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  1. JayHink

    Cagney & Lacey Complete Series Limited / Standard Edition Box Sets

    For anyone interested, my copy of The Trials of Rosie O'Neill arrived & I did an unboxing video for it. Not a bad looking set, package-wise. Find the YouTube video here.
  2. JayHink

    Any news on Baywatch and Baywatch Nights coming to Region 1 DVD?

    New North America Baywatch set announced by VEI. Appears to be the 9 seasons (minus the two Baywatch: Hawaii seasons and the Baywatch Nights spinoff) in both DVD & Blu-ray configurations (at least according to their FB post). Remastered in HD, these are likely the editions found on streaming...
  3. JayHink

    Where is Warner Archive?

    It happened on April 1: It’s official: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment confirms that WB Shop has closed for good (it’s not an April Fool’s joke)
  4. JayHink

    Next Hanna-Barbera set?

    Per today's virtual Warner Archive panel at ComicCon: Space Ghost and Dino Boy to be restored & remastered. A Blu-ray release is forthcoming, according to George Feltenstein.
  5. JayHink

    Knots Landing

    Hey, Lisa Hartman Black - hit the studio & record some generic pop songs we can plug into these episodes for DVD release! Thanks.
  6. JayHink

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Both seasons of MURDER ONE, season 8 of NYPD BLUE, and a volume of VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA that I didn't yet have. Generally, ryinh to fill the gaps in my 20th Century-Fox TV collection. No telling where they might go with Disney taking ownership.
  7. JayHink

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Banacek - season 2. Finally nabbed an affordable copy.
  8. JayHink

    Next Hanna-Barbera set?

    I was born in '76, so I saw most 80s fare during their first runs, but most of H-B's (& others') 60s & 70s shows I first saw on USA Cartoon Express.
  9. JayHink

    The Powers Of Matthew Star coming to DVD

    Regarding "Winning," I just viewed that episode on the VEI set & the first two things I noticed was that it: a) looked like a video transfer (unlike the previous episodes), and b) the credits looked chryon'd. Just passing along since it was mentioned. It still timed out properly (48 mins or so)...
  10. JayHink

    The Powers Of Matthew Star coming to DVD

    I just received & started watching this series and thought I'd check in. So far, I've just watched the first episode (which, as has been explained, was the first proper episode and not the pilot, which aired as the series finale). This episode ("Jackal") runs just over 48 minutes. Picture...
  11. JayHink

    VEI Disc Problems?

    Yes, bmasters9. I should have used the quote function (I'm bad with functions when using my smartphone to post). Hope you're able to eventually get your replacement!
  12. JayHink

    VEI Disc Problems?

    The only time I had a problem with VEI, there was a missing season in my "In Search Of..." complete series set (there were two season 1 sets in the box & no season 2). I emailed them & they promptly sent a season 2 out to me. They even told me I could keep the duplicate. I appreciated it & was...
  13. JayHink

    The Powers Of Matthew Star coming to DVD

    I, too, am excited about this one; never thought I'd ever see it again (on DVD, at least). I have vivid memories from when I was 7 years old that fall of '82, watching Powers of Matthew Star & Knight Rider back-to-back - both brand new shows that fall.
  14. JayHink

    Quick Question(s) about Copyright Warning...

    I do too, believe me. For some reason though, I can't ever get it to work when posting using my phone (on desktop I'm much better.) Happy 4th of July to all - may it be copyright-infringement free. :)
  15. JayHink

    Quick Question(s) about Copyright Warning...

    Thought I'd follow up on my earlier post. This is an example of the DVDs the studio sends us to play for our movies in the park program. You can see how locked down the rights are for public performance. And yes, it's a burned disc. (Hopefully I attached the photo properly.)
  16. JayHink

    Quick Question(s) about Copyright Warning...

    I think a loss of control in the digital age (pirating, etc.) has caused them to crack down harder on IP issues these days. I also DJ at some small town clubs & the music publishing companies have been much more aggressive with collecting fees from these establishments in the past 10-15 years...
  17. JayHink

    Quick Question(s) about Copyright Warning...

