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  1. Ted Pugh

    Denon vs. seperates Question?

    am curious here on everyones response. I sold my speakers to a buddy of mine who happened to buy my 4802 about a year ago. At the same time he was interested in purchasing my Aragon Stage One pre/pro and B&K 200.5 amp so I transported them to his house and we hooked them up and to both of our...
  2. Ted Pugh

    Directors Lets Have Some Fun!!!!

    Say you are building a new dedicated theater in your home and the room is set up acoustically correct and you have $25,000 to spend on all your equipment. What would you purchase from equipment to speakers? You have too spend it on equipment or you lose it. What do you think. Ted
  3. Ted Pugh

    It has finally come down to these Pre/Pros?

    I have finally after months of auditioning have narrowed my choice down to these pre/pros - Aragon Stage One, B&K Reference 50 and Krell Showcase. Now I need your help. I am looking for a unit that is pretty much bullet proof, easy to use (for the wife) that will sound awesome with movies. We...
  4. Ted Pugh

    Narrowed my choice to Rotel 1098, Aragon Stage One, Parasound C2, B&K Ref. 50 and Ant

    As my post mentioned I have narrowed my choice down to the Rotel, Aragon, Parasound and B&K as well as the Anthem. It has basically come down to a coin flip with the Parasound and Aragon leading the way. I am interested in opinions on why or why not I should pick one over the other. I am a fan...
  5. Ted Pugh

    Aragon Stage One Questions?

    I have an opportunity to get the Aragon Stage One from an authorized dealer for around $2500.00. How does this compare with other pre/pros in this price range? I know it is missing a few items but the sound is pretty nice. How would it compare to the high end receivers from Denon (5803) and B&K...
  6. Ted Pugh

    THX vs. Non THX? Classe SSP30 vs. Classe SSP60, B&K Ref. 50 and Denon 5803

    I was wondering if a pre/pro or receiver makes a big difference if it is THX Ultra 2 certified or whether it has been certified at all by THX. I have been looking at the Classe SSP30 which is not THX certified the Classe SSP60, The B&K Ref. 50 and the Denon 5803 which are all THX Ultra 2...
  7. Ted Pugh

    B&W N804, Paradigm Ref. 100v3, Def. Tech BP7001SC Which ones?

    I am interested in these three lines. Mainly the N804 fronts, The HTM1 Center, N805 for surrounds and back channels. Total Retail eventhough I can pick up for less is $9500. The Paradigm's are the v3 100's, The 470 Center I believe, the Ref. ADP for surrounds and the Ref. 20's for backs. The...
  8. Ted Pugh

    Do I need new speakers?

    Hello everyone. I am in the process of purchasing a Lexicon MC8 pre/pro and was wondering if spending all this money for a pre/pro was worth it with the speakers I currently own. The speakers, which I love, are Definitive Technology BP2002TL's with the built in powered woofers, the Def. Tech CLR...
  9. Ted Pugh

    B&K Ref. 50 Owners!

    I have a few questions for Ref. 50 owners who have the whine or popping sound? What has been B&K response other than this is normal processor noise because we do not use muting? Are they fixing these problems or at least working on them? I have the unit on a very short list and will be making my...
  10. Ted Pugh

    Difference between the Parasound C1 & C2?

    Does anybody know the difference between the Parasound C1 and C2 pre/pro? The features, the cost and how to they compare. I know the C1 had a great review in Home Theater Mag but what about the C2. I have not heard much about this piece. I am in the market for a pre/pro. Thanks for your help. Ted
  11. Ted Pugh

    What front projection should I buy?

    I am building a dedicated home theater in a new home I am building. I am interested in a few front projection tv's. I have been looking at the Runco 500 I believe which retails for $4999.00, the Sony VPL 12HT, the Sony HS 12 as well as the Epson 100. Which unit does everyone feel works the best...
  12. Ted Pugh

    Which Pre/Pro to buy?

    I am in the market for a pre/pro to replace my Denon 4802 which I have been using for a pre/pro. I am currently using this set up with a B&K 200.5 amp which I am happy with. The pre/pros I am considering are all over the board. The B&K Ref. 50 is one but I am a little nervouse with the S/N buzz...