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    Hollywood hit films don't air on major networks anymore.

    Its really unbelievable, but I gotta bring this topic up, Why do Hollywood's coolest hit films no longer air on the major networks just like they used to in the past? Well, aside from ABC's annual airings of Sound of Music on Xmas Day, I think this situation has contributed to the advent of...
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    When will we EVER see the rest of Baywatch on DVD?

    This is really ridiculous.An iconic T&A beach action-adventure show, that went on to become the #1 show in the world throughout the 1990's only got 3 of the 10 syndicated seasons released on DVD in North America. The show and its spinoffs was completely released on DVD in Europe complete with...
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    If you're an American, which films and TV show titles you have that's in R2, R3, or R4

    If you're an American and have a DVD and/or a Blu-Ray player that's reigon-free, which films and/or TV shows you imported from R2, R3, or R4?
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    What Was Your Favorite '90s Sitcom (other than Friends & Seinfeld)

    Mines were the Saved By The Bell franchise, Hang Time, City Guys, One World, Boogie's Diner, Blossom, Sabrina, Larry Sanders Show, Arli$$, Clueless: The Series, Step By Step, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Living Single, Breaker High, and Family Matters.What were yours?
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    Who's gonna own the rights to "A Pig's Tale"?

    A Pig's Tale was a 1996 direct-to-video title from the now-defunct studio PolyGram Filmed Entertainment. As of this writing, the title has never been released to DVD and/or Blu-Ray, and is only available on VHS and LaserDisc.But even if A Pig's Tale were to see the light of DVD's day, who's...
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    What was your favorite Teen and Tween show from the 80s and 90s?

    Mines were the Saved By The Bell franchise, Hang Time, City Guys, One World, BH 90210, Boogie's Diner, Boy Meets World, Sabrina, Clueless: The Series, Breaker High, and Blossom.What was yours?
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    One and Done Shows Yet To Be Completely Released

    My List of One & Done Shows That Have Yet To Be Completely Released Are:Perry Mason (low sales)St. Elsewhere (low sales)Malcolm in the Middle (music rights)Murphy Brown (music rights and low sales)Amazing Stories (low sales)Crossing Jordan (music rights)American Dreams (music rights)Mo'Eisha...
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    Who was the BIGGEST Female Teen Idol of the '90s?

    Britney, Christina, Brandy, Melissa Joan, Alicia, Tiffani, and Mandy are some of the biggest teen idols of the 90s. What are your suggestions?
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    Older logos being plastered by current ones

    What is your opinion on an older logo being plastered by recent ones? For example, say you are expected to see an early 90s film logo at the start of a film, only to realize that a current logo from 2005 plasters over the older one.Sony's Bars of Boredom, Cinar (1993-2004), Universal Pictures'...
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    When is Universal EVER gonna release Endless Love (1982) to DVD/Blu-Ray?

    I would like to know, aside from the film being available on DVD but only in such countries as the UK, Germany, and Asia, when is Universal Home Video EVER gonna release the original 1982 Endless Love to DVD in North America?
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    Why is Mill Creek reissuing obscure Disney/Buena Vista titles?

    I am wondering how the heck did Mill Creek got the rights to re-release obscure Disney/Buena Vista titles such as Gun Shy, Before and After, The Good Mother, White Squall, Terminal Velocity, One Good Cop, Noises Off, and the Ernest films, among others? How did they do it? I thought Disney/Buena...
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    Sony Stalling Some Classic Shows: Why Sony Why?

    Why is SPHE stalling some such classic popular shows as the remaining 2 seasons of Hart to Hart, the final season of Parker Lewis Can't Lose (we know its the licensed songs that's keeping it from seeing DVD release, although all seasons are available on DVD in Europe), the remaining 3 seasons of...
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    Poll: 2.35/2.40 Widescreen or 4.3/1.33 cropped Fullscreen? Take your pick

    2.35/2.40 Widescreen or 4.3/1.33 cropped Fullscreen? No details, just answers!!!!!
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    Are you bothered by seeing a 2.35/2.40 flim on a small, 27" or lower 4:3 TV?

    My question is this:Are you bothered by seeing a 2.35/2.40 flim on a small, 27" or lower 4:3 TV? I know it really bothers me, but does it bother you when you watch it on disc media (some LD's, and all DVD's and Blu-Ray)
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    Which TV star or producer/creator's death had hit you hardest?

    Mine was Aaron Spelling (2006), Mister Rogers (2003), and last year James Gandolfini. R.I.P to all of them legends. :'( What were yours?
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    Which '90s Show You Want That's Isn't on DVD At All?

