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  1. Jim Mcc

    Can anyone recommend a good modem/router combo unit ?

    We do not want a separate router and modem. We also want it to be able to stream 4k video in the future. What specs should we look for? This will be used with TWC(EarthLink) broadband internet. The link below lists their approved modem/router combo units...
  2. Jim Mcc

    Looking for an external hard drive for a Mac laptop

    What brands/models do you recommend for $100 or less? Thanks.
  3. Jim Mcc

    Lawn tractor recommendations needed

    I'm looking for a new tractor, and hoping to stay under $1,500. A 40" to 42" cut is all we need, our lot is about 3/4 acre. I was thinking of a Craftsman or Ariens. The reviews look good. Thanks.
  4. Jim Mcc

    I need an Indoor AM/FM antenna

    I need an indoor AM/FM antenna. Can anyone recommend one? I'm not sure if I need a powered one or not. I've been using a powered one, but it recently went bad. Thanks.
  5. Jim Mcc

    Surround speaker types

    For a 5.1 system, what type of surround speaker do you prefer and why?1) Direct radiating2) Bipole3) Dipole
  6. Jim Mcc

    Non-slip pads/feet under speakers

    What do you guys use under your bookshelf speakers to keep them from moving? The little circular feet that came with mine are worthless. I don't want the speakers sitting right on the wood shelf. Thanks.
  7. Jim Mcc

    Budget 5.1 receivers

    I'm thinking of upgrading an older receiver without HDMI to a new one. Is there much difference in the quality of the entry level receivers? I don't need networking, airplay, or any of that crap. I need a minimum of 3 HDMI inputs. I'm thinking of these: 1) Pioneer VSX-523 - $249 2) Yamaha...
  8. Jim Mcc

    Using spackle on new drywall

    Is there any reason I shouldn't use lightweight vinyl spackle on new drywall, to fill the screw heads? We just drywalled my daughter's basement ceiling, and she is still looking for a drywall finisher. In the meantime, I wanted to do the screw heads tomorrow, in 1 trip. I know that drywall mud...
  9. Jim Mcc

    TV review sites

    What are some good TV review sites other than the obvious, CNet and Consumer Reports? Thanks
  10. Jim Mcc

    Which TV for about $400 ?

    My daughter is looking for a TV about 42" diagonal, and wants to spend $425 max. What do you guys suggest? I don't know that a plasma will work because she tends to have lights on when viewing. Thanks.
  11. Jim Mcc

    Who belongs to the "AAA" motor club?

    I've been a member of Allstate Motor Club for years, but the price is too expensive now. My membership expired in December, and I'm wondering if it's worth switching to AAA? For all you AAA members, what do you think? Do you recommend the plan? What do you like best about it? Or dislike about...
  12. Jim Mcc

    I got 2 free TV's today

    Don't get too jealous, they're only old analog sets. :) Anyway, my daughter's 27" TV went bad a few days ago, squealing like crazy. I was told that people are giving away analog sets for free on Craigslist, so I checked it out. Sure enough, I got a 26" RCA today, and a 36" Toshiba set for free...
  13. Jim Mcc

    Hiding speaker wires on wall

    I need to hide the 2 surround speaker wires that run vertically about 5.5' from baseboard to each surround speaker. I know about the Wiremold products, but is there anything else ? I plan to paint it to blend in with the wall. I read about one guy who taped the wire to wall with masking tape...
  14. Jim Mcc

    Where should I set my receiver's crossover ?

    I recently bought 3 new Infinity Primus 163's for my 3 fronts, and I just ordered 2 P143's for surrounds. My question is would I be better off setting receiver's crossover at 80 hz. or 100 hz? The speaker specs are listed below. The sub in this setup is an 8" Sony. My receiver only allows one...
  15. Jim Mcc

    Center channel speaker: Yes or No

    In our family room's 55" TV setup, the 2 front speakers are 6' apart(measured center to center). Between the speakers is 5' 4". Is a center channel speaker really necessary with this span? Thanks.
  16. Jim Mcc

    Calibrating speaker levels - Receiver's test tones or disc?

