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  1. Carlos Garcia

    Can a VGA signal work on my HDTV?

    Hello everyone. I have a Sony 30" WEGA CRT HDTV. It has 2 component inputs, and 1 HDMI. I was wondering if there is anyway possible for me to hookup my computer's VGA output to that TV and be able to view a true computer picture? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Carlos Garcia

    How many of you are finished collecting ALL the TV show DVDs you plan on owning?

    I'm not quite finished, but I can almost see the finish line...I still need the rest of Leave it to Beaver, Mary Tyler Moore Show, I Dream of Jeannie, The Bob Newhart Show, The Odd Couple, Green Acres and Seinfeld. If ever Batman (the TV series) gets released, I'd also want that. However...
  3. Carlos Garcia

    Where's Dragnet '68-70? Universal..WAKE UP!!!

    Ok, before I start on my rant, let me tell you that I grew up watching all the classic Jack Webb shows, Dragnet, Adam 12, and Emergency to name a few...I also loved all of them...Now my rant...Why does Emergency have the season 3 DVD announced, while Dragnet still has only the first season out...
  4. Carlos Garcia

    Anyone else afraid studios will abandon regular DVD in favor of HD?

    I know many TV shows on DVD are already complete in their DVD releases, however, what about shows that lasted many seasons and only recently started being released? Are you afraid your favorite TV show will be abandoned on DVD, and perhaps the only way to complete your collection wil be to buy...
  5. Carlos Garcia

    When will The "complete" Archie Show from 1968 be released on DVD?

    So far Nostalgia Ventures released a 4 disc set of various episodes called: The Archie Show/Sabrina the Teenage Witch/Archies TV Funnies and Archies Classic Cartoons which feature some episodes from the original "Archie Show" from 1968 as well as other incarnations of the show. However, no one...
  6. Carlos Garcia

    Why are studios biased in favor of African American shows from the 70s?

    Ok, I have found a strange trend that seems to puzzle me. When it comes to TV sitcoms done on videotape from the 70s, studios seem to have released alot more African American shows than non-African American shows. So far: What's Happening (all 3 seasons), Sanford and Son (all 6 seasons), Good...
  7. Carlos Garcia

    Odd Couple Season 2: When?

    Has there been any news as to when Season 2 of the Odd Couple will be released? As great as the Time-Life Season 1 set was, I'm wondering why they didn't give buyers the same opportunity of buying the complete series all at once, like they're doing with the Get Smart series.
  8. Carlos Garcia

    Magilla Gorilla will NOT include the "We've got a gorilla for sale" opening or close!

    I've just read on Earl Kress' blog that the up coming DVD set of Magilla Gorilla will NOT include the most popular part of the show, the original opening and closing with that great theme song! Apparently they will only be releasing each individual episode, not the complete half hour shows...
  9. Carlos Garcia

    Speed Racer volume 5 to be released October 31st!

    The last 8 episodes yet to be released on DVD will be coming out on October 31st! Here's the details on the volume 5 release! http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=6222
  10. Carlos Garcia

    Looney Tunes Volume 4: 11/14/06

    http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=6124 I can't wait!
  11. Carlos Garcia

    Where's Jackie Gleason and His American Scene Magazine?

    Does anyone remember this classic that ran from 1962-1966? This show was one of Gleason's best shows ever! It featured many of his characters besides Ralph Kramden, such as The Poor Soul, Reginald Van Gleason III, Joe the Bartender and many more. Who can forget the ever memorable Frank Fontaine...
  12. Carlos Garcia

    The Groovie Goolies are finally coming to DVD!

    This was one of my alltime favorite cartoon shows from the Filmation Saturday mornings of the early 70s! The Groovie Goolies is finally coming to DVD, scheduled for an October 24th release: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=6046 Thanks for the great news David!!!
  13. Carlos Garcia

    Quick Draw McGraw and Wally Gator DVD release both posponed!!!

    Here's the link to the bad news. :frowning: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=5006
  14. Carlos Garcia

    Where's the best place to find Dick Van Dyke Show outtakes?

    I just bought Jack Klugman's book "Tony and Me", and it contains a DVD containing 8 minutes of excellent outtakes from "The Odd Couple". Jack got full co-operation from Garry Marshall and Paramount in securing the rights to show those outtakes. I know The Dick Van Dyke Show DVD set didn't...
  15. Carlos Garcia

    Does anyone make a new 300 or 400 DVD Changer with a FLIP button?