    Quick anecdotal story: For 10 years now, I've done work for my local city government each June, setting up & running projection & sound for their summer outdoor Movies in the Park program (blow-up screen, DVD player with projector). It's a small, rural area. We (the City) pay the studios...
  18. JayHink

    Classic TV on DVD- The Lists: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci Fi

    Small correction - move Viper to the 1990s list (it's in the the '80s list). Keep up the great work!
  19. JayHink

    CROSSBOW: 1987-89 Complete Series Adventures Of William Tell

    I watched the first season so far and really enjoyed it. I shared some of my thoughts in a review here. I was sad that I missed it originally on The Family Channel. Would've fit in great with other shows I was watching there a little later. Good action and fast-paced story for 80s cable (the...
  20. JayHink

    tvshowsondvd.com is down

    I run a regional sports website. We launched in 2008 and, in 2016, the system was so dated our webmaster said it needed upgrading. We wound up being offline for 3 weeks. So, these things do happen, & the maintenance takes longer than desired sometimes.
  21. JayHink

    Mighty Orbots (1984): The Complete Series Coming Soon from Warner Archive

    Received my copy the other day. Haven't had a chance to screen yet, but it came on two burned discs, for anyone who cares about that (ordered directly from the Archive).
  22. JayHink

    Please FINISH Peyton Place on DVD! *Official Thread*

    With Part Three now released, I thought I'd pass along this in-depth, deep-dive review of the set at Drunk TV. Looking forward to adding these episodes to my collection, and excited for Part Four coming this summer!
  23. JayHink

    Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest or Knots Landing?

    I saw a lot of reports on the news this week for DALLAS' 40th anniversary. Hard to believe it's been that long. If you like his reviews, commentator/reviewer Paul Mavis filed this piece the other day on season 1, which he didn't get to write about in the past at other websites. Here's to more...
  24. JayHink

    Mighty Orbots (1984): The Complete Series Coming Soon from Warner Archive

    I'm looking forward to this as well, Jaytee. I was 8 in 1984, so this will be fun to see again & will fit nicely on the shelf with Transformers, GI Joe, Go-bots & others of the era. We all have our favorites. I'm happy to see releases from all eras...I happily purchase Boomer-era toons as well...
  25. JayHink

    Cannon And Others Coming Back Courtesy Of VEI

    I, too, have spare copies of Matt Houston & Hotel season 1 releases where I'd like to sell off the VEI versions & keep the CBS/Paramount versions. Thought about doing it on eBay with a clear description they're the VEI versions. Haven't gotten around to it though.
  26. JayHink

    R.I. P. Steven Bochco

    Graduated HS in '94 & really got into NYPD Blue in college, which was a perfect police-focused counterpart to ER. I watched Cop Rock as a freshman in HS (along with Hull High) in '90, as I was interested in those dramatic musicals that year. I've since been making my way through Hill Street &...
  27. JayHink

    Next Hanna-Barbera set?

    Quick info report for anyone interested: I purchased The Biskitts: Complete Series and The Snorks: Season 3 & 4 and both sets arrived last week as MOD "burned" discs. I expected (or thought highly probable) the discs would be pressed since I ordered directly from Warner Archive/WB Shop. My set...
  28. JayHink

    Next Hanna-Barbera set?

    Excited for The Biskitts. The '80s are my childhood era. But overall, I support all the releases - new & old. Always nice to see an original release.
  29. JayHink

    VEI announces second wave of CBS series releases

    If anyone cares....I popped in the first disc of SUPER FORCE, watched the pilot movie & the first regular episode. So far, so good on playback & quality. Obviously taken from available videotape masters, which would've been what a show like this in '90 was mastered to. (I'm watching on an...
  30. JayHink

    Petrocelli: The Complete Collection

    Did the pilot movie make it to disc? it's too bad The Lawyer hasn't; I'd love to add it to my collection. All four of those reviews have been posted up now. I've been really pleased with VEI the past couple years, licensing those CBS/Paramount-owned shows and slowly, but surely, rolling them...