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  1. soureel

    logitech USB keyboard question

    Can a logitech usb keyboard be configured to work with my home theatre system? My system includes a Vizio M50 tv and Denon AVR-S650H receiver. I'm not sure how or if the keyboard would interface with the system. It would be nice to use the keyboard rather than the streaming app virtual keyboard...
  2. soureel

    your thoughts about my next equipment purchases please

    I have been using the same home theatre setup for over 10 years and I'm looking to upgrade some of my components. My front speakers are a pair of Infinity Beta 50s. I'm perfectly happy with these. My center and surround speakers are JBL mid-grade Nothridge series- nothing great but I suppose...
  3. soureel

    length of wiring issue for home theater setup

    I want to set up a connection between my desktop PC and home entertainment center so that I can use Windows Media Center to record OTA tv. The PC and computer are in separate rooms. I will need to run 25 - 30 feet of cabling, including ethernet, HDMI, and a usb for the IR dongle (to use my...