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  1. nickGreenwood

    Re: *** Official FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS Review Thread

    Thanks for the review Chuck. I'm not expecting Band of Brothers, nothing will be able to touch the emotional roller-coaster you get put through on that and the level of realism. For me at least. But with Eastwood and Spielberg involved I'm expecting something that is at least good. The...
  2. nickGreenwood

    Re: *** Official MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III Review

    I think if the "tight framing, long lenses, strobe lighting, constantly vibrating camera, shutter speed manipulation and random inserts of nothing but blur" is done well then it works, there are a number of directors who do that sort of thing and screw it up, I agree. I think though that JJ did...
  3. nickGreenwood

    Brick - March 2006

    Written and Directed by: Rian Johnson The script took Rian a number of years to get made, apparently mostly due to executives just not getting the material or why this would be happening in a high school or whatnot. And finally just went around to family and begged for money and made it...
  4. nickGreenwood

    Jamie Cullum - Catching Tales

    Jamie's new album finally came out on Tuesday. I finally had a chance to get it from iTunes last night. So far from what I've listened to it's not too bad. He uses a little more "hip/hop" style drumming and/or a rock style, but his piano playing is still great. His cover of "I Only Have Eyes...
  5. nickGreenwood

    John Mayer Trio

    Anyone listened to them yet? They have two songs on iTunes: "Come When I Call" and "Who Did You Think I Was?" Personally I don't think John's voice suits the blues he's trying to do. It's too soft. But the music itself behind the lyrics sounds great. Steve Jordan and Pino Palladino round out...
  6. nickGreenwood

    Ryan Adams - Jacksonville City Nights

    Looks to be the second release from Ryan and The Cardinals this year, with another album coming in December. "Jacksonville City Nights" is set to come out on Sept. 27 From Billboard.com: The ever-prolific Ryan Adams will release his second album of 2005 with his band the Cardinals...
  7. nickGreenwood

    Coldplay - "X&Y"

    May 23rd "Speed of Sound" single comes out June 6th - "X&Y" comes out. Track listing is as follows: 1. Square One 2. What If 3. White Shadows 4. Fix You 5. Talk 6. X&Y 7. Speed of Sound 8. A Message 9. Low 10. The Hardest Part 11. Swallowed In The Sea 12. Twisted Logic Anyone...