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  1. Gary Neuwirth

    Dell XPS 400 innards

    I would really like to know the exact details of what my motherboard is. Looking right at it with the cover off and all I see is a nice "Dell" on the motherboard. Is there a way that I can find out who's brand and model this mb is? I would really like to download a mb book so I know what I...
  2. Gary Neuwirth

    Viewing Subtitles on Widescreen Display

    My Pioneer Elite 60" 4:3 set is ready to retire. I watch a lot of subbed dramas on it that are in 4:3. If I was to buy a 60" 16:9 Widescreen would the subs be the same size or smaller? For some this is more than likely a dumb question but my eyes aren't what they used to be! I have zero...
  3. Gary Neuwirth

    Cable modem with USB

    Last week my old cable modem provided by Roadrunner died and they gave me a replacement. This modem is a motorola and it can be connected to the computer via lan or usb. I went ahead and connected with the usb connection and it works fine. But with too much time on my hands I wondered if one...
  4. Gary Neuwirth

    Babylon 5 Boxset BooBoo or BooHoo?

    I've been watching Babylon 5 boxset and just now discovered a duplicate disc. DVD2 is really DVD4 -- it has the DVD2 label on it but the content is exactly the same as DVD4. It is pass 30 day return to Amazon.ca and I was wondering if I am screwed or perhaps Warner Brothers will accept a...
  5. Gary Neuwirth

    ADV releases of Farscape and Andromeda

    This information is from Anime on DVD forum where ADV has a studio rep (dlw) who actually does answer fan questions. The original poster was asking when Andromeda would be released and wanted to know about a boxset for Farscape. Here's David's response:
  6. Gary Neuwirth

    Can two Videocards be on the same computer...

    Need some help...I currently have a MX400 64mb Videocard using the agp slot. I bought an ATI AIW 16mb pci card for it's capture/tv features. Can they both coexist? I'm running WinME on a PentIV 1.6..asus MB. Thanks
  7. Gary Neuwirth

    My LD collection

    I have a huge collection but I haven't watched any LD for over a year. So I feel it's time to sell them off. I'd rather sell them here and not fool around with ebay -- having to set up the auction page,etc. -- plus I'm hoping to sell a lot of them to individuals which will save time on...