    I currently own 3 Sony DVP-CX875P DVD changers. They DO have a FLIP button that allows you to flip the DVD and will play the other side. Now for some reason all the new DVD changers no longer have a FLIP button. I don't understand this. Don't Sony and the other DVD player manufacturers realize...
  16. Carlos Garcia

    Can someone recommend a Best of "TV Commercials from the 50s, 60s and 70s" DVD?

    I am dying for a DVD with some good old nostalgic TV commercials from the 50s, 60s and 70s. There are several out there I know, but which would you all recommend? I know quality is an issue for some of you, but I really don't care how bad they look, I just want to relive old classics like...
  17. Carlos Garcia

    Movies found on laserdisc, that are still not out on DVD...

    There are alot of good movies that made it to laserdisc, but have yet to surface on DVD. Here's my small contribution to the list. Please feel free to add to it: 1. The Incredible Shrinking Man 2. Robinson Crusoe on Mars 3. The Monster Squad
  18. Carlos Garcia

    "The Flash" TV series coming to DVD Finally!

    Here's the link to the news...I can't wait! WOOHOO! http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=3816
  19. Carlos Garcia

    Any plans to release the original "Archies", "Sabrina" or Groovie Ghoolies"

    I know there are a couple of official DVDs out there that contain several "Filmation" Archies cartoons from the 70s. Also there's a DVD that contains a couple of episodes of the original Filmation "Sabrina The Teenage Witch", but does anyone know if they will eventually be releasing all the...
  20. Carlos Garcia

    Quincy, M.E. How many discs, how many double layered?

    I am curious. I know the Quincy season 1 and 2 set consists of 3 discs, but can someone please confirm whether the discs are double-sided, and if so, which of the discs are double layered on both side, and which are only single layered? Thanks.
  21. Carlos Garcia

    Does HDTV also give off the "strobing effect"?

    Hi everyone. I remember reading that the strobing effect (when someone on the tube is wearing stripes and you can see a moire effect) was a phenomenom that was exclusive to the NTSC standard. However, I've watched a few ballgames broadcast in HDTV on my set, and I can still see the strobing...
  22. Carlos Garcia

    Are any 3D movies available in 3D on DVD?

    I was wondering if any classic movies that were originally shot in 3D (like Dial M For Murder, House of Wax, or Creature From The Black Lagoon) are planned to be released on 3D for the DVD market anytime soon. Anyone?
  23. Carlos Garcia

    Can someone confirm whether the Quincy DVDs are double sided?

    I haven't read any info on the new Quincy, M.E. season 1 set. Has anyone bought it yet? Can you tell us the quality, and whether the discs are double sided? Thanks.
  24. Carlos Garcia

    Any news as to when The Munsters season 2 will be coming out?

    It's been almost a year since The Munsters season 1 was released. Has anyone heard any news as to when season 2 will be released? Thanks.
  25. Carlos Garcia

    Does anyone make a 3 RCA female to 1 RCA male cable?

    I have 3 DVD players with composite output that I would like to merge and input to my amplifier, so that by turning on just one of the devices at a time, I will be able to watch that particular player. In order to do this, I'm going to need an RCA cable with 3 RCA females on one end, and 1 RCA...
  26. Carlos Garcia

    Would a 3 female to 1 male RCA adapter allow conversion of component to composite?

    I have a problem (see thread below) where I need to try and convert component video to composite. If I have an adapter with 3 RCA plugs in one end and 1 RCA at the other, would I be able to convert my component signals to composite? Thanks for the info.
  27. Carlos Garcia

    Does anyone make an RGB to S-Video cable?

    I'm not extremely advanced when it comes to recent technology, but I was wondering if going from the 3 component outputs to an S-Video input is possible. I have a problem with my TV. I have my 3 DVD jukeboxes connected to a signal sensing digital A/V input selector with component cables...
  28. Carlos Garcia

    Does anyone remember "Life of Riley"?

    I was wondering if anyone here remembers the old "Life of Riley" TV show. The original TV version starred Jackie Gleason and the 2nd version starred William Bendix (who I believe played Chester Riley on the radio version of the show. I remember watching both versions in reruns during the 70s...
  29. Carlos Garcia

    Was the opening music on Penelope Pitstop changed?

    I recently got the Perils of Penelope Pitstop, and I didn't recognize the opening theme as the same theme I remembered the show using when I saw it as a kid. Was the music replaced for the DVDs, or am I starting to forget my childhood memories already? I'm confused. Anyone?
  30. Carlos Garcia

    Any news on The Honeymooners Lost episodes?

    I read a few months ago on a Honeymooners fan site that they were working on restoring the "Lost Episodes" of that show. I know these episodes are all in kinescope form, so I don't really know what kind of restoration can be done for them. I have been holding off from buying the Lost episodes on...