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  1. Mark Hayenga

    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 vs Logitech Z-2300?

    CNET gives these two systems top marks for PC speakers. I'm in need of something for listening to MP3's on (Rhapsody music service to be precise). Has anyone been able to compare the two or can anyone comment on either? Thanks, Mark
  2. Mark Hayenga

    Cleaning a garage floor (varnish/paint removal)

    OK, I am taking it upon myself to do a remodel of my parent's garage. My older siblings (and maybe occasionally my father) are responsible for some fairly significant paint and, worse, polyurethane drips, stains, spills etc. The garage is just your normal concrete floored garage, nothing...
  3. Mark Hayenga

    TC Sounds CES Preview - New Uber-subs to be released

    TC Sounds just announced on their website the release of new subs that will be shown at CES. Anyone going might want to hit their booth. They've got photos of the prototypes they will be taking on their website. Here's a pic of the larger one:
  4. Mark Hayenga

    Friend needs to sell some AWESOME SUBS!!!

    Hey guys, I've got an online buddy who needs to sell some woofers. He's a well known fellow in the audio world but doesn't have the time right now to advertise or sell this due to a move, so I'm doing the advertising for him. It's an 18" TC Sounds unit that he had custom built. 35mm xmax...
  5. Mark Hayenga

    Where to get Windows 98?

    I have an old Dell PC (XPS-T 450) that has Win98 installed, but I'd like to wipe it and start with a fresh install. I have an old copy of Win2K available, but want 98 to run some legacy apps that don't have support under 2K. Will Dell support send me a copy, or where can I hunt one of these...
  6. Mark Hayenga

    I had 65,636 private messages just now

    Freaked me out, til I remembered my engineering education :) I'm sure these guys are out there somewhere in their day jobs writing software for NASA. ETA: typo, that should be 65536.
  7. Mark Hayenga

    Texas DIY'ers, POST HERE!

    Dear Texas HTF Members, My name is Mark Hayenga, and I am attempting to orchestrate a gathering of audio do-it-yourself types from around the state. To this end I am compiling an email list of Texas do-it-yourself audio aficionados through which this activity, and any other future activities...
  8. Mark Hayenga

    Best 'Fish' DVD?

    Hi, I'm an aquarist who's living in an apartment for a year without my tanks. Amazon has Coral Reef Adventure (IMAX documentary), Coral Sea Dreaming, and Naked Fish. I was wondering if anyone had tried them and had an opinion as to which was best. I'm particularly interested in reef aquariums...
  9. Mark Hayenga

    Proper use of dog grooming instruments

    Hey everyone, I've got a border collie/springer spaniel mix who sheds heavily year round. Historically I used a 'slicker brush' to remove dead/loose hair, and it worked fairly well despite being a little time consuming and ill-appreciated by the dog. Recently my brother turned me on to a...
  10. Mark Hayenga

    Adcom GFA-7400 FS

    For sale: MINT Adcom GFA-7400 5x100w (5x150w into 4 ohms) multichannel amp. Very well built amplifier. Purchased new from authorized dealer last year, received light use since then. MSRP $1000, will sell for $600 shipped UPS ground to any of the 48. Money order only please. OBM included.
  11. Mark Hayenga

    Apartment mold problem - please advise

    Hey guys, I need some advice regarding a problem I'm having with my current apartment. My lease is up on June 30th. I was going to renew my lease for another year, but on June 17th I discovered some severe mold growth behind some stored boxes in my closet. Apparently the AC has been...
  12. Mark Hayenga

    DIY Tempest Subwoofers *PRICE DROP* (TX Sale Only)

    FS: Two DIY Tempest subwoofers, 270 liters internal volume ported and tuned to 18Hz with dual 4" flared ports. These are very well built units made out of 1.25" MDF and heavily braced. These subwoofers have -3dB extension to 20Hz at VERY high output levels. They are finished in cloth (one in...
  13. Mark Hayenga

    $41,000 USD in Parking Tickets

    Surprising to say the least! Hope no one here is on it :) http://www.ci.chi.il.us/Revenue/Park...Scofflaws.html
  14. Mark Hayenga

    Atkins diet experience

    Well, I started this diet 12/31/03 (one day early I know) and so far I've lost fifteen pounds in just over three weeks. I've never lost weight this effortlessly. It's just amazing compared to all the previous attempts I've tried to lose weight (usually lowered caloric intake + regular exercise...
  15. Mark Hayenga

    DIY Subwoofers for sale in Texas!

