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  1. Mike St.Louis

    Anyone watch Futurama and/or Simpsons 25-Nov-02??

    Surprised there was not thread started for either of these programs. Were they pre-empted in the rest of the country? I though Futurama was a hoot! They got the whole TOS cast together except Scotty. I liked Scotty's replacement too. Highlights: - The constant show of force on Scotty's...
  2. Mike St.Louis

    Maxtrix Reloaded 'Teaser' Posters

    Didn't see this topic mentioned anywhere. Check out this link for the 'Matrix Reloaded' teasers one-shots courtesy of Ain't It Cool News: http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=13593 Pretty simple but - MAN - am I ever PSYCHED!!!
  3. Mike St.Louis

    Did anybody besides me watch "Do Over" ?

    I don't usually take a chance on a new show unless it has something that will appeal to me. In other words I'm not a casual TV watcher. This show interested me however. The premise - a guy from present day wakes up to find he is a teenager back in the 80's - is not terribly original. However...
  4. Mike St.Louis

    CGI in Sopranos!!

    This may be old news to some but I just noticed this today watching the new season 3 DVD set of the Sopranos. I could swear that in the second episode Livia had been digitally inserted into a scene with Tony. I never noticed this the first time I saw the episode. I know Nancy Marchand...
  5. Mike St.Louis

    Seinfeld movie trailer online

    It's called "Comedian" and the trailer is pretty funny. It on the Apple quicktime site: http://www.apple.com/trailers/ At last a Seinfeld movie!! Now if only they would do a "Seinfeld" movie. I'd love to see the gang in action again. Good to put a face to that very familiar voice too.
  6. Mike St.Louis

    Best portable MP3 player for jogging?

    I'm going to start a running program and I want to take tunes with me. I'd also like it for the car to plug into my car stereo line in. I'd like to have a large capacity MP3 player so I'm considering the iPod for Windows. The iPod has everything I want in an MP3 player but NOT if it is going...
  7. Mike St.Louis

    Help! Integra DVD Player shows video but no audio.

    Hi, My uncle has an Integra DVD player as well as an Integra receiver. It was set up and running fine for many months until now. Now for some reason whenever you try and watch a DVD you only get the video without sound. However, if you switch the receiver to CD, you get the audio from the...
  8. Mike St.Louis

    Computer hangs after 10 minutes

    Something strange is happening to my desktop PC (Pentium 3 850 running Windows 2000 Pro). I don't use the computer very much as I do most of my work on my laptop. I just use the desktop for FTP and other things and I have had it running at another house. Lately I went to pick up the...
  9. Mike St.Louis

    Any Cold Fusion developers out there?

    I started using PHP/MySQL last spring and found them to be great, powerful technologies for interactive web development. In my current position I am using Cold Fusion to do more or less the same things. I found the learning curve for CF to be fairly low coming into it with PHP experience. I...
  10. Mike St.Louis

    Enterprise 12-Feb-02

    The episode entitled 'The Galileo 7', er, I mean 'Shuttlepod 1' finds Malcolm and Reed trying to stay alive in the shuttlepod in the hopes of being rescued. They see some Enterprise debris on an asteroid and think that the Enterprise has been destroyed. What they don't know is that the debris...
  11. Mike St.Louis

    Monitor doesn't work with my KVM switch.

    I just got a Startech Starview KVM switch (SV411K) to move between my Windows 2000 and Linux PC's. For some reason though, my monitor doesn't work through it. I have a KDS Avitron 17" model which has worked well for me. When hooked up through the switch the monitor showes compressed garbled...
  12. Mike St.Louis

    Anybody going to develop for .NET ?

    With the latest version of Visual Studio just days away and a plethora of .NET books in the stores I've been wondering what I'm going to do. I've been a VB programmer since version 3 and am currently using VB 6. I haven't really embraced the new technologies like COM and such because I...
  13. Mike St.Louis

    Mac-heads! Any predictions for Macworld SF??

    Apple has been saying on their website that Macworld SF will: "blow you away" and "exceed the rumor sites". Having said that, Apple will need to deliver. Usually Apple has been downplaying the expos. So what do you think Steve jobs will announce? A new iMac is a pretty safe bet - most...
  14. Mike St.Louis

    No flipping!! Larry's coming to DVD.

    Just read on the Digital Bits that HBO's "The Larry Sander's Show" is coming to DVD at last. The entire first season is being released! Hope that it sells well and they release the remaining seasons. I loved this show. "Hey now!!!"
  15. Mike St.Louis

    The Simpson's...

    I hate to say it - but I think the show is really going down hill. It used to be very smart but lately it has just been strange. I first started to notice it last year. And tonight's episode was VERY WEIRD. Weird for the sake of being weird is not the Simpson's style. Maybe Matt Groening...
  16. Mike St.Louis

    Enterprise 10/30/01

    So the Andorians speak perfect english. A few weeks ago the Klingons also seemed to have learned the language as well as the other alien race. What gives? I thought that one of the things they were going to deal with in this series were communication problems. Seems the problem has been...
  17. Mike St.Louis

    Is there an 'official' ribbon for the crisis?

    I have seen people with purple ribbons; red white and blue ribbons; even three seperate red white and blue ribbons. I was wondering if there is a 'official' ribbon or symbol. Link Removed
  18. Mike St.Louis

    Why is HBO is delaying last 6 episodes of Sex & The City?

    This is unprecedented in the history of television. Or is it? I can't think of another series that went more than a month between new episodes. The show has been very good this year. It will be hard to wait until January. At least there will be new episodes of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" in...
  19. Mike St.Louis


    test ------------------ ---- Alas. How terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the wise Johnny? - Louis Cyphre
  20. Mike St.Louis

    **** The official "Curb your Enthusiasm" discussion thread

    I saw this show when I was in the US last winter. I thought it was hilarious. The pilot episode had me rolling on the floor with tears in my eyes. You can really see the Seinfeld-isms in the show. Plus I see a lot of George Costanza in Larry David. Make's sense since George is based on him...