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  1. harync

    Movies you want on HD disc but don't expect to ever see

    According to various media outlets, the 4K transfer of the Abyss was finished in October 2021. Not sure if that means the theatrical edition or the extended edition (or both)? I'm really hoping it's the extended edition, if not both, because as you note the story is so much improved.
  2. harync

    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about...™ -Nightmare Alley (2021) -- in 4k UHD

    Same here. The film felt about 30 minutes too long, but at the same time the third act felt rushed. I think a better film is hiding in there with some judicious editing. I haven't seen the original, so I'm curious to know more about Cate Blanchet's character's motives. I will say that while the...
  3. harync

    2022 Blu Ray, 4K Projects?

    If you want to be the first to find out and happen to live in Columbus, OH you can find out in a few weeks: Poltergeist (1982) 4K Restoration Fri, Jan 28 7:00 pm https://gatewayfilmcenter.org/movies/poltergeist/
  4. harync

    The perfect movies for "escapism" list. What are your favorites?

    Raiders of the Lost Ark The Matrix (Original only) Shawshank Redemption Dances with Wolves Oceans 11 and Oceans 13 (NOT Ocean's 12) Lawrence of Arabia Jaws Gladiator Back to the Future Kingsman - The Secret Service Incredibles
  5. harync

    4k Wish List 2022

    Considering Cameron is tied to Disney via Fox, I hope he'll be able to force the issue. Bill Hunt (via space.com) posted some comments from Cameron saying that he finally finished the HD transfer of "The Abyss." Fingers crossed that it's the 3-hour version (or both versions) and that it will see...
  6. harync

    4k Wish List 2022

    The Abyss Extended Edition (never even released on Blu-ray and the DVD is non-anamorphic!) Dances With Wolves (definitely the theatrical edition, but hopefully both via branching) Pulp Fiction Avatar
  7. harync

    "BEST BUY" deals on Blu Ray and 4K Beginning 11/15/2021

    Thanks for posting. Been waiting for this sale to buy Shawshank Redemption 4K. While not listed above, it's available at BB for $9.99.
  8. harync

    Alec Baldwin Accidentally Kills Cinematographer And Injures Director With Prop Gun On Movie Set “RUST”

    There were many failures here, but I don't think actors should be responsible for the double-check (but it would behoove them to ask). Let's look at the cascade of failures that led to the tragedy and why Alec Baldwin double checking wouldn't have mattered. 1. A F.lli Pietta 45 Long Colt...
  9. harync

    Memorable movie theatre moments

    Several memorable moments, some good, some not-so-good. Schindler' List: After the lights go down, the guy sitting in front of me proceeds to pull out a six-pack of malt liquor and proceeds to consume all 6 over the next three hours. He was never a problem, but that is the first and only time...
  10. harync

    Scorsese's newest controversy about "Cinema" and Streaming

    Thank you for capturing some things I missed, and my general point very succinctly. When I was a poor university student I would go to the movies every week and pay to watch one film and sneak into a second. I watched hundreds of movies during that time, a lot of great films and some not so...
  11. harync

    Scorsese's newest controversy about "Cinema" and Streaming

    Fair enough. "Endless" is an exaggeration, but since he made Goodfellas in 1990, every third movie is a gangster film (or a something close to it). In particular, he seems to retreat to them after a film is less well-received. 2019The Irishman <----- 2016Silence 2013The Wolf of Wall Street...
  12. harync

    Scorsese's newest controversy about "Cinema" and Streaming

    I have to start by saying I think Scorsese is a brilliant filmmaker, but I find his endless re-visiting of the gangster genre to be tiring. Give me something more like Hugo. I feel like Scorsese's chief complaint is that people are forgetting about Fellini, who was an incredibly important...
  13. harync

    LG TV audio will not play through reciever.

    There is definitely a buggy implementation of CEC and eARC in LG OLEDs. Technically you should be able to turn on/off CEC and eARC independently, but LG didn't set it up that way with their terrible SimpleLink implementation. On my LG C9, if I set eARC to pass-through instead of Auto, sound...
  14. harync

    Any Guesses on 2021 4K, Blue Ray, DVD releases?

    I hope that Dances with Wolves (Both theatrical and extended versions) can be released in 4K. The Abyss (both theatrical and extended versions) is in desperate need of any HD release. Can't believe the only release is a 4:3 letterboxed transfer. I distinguish those wishes as distinct from...
  15. harync

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ Cinema Paradiso – in 4k UHD

    Many people saw the Theatrical release first, and were excited to watch "the New Cut" only to find out the revelation that completely undercuts the relationship dynamics of the film. It effectively gives you the same feeling that Toto had in the New Cut. If you watched the longer cut first, I...
  16. harync

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ Cinema Paradiso – in 4k UHD

    Most cinephiles have watched this film, but I believe the Director's cut should carry a warning: "Please watch Theatrical cut first." Finding out that a certain character withheld a certain key piece of information felt like too much of a betrayal of the character.
  17. harync

    Stinkers By Great Directors

    For directors who have made multiple sequels, maybe time between the original and the sequel is a component. Certainly Godfather III has its share of detractors as does Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. While the first two Indiana Jones sequels weren't as good as Raiders of the Lost Ark, they didn't...
  18. harync

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ Midsommar (Director's Cut) - in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    A24 finally has the 4K director's cut back in stock for anyone interested.
  19. harync

    Stinkers By Great Directors

    Spot on. Funny how Peter Jackson and Ang Lee died on the high-frame rate hill. Robert Zemeckis fell on the Mo-Cap hill, and it remains to be seen what happens to Cameron. He's tripled down on Avatar, so if Avatar 2 doesn't work he's stuck. I love Star Wars, but George Lucas is not a good...
  20. harync

    Stinkers By Great Directors

    I share your disdain for "Fury Road." I can appreciate the some of the visuals and the technical aspects of the car chases, but I found vast swaths of the movie boring. I never understood all the rave reviews.
  21. harync

    Stinkers By Great Directors

    I was going to suggest Rob Reiner for North, as that film is pretty universally reviled. However upon looking at his filmography over the past 20 years, I felt like there were too may mediocre films to consider him a "great" director. No question that during his run from 1984 to 1995 (excepting...
  22. harync

    Stinkers By Great Directors

    Appreciate the many varied takes. I think much of Scorcese's "gangster" work is over-rated with Casino being the film I struggled to get through the most (the length sure doesn't help!). The fact that he can make something like "Hugo" shows how diverse his talent is. To me Nolan is...
  23. harync

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ V for Vendetta – in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    The original graphic novel was written in the 1980s as a criticism of Margaret Thatcher. I did not contain the virus subplot and instead took place after World War III had destroyed much of the world except the UK. In my eyes, the virus was a clever way to simplify some of the narrative...
  24. harync

    Columbia Classics Collection (4k UHD) at $100

    I bought at $94.27. My set has the corrected Lawrence of Arabia bonus features disc. Beautiful package. I think this can come down to $79.99 for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but will probably stay around $85-90. My gut tells me Sony will keep Lawrence of Arabia exclusive to this set for a while.
  25. harync

    The Sound of Music on 4K Disc?

    They are eradicating the existence of a fox, a bear, and a rabbit: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2020/06/25/disney-to-remove-controversial-song-of-the-south-theme-from-splash-mountain-rides/#78884b0f28ca
  26. harync

    Columbia Classics Collection (4k UHD) at $100

    Any idea if the second wave of Columbia Classics has a corrected bonus disk for "Lawrence of Arabia" or does one still need to get it by mail?