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  1. KevinHunt

    Rock Star: Supernova

    Well sadly it appears the rumors were true all along. In a legit competition I just can't see Lukas winning this thing. I know some here like him but I personally just can't see or hear it. UUUGGGHHH!!
  2. KevinHunt

    Austin soldering gurus??

    Hey Mark, well I'll remove the board and drive it to whomever, where they can work on it at their leisure. Pay you/them however they want.....cash, cervesa...you name it. I'm very busy at work but can drop it off and pick up according to the schedule of the person doing the work. You stated your...
  3. KevinHunt

    Rock Star: Supernova

    Patrice won't make it through to the end but I think she's got as much talent as anyone up there. Hell, she's already had a ton of success with Sister Seven and Black Box....this just isn't her element. I'd like to see her put out more stuff like she's done in the past. She's already well...
  4. KevinHunt

    Austin soldering gurus??

    Hey Mark, here is a site with pictures: http://home.comcast.net/~larryh791/elitepsfix.html and look at Dave610's post about the specific trouble spots: 4th post down http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...7&page=5&pp=30 However, many have said that the entire board needs to be looked...
  5. KevinHunt

    Austin soldering gurus??

    Mark, I'm totally in the dark about this stuff so I don't know exactly what you are talking about....but it is the low voltage power supply board out of my CRT rear projection Pioneer. Looks like a computer board. There are pics in that huge thread I mentioned...I could email you a link to the...
  6. KevinHunt

    Austin soldering gurus??

    Hey Austinites.....are any of you most excellent at soldering circuit boards? If so, I would like to employ you for a fix. It is my Pioneer pro510hd CRT rear projection set. I thought the set was on it's last legs but have just finished a huge 18 page thread over at AVS detailing the problem and...
  7. KevinHunt

    Deadwood: Season Three

    Yes I think we are going to see some skills from Langrishe :)
  8. KevinHunt

    Rock Star: Supernova

    Just goes to show all of our varying tastes. I can't stand Zayra as a singer. Seems like a nice, fun person though. Likewise Lukas annoys the hell out of me. I would be in shock if he won and would never entertain the thought of buying a solo CD. For me, it's got to be either Dilana or Magni.
  9. KevinHunt

    Rock Star: Supernova

    Carl, check out/search for Sister Seven and Patrice Pike and Black Box Rebellion to sample some of her stuff. here ya go(Sister 7): "Under the Radar" was a popular song http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...e=UTF8&s=music here ya go(Black Box)...
  10. KevinHunt

    Rock Star: Supernova

    Whew! Now way Patrice goes home before Zayra. I like Patrice and she is a well established recording artist fronting a couple of bands that made great music, albeit not of this genre. I'm a huge fan and she's not right for this band but it would have been a slap in the face imo if she was sent...
  11. KevinHunt

    Rock Star: Supernova

    Just read yesterday in an Austin newspaper that Patrice Pike is also performing Aug. 4th back here in Austin. Hmmmm, that's next Fri. Was she eliminated or is she simply flying back and forth between Rockstar performances?? Guess we'll see ;) So I know most of us are not real high on this...
  12. KevinHunt

    Austin DIY HT Projects

    Hey guys..Austinite here but not into the DIY stuff....just have no skills :) Anyway I thought I might have a couple of woofers someone might be interested in. I have two 16-46 SVS CS+ passive subs. I just upgraded the drivers to the 12.3+ driver, now designed and built in house by SVS. So I...
  13. KevinHunt

    Rock Star: Supernova

    I'm a big Patrice fan but I'm biased. Being from Austin, I've been a fan of hers (Sister Seven, and Blackbox) for years, + she's gorgeous. I like her own music a lot and don't want to see her front a band like this. Maybe there has been a rocker dream in her head since she was a kid??...but what...
  14. KevinHunt

    Marantz RC5200 remote

    Includes serial cable, docking/charging station, and manual. Marantz original configuration is loaded. Can download the Marantz touchscreen setup software at marantz.com and obviously create your own configs like the prontos. I've never used the Marantz software but assume it's similar to if not...
  15. KevinHunt

    Marantz RC5200 remote

    Marantz RC5200 remote, docking charge station, serial cable and manual. asking $200 + shipping...retailed for $599. Pics on request
  16. KevinHunt


    Watched it last night. Great flick. Didn't notice any dialogue problems at all concerning static or high pitched sounds. I listened to the DTS track through M&K S150s, EAD 8800 pre/pro, Arcam DV27A DVD player and had it at a fairly high volume. Doubt it's a hardware problem but thought I would...
  17. KevinHunt

    Austin Movie Nights!

