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  1. Pavan_P

    Desperate housewives Season 4 and Eli Stone Season 1 DVD Reviews (Sept 2)

    Forgive me if there is already a thread on these, but those I'd share with you the reviews to these from Sitcoms Online.com: Sitcoms Online - Desperate Housewives - The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review SitcomsOnline.com News Blog: Blog DVD Review: Eli Stone: The Complete First Season (Sept. 2)
  2. Pavan_P

    Dave's World S1 DVD Review -- Uh Oh CBS DVD....

    See what I mean: Sitcoms Online - Dave's World - The First Season DVD Review
  3. Pavan_P

    Lionsgate to Release Select ABC Studios Series on DVD

    Gord and Dave will have more I'm sure, but for now here is what I have found out: SitcomsOnline.com News Blog: USA Network Fall 2008 Schedule; Lionsgate To Release Many ABC Studios DVDs
  4. Pavan_P

    TMNT Season 4 (7th DVD Release)

    Here is the review: http://www.sitcomsonline.com/blog/20...ant-ninja.html
  5. Pavan_P

    Two Three's Company DVD Sets Coming Jan. 30

  6. Pavan_P

    Good Times S6 - 8/1/06

    Finally the last season of Good Times will arrive on 8/1/06! I also hear Sony will release some goodies on 8/15/06...we will find out what in 2 weeks.
  7. Pavan_P

    Lost S2 DVD is October 3 because...

    the season three premiere on ABC is most likely in November. So, fans can still watch the S2 DVD before S3 starts on ABC. It'll be official by next week. Buzz from ABC: Dramas greenlit are "Six Degrees," "The Nine" and "Daybreak." Comedies with a go-ahead for next season are single camera...
  8. Pavan_P

    Life Goes On DVD Theme

    You can listen to it by reading the Life Goes On DVD review at Sitcoms Online: http://www.sitcomsonline.com/blog/20...-facts-of.html
  9. Pavan_P

    WHV TV Favorites Update

  10. Pavan_P

    Three's Company Season 5 DVD Review

    Hello everyone, My review of the season five DVD of Three's Company is now up and online! You can find it on my website: http://jacksbistro.freeservers.com/c...3198/dvds.html Thanks, http://jacksbistro.freeservers.com P.S. www.SitcomsOnline.com version of the review will follow shortly.
  11. Pavan_P

    I Love Lucy Season 5 DVD

    Here is SitcomsOnline.com's review of I Love Lucy S5: http://www.sitcomsonline.com/ilovelu...dvdreview.html
  12. Pavan_P

    Facts of Life, Benson, Maude, Barney Miller, and Bewitched Christmas Episodes DVD?

    Looks like Sony is working on it, but I doubt it is coming out on September 13 as DVDEmpire suggests: http://www.dvdempire.com/exec/v4_ite...er_id=70005434 If it ever comes out, I'd guess it would in November or December.
  13. Pavan_P

    Three's Company Season 4 DVD Special Features

    The Three's Company Season 4 DVD special features have been released! Please go to my website and view the news section to read all about the special features, the episodes on the set, and additional information that fans must do to get the Three's Company universe all on DVD (all 8 seasons of...
  14. Pavan_P

    Looks like Maverick will head to DVD...

    Warner Home Video Celebrates 50 Years of Television History from Warner Bros. Television with a Year-Long Promotion Featuring Today's Hit Shows and All-Time Classic Series BURBANK, Calif. -- Dec. 27, 2004 -- In 2005, as Warner Bros. Television (WBTV) celebrates 50 years as the leader in...