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  1. Matt Perkins

    Pre-order Evil Dead "Book/Dead" at Suncoast for $29.99

    At least, that's the price at my local store ... :)
  2. Matt Perkins

    Notice of class-action settlement, to buyers of select JVC/Panny DVD players

    I thought this might be of some interest here. For more information, go to Link Removed.
  3. Matt Perkins

    FS: Indiana Jones trilogy, widescreen LDs

    $110. (First class mail/insurance at my expense.) I now have two copies of each, and I only need one. All three movies are letterboxed. Raiders is 1 LD, Temple and Crusade are 2 LDs each. There is very slight jacket wear, but the discs are in excellent shape. If you're interested, e-mail...
  4. Matt Perkins

    Universal: please, when you release "E.T." ...

    I beg you, include the complete, original theatrical cut of the film. We're hearing all sorts of information about CGI alteration. I think that's great, that Mr. Spielberg has a chance to re-work his film and distribute it to an audience. But please, Universal ... many of us in his audience...