    Do you guys think it's better to use the receiver's test tones, or an audio calibration disc? Because I've been reading conflicting things online about which is better. Or does it depend on the receiver? Another thing I read, which is new to me, the "expert" said to turn off your sub before...
  17. Jim Mcc

    Mounting metal shelf brackets over drywall

    I'm referring to the flat metal 90 degree brackets. When you install them, do you put a piece of wood between it and the drywall? Or do you screw them right over the drywall? I'm asking because i've had to remove these in the past, and the drywall seems to get damaged(probably from tightening a...
  18. Jim Mcc

    Center channel speaker or 3 identical fronts ?

    I'm looking to upgrade my 3 front speakers, and I was wondering if there's a problem using 3 identical fronts, instead of a center channel speaker? I've read that having 3 identical fronts is the best way to go. All 3 bookshelf speakers will be at the same height, sitting on a shelf. Thanks.
  19. Jim Mcc

    Budget bookshelf speaker recommendations

    I'm looking to upgrade my 3 front speakers, and would like to spend about $250, if possible. The speakers will sit on a 1X10 shelf, so I want either front ported or sealed speakers. I am interested in the Infinity P163, which are currently $85 each. Second choice is the smaller P153, currently...
  20. Jim Mcc

    Splitter for ethernet cable ?

    Can anyone recommend a good/cheap splitter for an ethernet cable? I can't squeeze another cable to where I need it, so I need to use a 2 to 1 splitter. Thanks.
  21. Jim Mcc

    Buying a receiver without "Auto Speaker Setup"

    One receiver that I'm interested in is the Onkyo 414, but it does not have the Auto speaker setup feature. Is this really a big deal? I'm used to setting up the speaker levels manually, with a decibel meter, with my last couple receivers. What do you guys think?
  22. Jim Mcc

    No new receiver info from CES ?

    I haven't seen any info anywhere on new receivers. Has anyone else seen anything? Thanks.
  23. Jim Mcc

    Required features on new A/V receiver ?

    I want to buy a new A/V receiver soon, and I'm wondering what features do you guys think I should look for, for the future? Thanks.
  24. Jim Mcc

    Carpet or carpet tiles on walls

    Has anyone used carpet or carpet tiles on any of the walls in your theater room? If so, can you share your results, and any advice you have? What type of adhesive you used, etc. Did you do the entire wall floor to ceiling, or just the upper or lower half? How did it affect the audio in the room...
  25. Jim Mcc

    Is Earthlink internet any good ?

    I'm looking into switching to Earthlink broadband internet to save some money. I currently have TWC's Roadrunner service. I'm wondering how the quality, reliability, customer service etc. is? Thanks
  26. Jim Mcc

    Considering buying a Roku 2 XS, but...

    Does anyone know when the new Roku models might come out? Are HGTV and AMC free? Is ESPN free? Specifically to watch Monday Night Football? Thanks
  27. Jim Mcc

    How to stream ESPN football ?

    I am looking for advice on how to stream the Cowboys/Bears game coming up on Monday. Is there a free website you can recommend that streams in HD? If not, is there a website where I can pay a small fee to stream it? We were hoping to stream it onto my daughter's Mac laptop, and then connect to...
  28. Jim Mcc

    Getting "Microsoft Office" onto laptop

    My wife's HP laptop has Windows 7 Home Premium, but it does not have Microsoft Office" on it. What's the cheapest way to get it loaded onto her laptop? So far, we know no one who owns it. And which version do we need to work with Windows 7 Home Premium? Thanks.
  29. Jim Mcc

    Eyeglasses from Walmart

    Has anyone gotten prescription glasses from Walmart? Were you satisfied with the glasses and exam, etc? Thanks.
  30. Jim Mcc

    Cleaning an LCD computer monitor

    What do you guys recommend I use? Does the power need to be unplugged first? Thanks.