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  1. Kent K H

    Editing MKV for Plex Server?

    I apologize if this needs to be moved to a different forum ahead of time as it's my first go-round on this kind of thing and didn't see anything when I searched. I recently got a QNAP NAS and set it up to back-up my movie collection to put on a personal Plex server. I've been ripping my...
  2. Kent K H

    Toho kaiju classics coming to blu

    News from expert August Ragone’s Facebook page. Sadly, like all Toho releases, not English friendly. But here’s hoping they’ll get US/UK distribution now that the scans are out there. VARAN! GORATH! DOGORA! SPACE AMOEBA! ON BLU! OH MY! This coming June 15th (same date that "Gunhed" drops), Toho...
  3. Kent K H

    Thriller: A Cruel Picture- Synapse/Vinegar Syndrome releases

    Within all the drama regarding the dueling releases (I may end up with both, if only for the Synapse cover with the poster art), I picked up an interesting possible hint towards the VS release on a Facebook post that Lee James made to the "Official Vinegar Syndrome Fan Club" group regarding...
  4. Kent K H

    Looking for drive recommendations for ripping

    Hello, fellow enthusiasts. I have a huge physical movie library. However, they’re all currently in storage, because I moved in with my girlfriend and there’s no place to put them. As we look for a bigger place (which may take quite some time), I want to start ripping my collection onto a private...