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  1. SteveJKo

    Wireless HDMI with cable box?

    Gentlemen, a question for those of you "in the know". I'm aware that many people use wireless HDMI to connect a blu-ray player to a TV in another room. My question is can a wireless HDMI unit be used to send a signal from a high-def cable box to a TV in another room (I get very poor reception...
  2. SteveJKo

    Your thoughts on receiver as preamp/processor

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for advice and opinions from people who’ve used an a/v receiver as a preamp/processor. In the mid ‘90’s I purchased a setup (pre-pro and 5 channel amp) from a company named Chiro. After a decade of enjoyment the amp suddenly died (taking the left front speaker with...
  3. SteveJKo

    Problem With DVD Player Adjustment For Widescreen TV

    Twice in the past month I've had friends purchase their first widescreen HDTV. In both cases, the friends are at a distance, so I'm unable to be with them when they're setting up the new TV. Also in both cases, they are told to go into the DVD players set up menu to "tell" the player that it's...
  4. SteveJKo

    Any Word On "Old Acquaintance"?

    On Wednesday of this past week, TCM presented the 1943 Bette Davis classic "Old Acquaintance" in an absolutely fantastic print. As far as I know, it has never been released to home video in any format. Does anyone know if this film has been scheduled for an eventual DVD release? My use of...