    Highland Galaxy is indeed the best. Saw Revenge there in DLP after already seeing it at Lakeline(which sucked in comparison) The digital projection was great and the sound impressed me even more, maybe even a tad too loud. Great seating and big screen in the DLP theater. The manager told me they...
  18. KevinHunt

    Brand new meet thread - Austin

    Resubscribing.....after a looong time away. I'm super busy with work but I'll keep an eye on the thread to see what and where. I have an EAD 8800 pre/pro if I'm able to make it. this is the latest generation and a redesign from the 8000/Ovation-Signature 8 series. It is the non-Pro...
  19. KevinHunt

    software DVD player that supports DTS?

    Gotcha Chris, thanks.
  20. KevinHunt

    software DVD player that supports DTS?

    Hi guys, I just picked up a Dell 8400 desktop w/ Audigy 2ZS, and Dell 24" flat panel. Already have a good Dell ADA995 5.1 speaker system. Dell's factory installed PowerDVD doesn't seem to support DTS and I know the Audigy 2ZS does. Are there any software DVD players that support DTS?, like...
  21. KevinHunt

    Incredibles killed my sub

    I've watched it through about 3 times now. Using an PB12 Ultra/2 tuned to 20Hz. Hardest hitting for me was when Mr. I first gets to the island and encounters the Orb bot. When he knocks the orb down and it crashes into the ground/base of tree....Wowsers!! Many others throughout the movie but...
  22. KevinHunt

    Halo 2 HTF Clan

    Hey guys. I haven't fired up the ole' Xbox in a long time. I'm going to pick up H2 and the Live kit this weekend and get going. I hope there is still room to join the clan. By the way, what is the best regarded controller out there now? I've heard good and bad about the "S" controller. My local...
  23. KevinHunt

    Option B... PB2-Ultra

    Steve, congrats and please let us know what you think when you get it fired up, as well as any others who have one arriving in short order. My order has been placed also and hopefully I'm in the second batch so I still have a little wait. Looking forward to the thoughts! :)
  24. KevinHunt

    PB2-Ultra's are SHIPPING! Mine on the way!!

    Schweet! I just sent in a big ole' cashier's check for mine so I'll have to wait a while. I still have my dual 46CS+s but my PB2-ISD has already found a new home. Can't wait to read u guy's first impressions. :emoji_thumbsup: :)
  25. KevinHunt

    Option B... PB2-Ultra

    I just yesterday sold my PB2-ISD for the express reason of picking up the Ultra. I still have my pair of trusty 46CS+s though so luckily I'm not bassless. Hey I've got to watch the trilogy this weekend :)
  26. KevinHunt

    SVS PB2-ISD For sale

    Only a few months old and sparingly used(also have a couple of 16-46 cylinders), 10/10 cosmetic condition and function. Wanting to try a PB2-ultra. $750. Prefer local pickup but will consider meeting halfway to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio etc.. cash, check, MO
  27. KevinHunt

    SVS PC Plus 16-46 or 20-39, can't decide

    Mikael, I've owned 4 16-46 subs over the last 3-4 years. 2 original 16-46CS subs and now 2 16-46CS+ subs. I've never been able to listen to a 39 or 31. All I can say is that I've never felt I've lacked the Umph! or punch that the smaller cylinders are said to provide. Believe me, there is plenty...
  28. KevinHunt

    Wow, my SVS can't handle the new ATOC DVD!!

    I have dual 16-46CS+'s w/ Samson 1000. I watched AOTC at -16 below reference. My subs are running about 2-3 dB hot. 16 below reference was as loud as I wanted to watch this movie. Never bottomed out but shook the room like mad. I could tell it wouldn't take much farther to hear some clacking. If...
  29. KevinHunt

    The best mid-priced monoblock amps available?

    The Marantz monoblocks have been pretty well regarded and the old MA500s were on Stereophiles recommended component list for a long time. I think both the 700 and 500 are discontinued. They are currently making an MA6100 monoblock which is similar to the old 500 with slightly improved output...
  30. KevinHunt

    Monsters Inc DVD (technical issues merged thread)

    Finally watched Monster's Inc. last night(BB rental copy) The THX intro was as impressive as any good intro I've heard. Plenty of heavy LFE when the cows stampeded(dual SVS 16-46cs+, 2dB hot). Also, the layer change was the quickest I've seen on my player(Arcam FMJ DV27). Just a snap and it was...