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  1. borisfw

    Kansas Pacific

    Are there any good DVD transfers of this Sterling Hayden western ? I know its a public domain title with many options . But is there a decent DVD ?
  2. borisfw

    "The Trial", your input?

    Focusfilm is putting out Orson Welles The Trial on May 22 . Anyone have any insight on this release or the company releasing it ? The Image disc is OOP and pricey . This one lists at $10 .
  3. borisfw

    F.B.I. from WBA

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this or not . WB Archives has The F.B.I. season 1 part 1 up for pr order . It has 16 episodes for over 700 min . It's listed now at $19.99 . Not too sure that price will stay . Sounds a little low compared to Cheyenne .