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  1. DwightK

    Modern? Solos? Bar Band music?

    What newer (90's 00's) music would work for a bar band for their set list? Music that has solos? Wolfmother's Joker, White Stripes 7 Nation are in a friends playlist but neither they nor I can come up with others. Where are the "classic rock" bands of today? Songs you can dance to and have...
  2. DwightK

    Which US states have you visited?

    Been to see them all. Lived in: New Jersey Pennsylvania New York Michigan Florida Illinois California Washington Georgia (worked in S. Carolina) Idaho Other countries? A whole bunch courtesy of the US Navy on a surface ship and a whole bunch more on vacation.
  3. DwightK

    Finally got my midlife crisis car...

    Nice but man does that need some wheels
  4. DwightK

    Finally got my midlife crisis car...

    2006 xA owner checking in. Not much done other than tinting, wheels/tires, K&N, stereo, door locks. It serves it's purpose admirably, is fun to drive, and 35-38 mpg. Only about 43k miles so far. I woulda rather had a Prius but not bad for half the cost.
  5. DwightK

    Thinking about buying a motorcycle.

    You aren't justa kidding. Grasmere is a "ghost station" and when we were stopped there taking pictures a woman showed up in an out building window. Since we have all watched enough horror movies we left. Why don't the people leave the house when wierd things start happening in the movies...
  6. DwightK

    Thinking about buying a motorcycle.

    Here is a link to last weekends ride. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=226126 I had a Kawasaki ZR-7s but got tired of being restricted to pavement so traded it for a KLR650. Couldn't be happier. Especially living out here in Idaho. Way too many dirt, gravel, and fire roads to...
  7. DwightK

    Names something you discovered on Sirius

    Bam's show on 28 Demolition radio on 28 Tony Stewart's show on Nascar radio
  8. DwightK

    UFC Ongoing Thread

    I thought the UFC was drug tested? Will that impact Cro cop and Rampage (since PRIDE is not)? I am so looking forward to seeing the PRIDE folks fight UFC folks in the UFC rules. See who is better. I wonder how Tim Silvia would do against that NASTY russian in PRIDE that seems to destroy everyone.
  9. DwightK

    Great Video Game Moments

    Meridian 59 - Minding my own business on the beach and somehow I survived the initial PK attack, turned and fought back and ended up killing my very first PKer. And he was infamous! I was cheered loudly when I went into town. Ultima Online - Helping to plan and be involved in the pre-alpha...
  10. DwightK

    Borat: Cultural Learnings of America

    I live in possibly the reddest city in the reddest state and Borat is showing here to large audiences. Very funny. The crowd on Friday was reasonable in size and I only saw one person get up and leave so that is something. Oh and my "city" is only 50k people of mostly potato farmers and...
  11. DwightK

    Lennox furnance model G20 won't come on

    I had a similar issue and the gasman showed me that in the pilot tube there is a small hole (usually on the backside so you can't see it) that can sometimes get clogged with lint or somesuch. If the pilot won't stay lit this is the cheapist thing to check for.
  12. DwightK

    Stargate SG-1 Cancelled

    If you watched the 200th episode this should not be a surprise. The ep. started with the making of a movie, went to a TV show that lasted 10 seasons, was cancelled, and the last thing in the show was the phonecall where a movie was greenlit. Coincidence?
  13. DwightK

    Recumbent Bikes & Bike Carriers

    I have 2 bent bikes currently, an Easy Racers Tour Easy (long wheel base) and Volae Club (high racer). I use a thule fork mount roof system made for bents and it works fine. A hitch or rear mount will hold a bent just take off the seat and set the frame over the bars and bungie on. With the...
  14. DwightK

    Charcoal or Gas Grill?

    I love my traeger. The hopper for the pellets lasts quite a long while if you fill it full. I tend to not fill it so full as I will switch to different pellets depending on what I'm cooking. Food flavor is just as good as a conventional wood smoker but the traeger is soooo much easier. It...
  15. DwightK

    Time to cancel

    Hopefully Kevin N lasted out the Ethel situation. Ethel is very good right now. A few hit type stuff but they have gone back a bit to playing deeper alternative rock. I also use XM for new experiences and XMU is the king for that. I would never have heard of Modest Mouse, The Feint, Spoon...
  16. DwightK

    Stargate SG-1 New season

    No, not really. Just Sam asking to help on a puzzle and sitting down. Good episope overall. Closed two issues and opened up another.
  17. DwightK

    How to unclog a poo filled toilet w/ no plunger?

