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  1. Albert Oh

    FT: HD DVD

    For Trade Constantine HD DVD (Sealed) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider HD DVD (Sealed) The Rundown HD DVD (Sealed, Scratched Barcode) We Were Soldiers HD DVD (Sealed) Looking For The Bourne Identity HD DVD Casino HD DVD The Frighteners HD DVD The Thing HD DVD Blood Diamond BD Enter the...
  2. Albert Oh

    FS/FT: Region 1 and Non-Region 1, DTS, OOPs, Steelbooks, Slipcovers

    Minimum $20. Free media mail shipping. All DVDs are widescreen and in mint condition. All DVDs are region 1 unless marked otherwise. Pictures can be provided upon request. First person to buy at least $30 worth gets a sealed Best Buy 300 Preview disc with ticket! Batman Begins DE (2...
  3. Albert Oh

    Weekend Sale! Everything Must Go!

    This thread will be open through Sunday, then whatever's left will go to the used dvd shop. All the dvds are region 1 and widescreen. They are all $5 each unless marked differently. Prices do not include shipping. Spend over $25 and shipping is free. Amelie SOLD Bad Boys: Special Edition...
  4. Albert Oh

    FS/FT Anime, Foreign, LEs, Other Regions

  5. Albert Oh

    Non-Region 1 DVDS and Boxsets for sale

    Prices include shipping in the US. Payment must be through Paypal. I'm on the good trader's list and a gold trader at DVD Talk. You can email questions or offers to [email protected] Battle Royale SE (R0 Korea, Starmax, 2 discs, DTS, slipcover, map - limited to 5000) $50 Blood: The Last...
  6. Albert Oh

    FS: Battle Royale SE, Kill Bill Box, Anime, R1 and Non-R1

    Outdated trade list, new list here: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...hreadid=206611
  7. Albert Oh

    Over 120 titles for trade! Looking for R1, R2, R3

    Outdated trade list.
  8. Albert Oh

    The new, improved and ever growing trade list

    Outdated trade list.
  9. Albert Oh

    Huge trade/sale list! Anime, Foreign, LEs, Criterions

    Outdated trade list.