    FS: Two large vented subwoofers using Adire Audio 15" Tempest subwoofer drivers. Each sub is 270L net internal volume and tuned to 18Hz with dual flared 4" ports. The subs are designed for flat anechoic response and are -3db @ 20Hz. Very well constructed using 1.25" MDF and heavy bracing...
  16. Mark Hayenga

    Any DSP guys / prototypers here?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a development board for a TI TMS320 6000 series. My university has the regular TI eval boards (PCI w/3 audio interface connections) but I am looking for something along the lines of this: http://www.technologicalarts.com/myfiles/ad812.html except with a 6000...
  17. Mark Hayenga

    DIY Subwoofers for sale

    I have two DIY subwoofers for sale. Prefer in-state sale due to size/weight of units. Will deliver to any major city in Texas (Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio). Subwoofers are presently finished crushed red and black velvet (very hip :)). Can be refinished in more tasteful cloth if you so...
  18. Mark Hayenga

    Where to buy splice connectors for Canare cable?

    Hey guys, My loveable pooch decided to turn my 35' Canare V3-C3 component video cable into a 10' and a 25' foot piece. I now need some way of connecting the two halves. A local friend has a crimp set to work on Canare cables, but I'll need to buy the connector(s) necessary to put them back...
  19. Mark Hayenga

    Meet the newest HTF member...

    ...Cali, adopted 9/28 from the Austin Humane Society/SPCA. Link Removed She's a 1 yr, 2 month old Border Collie mix whose previous owner surrendered her and her brother due to a move. She's the sweetest, most well trained dog I've ever had. And she plays fetch like a champ (I actually have...
  20. Mark Hayenga

    Denon AVR-2802 = Denon AVR-982?

    Hi guys, My boss at work runs a business on the side building PC's for home and small business use. He can get Denon AVR-982s for wholesale through his distributor. Is this the exact same receiver as the 2802? I can easily give up the snob factor of owning the 'real' thing for the savings, but...
  21. Mark Hayenga

    Behringer CX2310 - Opinions?

    My local Mars is selling the new Behringer CX2310 for $99, and I'm getting mighty tempted to buy one. It's a stereo two-way 4th order crossover w/xo points from 44Hz to 880Hz (+10x) and an additional mono subwoofer output with xo points from 10Hz to 220Hz. This piece is cheap and does exactly...
  22. Mark Hayenga

    Anyone here a Maytag man?

    Hi guys, I'm having a problem with my clothes dryer. I'm not sure of the exact model (it belongs to my older brother). It goes like this: Whenever I toss in a load of clothes in to be dried, it only dries properly about 1/2 the time. The other 1/2 of the time the clothes will get hot, but...
  23. Mark Hayenga

    Determining s-plane poles and zeroes for....

    ...vented and passive radiator enclosures. I've been toying with the idea of building a very small passive radiator enclosure, but many drivers suitable for such use (Peerless XLS series, Stryke HE-15, etc) have T/S parameters that require an extreme EBS alignment to achieve reasonable LF...
  24. Mark Hayenga

    Madisound Woodstyles cabinets

    Hey guys, Does anyone have an opinion on these cabinets? I have a pair of Tempests laying around and it doesn't look like my schedule (or living space) will permit the double-walled 9cf vented boxes I was planning on. So, I'm considering buying a pair of the 3cf boxes from Madisound, and...
  25. Mark Hayenga

    Suggestions sought on new kit design

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of designing a new speaker, to be released as a free kit plan. Since I hope some of you will eventually get to enjoy this, I'm entertaining suggestions on their design. The goals I've decided on so far are: Flat frequency response Low distortion Midrange clarity...
  26. Mark Hayenga

    New Stryke MTM kits in development

    Hi guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm beginning work on a new MTM design featuring the Stryke Audio SA071 7" woven glass fiber midbass and TA-W1 soft dome tweeter. I'm hoping to have a design finalized by the end of August, at which point I intend to release it as a free kit...
  27. Mark Hayenga

    Where to find 1.5" thick MDF?

    Hey guys, I'm starting to think about a new sub for myself. The last one I built I made with two 3/4" layers laminated together, but it was a pain to do the lamination. Does anybody know of a good source for 1.5" thick MDF? TIA, Mark
  28. Mark Hayenga

    How does DUMAX measure?

    Hi guys, I've seen a few DUMAX spec sheets and am moderately familiar with the information they present, but does anyone have a link or any information on how they actually do the testing? TIA, Mark
  29. Mark Hayenga

    The Lambda Strykes!

    I *finally* got this project to the 'listenable' state tonight. Muchos gracias are in order for Scott Hinson and Jonathan Atkins for their time and use of tools, ThomasW, Hank Frankenberg, and Austin Countertops for their advice on finishing it, and my uncle for funding the thing (gotta love...