    Buy a plunger. Or borrow one but that is gross.
  18. DwightK

    Why do American cars and trucks suck so bad?

    A coworkers 2wd chevy pickup just went over 600,000 miles on the original engine. I imagine he is quite content. Almost 200,000 miles on my 1993 G20 and have had very little to conplain about. The SR20 DE motor is known for high durability which is one reason I bought that car in the first place.
  19. DwightK

    Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 - SciFi US broadcast thread

    It was all his medals, wings, and such on a sash. Great episode! Too bad BG was snubbed for the emmy's.
  20. DwightK

    Favorite Shows on A and E

    Horatio Hornblower movies:emoji_thumbsup: That's about it
  21. DwightK

    2005 Tour De France

    Another one here as well. Just got back from a short 24 miler with 2000 feet of climbing to see if my achilles tendon has recovered from last weekend. Started getting tight right at the top of the main climb which is about 7 miles long. Guess I need to rest it a little bit more. Last weekend...
  22. DwightK

    Project Greenlight: Season Three (merged)

    Considering it switched nights during the season and the Thursday night lineup for Bravo was: 7 PM West Wing 8 PM West Wing 9 PM West Wing 10 PM West Wing 11 PM Project Greenlight I am not at all surprised there were no ratings. Who would air a show at 11 PM and expect ratings?
  23. DwightK

    2005 Formula 1 - Australian GP

    Hobbs and Matchett this morning during practice at Catalunia said that their was a second fuel tank that held 12 kilos of fuel. This is then kept empty until the final pit stop when it is filled. BAR raced 12 kilos less than the rest of the field for most of the race which equates to something...
  24. DwightK

    Going to Costa Rica in a week

    Surfing at Tamarindo. See the primary growth rain forests. Half day fishing trip but barter with the dudes on the beach to get a better price. Caught a 70 lb. Rooster fish and a TON of yellowfin tuna. Whitewater rafting. Mountain biking. The Pacific side is more civilized with a mostly drier...
  25. DwightK

    Pilot light won't stay lit, any suggestions?

    Had this happen to me and called the gas co. dude. On the backside of the the pilot tube there is a small slit that can get clogged with lint or whatever and that is the most common cause of a pilot light failing to stay on. Use a toothpick to clean out that slit. Course if that is clean...
  26. DwightK

    Recommend me a “High Fiber” cold cereal w/o raisins.

    Or if you go to Pittsburgh you will hear "Yuns guys goin daan tada kraagers tagit sum gumbands?" (grew up there and lost the accent but it still cracks me up)
  27. DwightK

    24 Season 4 ongoing thread (Merged)

    All was good until the end. I cannot handle another mole in CTU. Also not one power plant in the US has any controls connected to the internet or even completely networked. There are small, isolated control systems that are internally linked that control various systems but the vast majority of...
  28. DwightK

    How to stop the Deer!

    Buy yourself a paintball marker or bb gun and peg em a few times. They will get the message. Seriously. My dad had deer problems in PA and after trying everything you can buy he used a pellet pistol. It actually worked. Deer remember. I would choose the paintball marker as it isnt a real...
  29. DwightK

    The Geat HTF Satellite Radio Listener Diary Thread

    XM going home from work 1653 - 1753 Mountain time XMU Dilated Peoples - Worst comes to Worst Modest Mouse - The World at Large Lucy *They Might be Giants - Particle Man XMU Pitty Sing - Bleeding Hearts Pennywise - My Own Way Stereolab - Sudden Stars Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Eyes...
  30. DwightK

    Car Stereo Help - Advice needed

    I have a 93.5 infiniti g20 and if your sound system is anything like mine, the stock system is all 2 ohm (speakers, amps etc.) To use the original speakers with a new headunit or amps requires in line resistors or the speakers blow or sound like crap. To use the original headunit/amp with new...