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  1. brentl

    Simple question about PDA's

    My buddy wants something simple to put his price list on. He works for a nursery and basically needs notepad for a handheld. As long as you can search for names eG; boxwood, and it comes up like in notepad he'll be happy. Anybody with knowledge about the cheapest route to go? Does anybody...
  2. brentl

    Soundblaster 24 bit digital out, do I need the i/o module

    I figured something out, with my eyestrain problems when using an LCD monitor I decided to use my new 32" TV for the same purpose. Strange, but I haven't noticed the eyestrain I do with an LCD moniter. Anyways, my 24 bit card offer digital output, but says you need a digital I/O adapter...
  3. brentl

    Heavy eyestrain from new LCD display .... normal? Alternatives?

    I just picked up a 20" Viewsonic LCD yesterday, and since I set it up and started playing my eyes always feels like I'm really closeto a headache. Is this pretty common? I went from a 17"CRT, and never had a problem, and am now pretty concerned I'm one of "those" people that can only handle...
  4. brentl

    I picked up a used Denon DVD-3800... anybody with thoughts?

    I couldn't resist this unit, Denon had a factory warehouse sale , lots of refurb stuff, from the problematic dvd-900 to a 5805. I was lucky enough to grab the 3800 for $130+tax(Canadian). I was looking at it just for the CD playback,but found out this was one of the best units on the market a...
  5. brentl

    Basic wall building and permit questions

    Hi folks; 1 Of all the people that have built custom HT's how many of you have gotten proper permits for the electrical work?? I've checked ,and I'm OK with the physical structure. As long as I'm not dealing with the structure, a premit isn't required. I'm really worried about the...
  6. brentl

    which is better?? a single sub based on SVS2039 OR 2 Athena p6000 subs???

    Just an honest answer to a simple question. Currently I run 4- Athena as-f2s(front and rear), and 2 C1s for centre channel(front and rear), and I use a sub based on the SVS 2039CS using a Adire audio DPL12 see here But now I'm thinking of looking at 2 Athena p6000 subs HERE I think 1...
  7. brentl

    WOOT deal on infocus 4805

    Seems like a great deal to me, too bad I can't order(u.s. only) Brent http://woot.com/
  8. brentl

    Prices rising, wood stud VS metal studs

    Hey folks I'm about 2 months(and a busy moving day) from starting my HT room in the basement, and with the prices of wood expected to rise some 70% I'm worried the cost for wood studs may get extreme. What are the positives and negatives of using both wood and metal studs for construction...
  9. brentl

    what are the chances of getting user definable menus for low end SLRs

    After all the recent studying I have done in regards to low end digital SLRs I still wonder why camera makers don't allow the user to set the camera up the way they want. I was looking at my buddies d70 and I set it to manual. Wouldn't it makes sense if the front wheel operated the shutter...
  10. brentl

    Problem, computer won't boot, or even post.

    I'm a little stumped here. My sisters computer won't even post, no beeps, and the only light that comes on is the reset light on the front of the case. she can not get the burner drive to open. She also gets a no signal on her monitor I was thinking one of three things MOBO bad...
  11. brentl

    Speakers from Athena, Kenwood, and Paradigm

    Hey folks, with all my recent spending I've decided to sell some stuff, prices are firm, shipping is extra .... oh and prices are in Canadian Pesos! Athena AS-c1 unopened, new, Same price as Future Shop is clearing them out but you PAY NO TAXES! $115 firm Athena AS-b1 pair, new...
  12. brentl

    New speakers and my setup dilemma !

    Hey folks, I feel a little lost and could use your thoughts. As it sits, my theater is in an unfinished basement. The full basement is about 45' x 45', but my theater takes up a corner and is about 16 x 14. My system consists of Pioneer 1014tx-k Zenith 318 DVD player.... showing...
  13. brentl

    Canada Future Shop .....Athena speaker package $299

    Future Shop is selling the asb-1(pair), c1, and a pair of R1 surrounds for $299 This is an amazing deal.. here Brent
  14. brentl

    Write me a letter! I need to complain

    Well my friends, never trust a company to quickly repair/replace and return something. I need a letter written, and I'm a poor writer, to complain about the lack of service I received from Benq. Who's up for it?? link I finally received my Projector on Friday, a full 11 days after...
  15. brentl

    Service problem with BENQ .... my experience so far!

    I wonder who else has had problems with service with Benq and how it was resolved. Here is my ongoing service horror story. My Benq PB6100 was getting very dusty, and I was just under the 1 year "we pay shipping both ways" thing so I figured I'd send it back to get cleaned. They...
  16. brentl

    What are the best types of perogies?

