will be released on 10/25/2005, according to information I have obtained. It is a 6 disc set, with a suggested price of $49.95. This title should be announced by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on 8/15/2005, with a release date of 10/25/2005. (Until...
  17. Adam*M

    Sliders Season 3!!

    How is moving from Vancouver to Hollywood a plus? I've seen so much of the Universal backlot that it gets really distracting. "Hey look, Quinn is in that same alley as Joe Friday/Marty McFly/that guy from the Twilight Zone episode/etc." They need to tear that place down and build new...
  18. Adam*M

    Stargate SG1 S8 and Atlantis S1

    Sorry, but Teal'c does not have hair on the season 4 box, and this set is a different color. I have a slightly bigger picture of the art now: If that's not good enough for you, here's the official Australian art for the same season set: If you search on google for "stargate" I...
  19. Adam*M

    Stargate SG-1 Season 8 on 10/4

    The 8th season of Stargate SG-1 comes out on DVD on October 4th. I have posted a small picture of the box art (I hope to have better art from MGM/Sony soon) plus some release info for France and Australia as well: story link As a reminder, season 9 of SG-1 and season 2 of Atlantis begin...
  20. Adam*M

    will i need a multi-switch now?

    A modern triple LNB dish has 4 coax outputs on it. You can connect a DirecTiVo and two regular receivers to it, or two DirecTiVo units. If you want more than that, you will want to add a 4x8 or 5x8 multiswitch. (5x8 will provide an input for antenna for OTA channels.) Then you will have 8...
  21. Adam*M

    Is There Any Update on Remington Steele?

    :thumbsdown: to this cover
  22. Adam*M

    Have any Digital8 owners been able to archive Hi8 tapes to DVD-R via Firewire?

    You can only transfer Digital 8 tapes over FireWire, since they are recorded digitally. Hi8 tapes are analog, so they will not transfer over FireWire, unless you use a DV bridge to go from analog (s-video/composite) to FireWire. There would be no advantage in doing this, since the source is...
  23. Adam*M

    when first seasons don't sell as well

    Yep. I bought seasons 3-5 of TNG, because those were my favorite seasons of that show. If the sets had been $50 instead of $100+ then I would own all 7 seasons of the show, and they would have actually made more money from me.
  24. Adam*M

    I hope Stargate ends with a bang, and soon.

    Season 1-5 DVD sets are having a price reduction in June. $20 off SRP.
  25. Adam*M

    Would you want a Seven Days DVD set?

    I rewatched the series recently, but I don't think it held up very well, especially at the end when they started to run out of ideas. Besides, I always wanted to know why Parker never ran into his past self. This theory where he just disappeared from the previous timeline never made much...
  26. Adam*M

    Any News On Married With Children S4 or The Theme Song Issue?

    I would never buy this series (any episode is the same as any other) but I would not buy any show with something as major as the theme song missing. If I want some edited junk, I can just record it off TV. I don't understand how anyone can justify a major screwup like this with a comment like...
  27. Adam*M

    Stargate Atlantis pilot, will it be part of season one too?

    They did the same thing several years ago when Stargate SG-1 came out. It was just the first few episodes on a single DVD, then they came out with a full season set (including that same disc) later on. In region 2, the first Atlantis disc is already out (with the first 4 episodes instead of...
  28. Adam*M

    Which shows have you abandoned?

    I have given up on Quantum Leap. I will not accept changes like that. I might sell season 1 on ebay.
  29. Adam*M

    Have you bought from Crutchfield?

    You can use my referral code if you want: pzae0-aszpq-r5t4g
  30. Adam*M

    Airline season 1 on Approach!!!!!!!

    All they could afford? We're talking about a show that doesn't have to pay any actors, build any sets, or do any special effects. What does it cost to make an episode of this show? How much do BetaCam tapes cost these days? I'm sick of these cheapskate DVD releases, and I won't be buying any...