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  1. Conroy Tesa

    FS- Star Wars Spec ED LD f - Toronto Area

    Only played twice!! Selling due to cash needs $50 U.S of B.O. Buyer pays shipping due to size of box. Can send pictures if desired. ********Also DVL-919 LD/DVD player For Sale - 400 for BOTH LD and Player!!!**** DVL-919 LD/DVD player Specs Video Processing: 10-bit...
  2. Conroy Tesa

    Rio Riot 20gig MP3 player for sale

    Sorry for the long delay. Not really interested in trades but what are you offering?
  3. Conroy Tesa

    Rio Riot 20gig MP3 player for sale

    Just got a 3rd gen Ipod for birthday and no longer need this anymore. Awesome sounding and with cool features including * Built-in FM Tuner with custom presets * Extra-large, backlit LCD * Exclusive, Rio LogiTrack interface makes it incredibly easy to find, sort and play your favorite songs...
  4. Conroy Tesa

    New X-box magazine-the next issue big news

    I was on their site and I think this is the big news. In our next issue, we'll give you the low down on what awaits gamers in the groundbreaking first person adventure sequel, Deus EX: Invisible War! And pigskin fans take note -- we're breaking the season open by previewing all things...
  5. Conroy Tesa

    Anyone still play on Live?

    Summer man! Get outside! I live in Toronto and winters are cold and long.
  6. Conroy Tesa

    New X-box magazine-the next issue big news

    Kabuki Warriors VS Bruce Lee :Online Separatedly they wer only 4/10 each but together 4+4+2(online)= 10/10 the perfect game!!!
  7. Conroy Tesa

    need some xbox recommendations

    In August you have to get Soul Calibur II. (I have the import) Never really liked fighting games but I'm hooked! KOTOR is addictive as well. If you like racing how about rally racing? Rallisport Challenge and CM3 are awesome. MotoGP2? Halo is the granddaddy of shooters on the box so...
  8. Conroy Tesa

    New X-box magazine-the next issue big news

    Yeah thats the 'old' one that says watch out for next issue! They do that all the time. Personally I think it HAS to be a HL2 announcement (date firmup/exclusive console news). Rumour is it may ship this year for xbox.
  9. Conroy Tesa

    New X-box magazine-the next issue big news

    What is on the cover? Not the Starcraft ghost right? That issue has the vague Vice City announcement! I still haven't gotten mine.
  10. Conroy Tesa

    LOTR: TTT - Platinum Series Special Extended Edition

    Ah the beauty of not reading the trilogy till AFTER the movies thus not comparing the film adaption to the books. No complaints as to why they made some changes! Personally I thought the FOTR and TTT were 2 of the best movies I have seen in years and the EE for FOTR was awesome. TTT EE is...
  11. Conroy Tesa

    FS: RCA DirectTV Receivers + 18" Dish & Card (Long)

    So shipping ups/usps over the border is bad?
  12. Conroy Tesa

    FS: RCA DirectTV Receivers + 18" Dish & Card (Long)

    Jerry/Serge How did you ship this across the border?(method etc) Where there any fees, taxes, problems?
  13. Conroy Tesa

    FS: MX-500 Universal Remote

    Sorry Aaron, I have to pass on this as the wife factor is not looking good on this one! Hope you sell soon
  14. Conroy Tesa

    FS: MX-500 Universal Remote

    I pmed you!
  15. Conroy Tesa

    "Xbox, Meet GTA. GTA, this is Xox."

    I thought I read that the deal with Sony was restructured and that is why GTA is coming out earlier than expected for Xbox and Gamecube. Also Take Two is putting out Mafia for the Xbox. That isn't the big announcement is it?
  16. Conroy Tesa

    HTF NHL2K3 League?

    Hey I played with the Avs!!! They are my second favorite team after the Leafs! I wanted the Leafs but when we set this up someone took them then bailed!!
  17. Conroy Tesa

    WTB: Complete Directtv satellite system

    Jerry If serge doesn't take both, I may be interested in 1. I just need the receiver/card and remote. Are the Dolby digital?
  18. Conroy Tesa

    Interesting article about xbox live and EA.

    I though one of the reasons EA want to control their own online strategy is to make sports games unplayable online when the new version comes out. Forcing you to buy the newest Madden/Etc. Personally I don't really care about EA as I though NHL2K3 blew the doors of the steaming dung heap Nhl...
  19. Conroy Tesa

    ***Official The Brute Force Xbox Thread***

    TOnnes o copies at my EB but the WIFE wil kill me if I bring in another game. Time to trade in some crappy ones!!. BTW I got her hooked on Soul Calibur 2 import! Its great kicking her and her 2 sisters asses. Thay relieves tension!!
  20. Conroy Tesa

    Disney To Test Self-Destructing Discs

    With DTV PPV, VOD, Rental from B&M shops, online rentals, etc who is this targeting? 6.99 US is like 10 bucks Canadian. Add in taxes thats 11.50. I could have gone to the THEATRE to see the damn thing with a huge screen etc. To me it looks like busy work for some marketing people just trying...
  21. Conroy Tesa

    Digital Bits Indy DVD news: "...aliens and Hobbits still hold far more interest..."

    Personally, the only thing that kinda bugs me about the Indiana Jones set is the lack of DTS option but no biggie. Raiders is my favorite movie of all time so bring it on. The Alien treatment is getting out of control. How many times will studios parcel out releases? And I think the LOTR...
  22. Conroy Tesa

    Anyone else for a Wolfenstein Clan?

    Whats the single play like? Did you play the PC version? Are the graphics better/worse?
  23. Conroy Tesa

    Anyone else for a Wolfenstein Clan?

    Picked up my copy at lunch, we'll see how it is tonight!
  24. Conroy Tesa

    Anyone else for a Wolfenstein Clan?

    I think I'd like to join in. I hope I have a better time with it than UT. I sucked! Tag name:korncussion
  25. Conroy Tesa

    HTF NHL2K3 League?

    I just got 2 more wins last night. Lets try to finish this baby up Detroit and washington where are you? Are there going to be playoffs?
  26. Conroy Tesa

    X2 (2003)

    I thought the first Xmen movie was a good film, little action, sagged in the middle but enjoyable. Spiderman was a great summer movie. Funny and comic book like(thanks to my favorite Rami) . Xmen-film, Spiderman-movie To me that was the difference. One more serious then the other. But in...
  27. Conroy Tesa

    HTF NHL2K3 League?

    PHILADELPIA!!!! I can't make tonights game!! I sent you an email. Could we reschedule? Sorry
  28. Conroy Tesa

    WTB:Expressvu 6000 receiver

    In Toronto area, looking for a reasonable deal. Thanks
  29. Conroy Tesa

    NHL2K3 League Openhouse

    I love this game. I just wish I could score more!! I either win or lose 1-0!!! HEHE I like Colorado still but I'm pining on taking my beloved leafs!!
  30. Conroy Tesa

    Soul Calibur II Opinions *IMPORTS NOT COPIES*

    I don't get what to do in the weapons mode. The other character won't take damage then the game keeps 'pausing' I don't read Japanese. any help?