    OK folks, I know what I like, and wonder what you like. I've been eating these things for more than 30 years(Ukrainian Mother), we call them "petta heh". Best types; Blueberry ..... top with sugar and dipped in sour cream FANTASTIC! Sauerkraut ..... add a little bit of bacon...
  17. brentl

    Benq Pb6100 to be replaced with 7100 ..... good move??

    After 2 weeks of pure nonsense from Benq Canada(through Benq U.s.) they are offering me a PB7100 refurb since they can't find a 6100 refurb to replace mine. This should have been a simple drop off by Fed-ex followed the next day by them shipping out the refurb 6100. Well until I called 10...
  18. brentl

    The greatest FREEBIE software EVER for deleting pesky DOS files!

    Ok folks I was having one hell of a time deleting a DOS file that went into memory and was being used by Exploder. I was hunting for a solution to the "cannot delete because I don't want to" message(actually "being used by another program"), and found a program called "moveonboot"! This...
  19. brentl

    5 WAV files to an AC3 file how too!

    I've been playing with Besweet for a while, and AC3 encoder too. I just can't find where to input the 5 seperate channels. I just want to make five seperate WAV files into a single AC3 file, for use as a movie warmup. I'd like to have different voices coming form all the channels before...
  20. brentl

    FS: Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro speakers and Kenwood THX certified receiver(relisted)

    Hey folks, I've been here for years and only sold 1 thing, a Platoon DVD about 3 years ago. Here we have Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro(Wine) 2 speakers sale pending From what I can tell they are a 10, so I'll say they rate a 9 for safety. Got them for my computer, but when Half Life...
  21. brentl

    Is Kenwoods system control compatible with Pioneers

    I'm in the process of upgrading from a Kenwood Krx-1000-Technics Sh-ac500d to a Pioneer 1014TX and I need to know whether the system control will work for both. I simply need to turn on a Kenwood amp to power my subwoofer. I'm sure somebody has tried this. I hope! Brent
  22. brentl

    DPL vs Shiva dilemma

    I ordered and received my Shiva tube kit from Creative sound in Vancouver today but I received a DPL12 in the box instead of the Shiva. I know people would say "look, you just got a better sub for less money" , well I'm not worried about that, I'm more worried about how this will sound in the...
  23. brentl

    Video card upgrade ... I have questions??

    I'm running a Ati Radeon 8500le 128mb. Nothing fantastic, but it did the job until I played the release of Doom 3. The frame rate was really baD, and with Half Life 2 coming out I MUST be ready. I'm looking for a good upgrade, but I'm not looking at more than $120u.s. + taxes about $170...
  24. brentl

    Stupid things said on TV

    I was just wacthing news about the Mt ST Helens getting bigger again and the reporter from CNN said. "Some say the volcano had grown 300 feet, that's as high as a 30 story building" No DUH! Is TV, even CNN, turning into TV for the lowest common denominator?? Anybody else with stories...
  25. brentl

    how long should I expect to wait after winning a prize??

    Simple question for anybody that has won something of value. Through a Snapple contest I won a new Vespa et2 motor scooter. I spoke with the fulfillment office on Friday, and they said I was now to wait for a representative from Snapple to call. How long after I speak to them should I...
  26. brentl

    best camcorder around $500-600 U.s.

    I'm looking for the best deal on a camcorder in Canada. My sister and her hubby aasked me about it, and although I said I don't know too much about them I figured I'd help. Is it work it to get a 1.3 megapixel digital?? what about 3 CCD?? and why get either?? What are the more reliable...
  27. brentl

    How do you cope? parent with cancer.

    Ok, here's the story. My Mom and Dad have been married for more than 42 years. They have 3 kids, 2 sisters and myself,I'm the baby. About 12 years ago my Mom was told she had breast cancer. I was always the optimistic son, and felt that they caught the cancer early enough and she would be...
  28. brentl

    Painkiller played it? Thoughts, problem?

    OK guys, I'm on the second major level, and I met the boss in the cemetary. That was very cool. I already have my favoorite weapon, it's that spinning thing. When you right click it fires the claw out and grabs things. The effects engine is the same as what the new Half Life will be right...
  29. brentl

    Mercedes Performance driving school --- What should I expect??

    I'm really wondering if anybody has been to this and what should I expect to learn in class and in the car. Will I learn how to heel/toe shift?? that would be cool! Will I learn about when to brake going into a corner, and when to shift and hit the gas? I'm REALLY looking forward to...
  30. brentl

    What's the cost to service a lens?

    My aperture ring is tight on my Bronicas lens and I wonder what kind of charge should I expect for a looksee?? I figure it's time to get rid of this camera since I haven't used it much in the last 4-5 years and it's still work some good buck. OH, the lens is the standard 80mm f2.8 PS lens...