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  1. MichaelWalsh

    THX video setup (Pirates of the Caribbean DVD)

    After setting up my new JVC (AV34WP84) pretty much the way I want it I decided, just for a lark mind you, to have a look at the THX video setup thing on the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD. Imagine my suprise on the brigtness setup screen when I couldn't see the THX logo at all, never mind the logo...
  2. MichaelWalsh

    Size matters

    Trying to find a 34" direct view 16:9 set that would work in my built-in cabinet. Don't quite know why I'm so hung up on having a 34" set rather than going with a 32" or 30" (the latter of which pretty much any will fit and be cheaper) especially since all I'm replacing is a 12 year old 27", but...