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  1. ChristopherS

    Bought a PS2 Today

    Turned out to be a rather expensive day for video gaming in my house. I went to my local EB to get a copy of NFL 2k3 for my XBOX and while I was there I ended up buying a used PS2 from someone who was there trading it in (I was then asked to leave by the teenage store manager and had to go to...
  2. ChristopherS

    XBOX sales increase 131% since price drop

    Good news found at the XenGamers site . It would seem that XBOX software is also selling well. This makes me very happy :b . Chris
  3. ChristopherS

    The Last Chapter on CBC

    I watched Part One of this mini series on CBC Sunday night. It is about a fictional outlaw biker gang, the Tripler 6's, expanding into Ontario. I found part one to be excellent with great acting, and a good story line. The lead character is played by Michael Ironside, and he is excellent...
  4. ChristopherS

    Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    I saw the series premier tonight and am already hooked. When I read about this series earlier I was not sure if it would work, but I thought it was great. The actors playing the police officers, and the ADA were all quite good. There did not appear to be any weak link in this episode, good...
  5. ChristopherS

    Alias Seasons Premier

    I caught this show tonight and was thoroughly engrossed. I thought the writing, and acting was quite good. Spoiler:The whole double agent thing with SG-6 and the CIA should keep the stories different and interesting. I was hooked when SG-6 killed off her fiance. Definitely not a warm and...