    My Picks Would Be:Step By Step (music clearances problem)Clueless:The TV Series (music clearances problem)City GuysOne Worldrest of Dharma and Gregrest of Sweet Valley Highrest of Sister, SisterNew York Undercover (heavy music clearances)Hang TimeThe rest of BaywatchChicago HopeTwo of a...
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    Uncropped OAR Films on HBO HD and Cinemax HD: Your Sightings

    I want you guys to mention a film that was released between 1997-present that was OAR on either HBO HD or Cinemax HD, only film titles, don't give me any details OKAY?and remember, I absolutely do not have any problems with 2.35/2.40 flicks being cropped to 1.78, but I do have upsetting problems...
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    BREAKING NEWS: "Kung Fu: Legend Continues" is FINALLY coming to DVD by Warner Archive!

    We told ya it was coming and it IS!!!! The now-forgotten, action-packed PTEN show starring David Carradine is finally coming to DVD for the very first time EVER!!! It will be at the Warner Archive Online Store very soon, so don't get your hopes up fast.This Canadian/American Action Drama, which...
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    American Shows that were more popular in Europe than its native country.

    What were some American shows that were much more popular in Europe than its native honme country?Baywatch was popular in Germany, thanks to The Hoff, as was Sunset Beach in Sweden, The West Wing, Married...With Children, and Seinfield
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    American Shows That Were Completely Released In the UK, but not R1

    This is a sequel to my other post, but this is different. Which American shows (that are unavailable on disc here in Region One) were completely released in the UK, and I'm NOT talking about any other non-North American country in the world, I'm only taking about England. Like I said on my other...
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    Your Top 10 Films of 1999

    Mines Were:10.Austin Powers 29.Drive Me Crazy8.TPM7.Tarzan6.Toy Story 25.World Is Not Enough4.The King And I3.The Matrix2.American Beauty1.Fantasia 2000
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    which do you prefer? Original Soundtrack Version or Soundalike/Replaced version?

    Which do you prefer? Original Soundtrack Version: the one heard in the original broadcast versionORReplaced for Home Video/Rerun Syndication version?Pick one, and BTW do NOT mention any shows, becuz its annoying to me!
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    American TV films and miniseries that are only available in Regions, 2, 3 and 4

    What are some American TV movies and miniseries that have only been released in Regions 2, 3, and 4 DVD, VHS, and LaserDisc, but not Reigon One?Casanova (1986) is one example.
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    International International Films That Were Never, Ever Released in North America

    Battle Royale (Japan, 2000) and Darklands (GBR,1997) have skipped VHS format altogether and were both finally released on DVD/Blu-Ray in 2012. Both films were unavailable in North America due to controversies surrounding the content of both films, the former due to the aftermath of the Columbine...
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    If the internet didn't exist , and if a show is unavailable in a country, what will you do

    If the internet, steaming, and video torrents did not exist today, and if a certain show your curious to watch is unavailable in your country what will you do?I, for one, will pick up an American dish, have somebody set it up, and wait for the show to air. Cuz i'm a person from Toronto, Canada...
  26. Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)

    Title: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) Tagline: Every generation has a legend. Every journey has a first step. Every saga has a beginning. Genre: Adventure, Action, Science Fiction Director: George Lucas Release: 1999-05-19 Runtime: 136 Plot: Anakin Skywalker...
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    When you were young, which films did your whole school or class went to see?

    It can be old or new, depending. And it has to be a huge hollywood blockbuster theatrical release.
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    TCFHE is the MOST Greedy label when it comes to classic TV.

    Fox is very very notorious for treating a lot of their films and current long-running/fan favourite shows with reverence and godlike status.....and treating their almost-forgotten, award-winning classic shows as if its complete and utter garbage. Their notion is this: if a classic show doesnt...
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    Non-Stop Review

    Hello guys!!! I'm gonna be talking about the hot new action-thriller flick starring Ireland's #1 Hollywood Superstar: Liam Neeson, it's Non-Stop!!! An awesome, edge of your seat flick that's literally "Taken" 35,0000 ft. above!!!!So people, did ya see this film? You planning to see it? Are you...
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    American shows that are only on Reigons 2,3, and 4 DVD, but not R1

    Complete series of Baywatch, remaining seasons of NYPD Blue, The Practice, Chicago Hope, Two Guys and a Girl, remaining seasons of Malcolm, and Dharma and Greg, were completely released in Europe and Australia, but not in it's native North America. What are some other sitcoms or dramas that only...