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  1. Bruce Morrison

    Sony UPB-X700 player - problem with DVDs of old TV material in 4:3 ratio

    Hi everyone. I have come across a strange issue with my Sony UPB-X700 player when playing certain DVDs of older TV material in the 4:3 aspect ratio. The main problem is that, if I'm playing such a DVD and I then power down the player, i.e. with the DVD still inside, when I restart the disc...
  2. Bruce Morrison

    Problem with Panasonic TV not recognising an HDMI input source

    Hello, I'm having a problem with my TV not recognising the availability of an HDMI-connected source input. My setup is as follows: Panasonic 4K player (I have just acquired this) Sony multi-region Blu-ray player Denon receiver Panasonic 4K OLED TV The TV has two HDMI inputs. The receiver...
  3. Bruce Morrison

    Problem with Denon receiver shutting off

    I've had a very strange problem with my Denon AVR-X4100WE2 receiver. When I play my US Blu-ray of 'The Favourite', the receiver is shutting itself off at 50' 41" into the movie at the point when there is a loud gunshot on the soundtrack. The volume is set to 68 dB, which is my usual volume...
  4. Bruce Morrison

    Do I need a new receiver for playing UHD discs?

    Hi everyone, I've been using Blu-ray for a long time and I'm now planning to upgrade to 4K/UHD by buying a new 4K TV and a new 4K disc player. However I intend to continue using my current 5.1 audio set-up (i.e. I'm not planning to upgrade to Dolby ATMOS, etc.) I'm currently using a Denon...
  5. Bruce Morrison

    Desperate Housewives Season 5 - should the DVD set include a booklet?

    I just got the Desperate Housewives Season 5 DVD set from Amazon.com but it came without a booklet, even though the packaging has a slot where a booklet should be housed. Can anyone confirm whether there should be a booklet with this set?
  6. Bruce Morrison

    'Lonely Are The Brave' for pre-order at Amazon!

    'Lonely Are The Brave' is at last up for pre-order on Amazon.com although no actual release date is shown. Does anyone have inside information about the expected release date?
  7. Bruce Morrison

    Cabaret (Region 2) - is it anamorphic?

    As Fremantle's Blu-ray edition of Cabaret didn't materialise, I might have to capitulate and buy their Region 2 SE DVD, as the Region 1 edition is non-anamorphic and also has poor sound. But can anyone confirm whether the Region 2 edition on Fremantle is anamorphic? Thanks in advance for any...
  8. Bruce Morrison

    'The Good Shepherd' (Netherlands BD) - how is the quality?

    'The Good Shepherd' was released on Blu-ray in the Netherlands at the beginning of 2008. So far, this is the only BD edition that I'm aware of. I'm thinking of ordering it, but first I'd really like to know whether anyone who has obtained it could comment on the technical quality. In particular...
  9. Bruce Morrison

    Video format of SD extras on European BDs

    I've seen today that 'Sophie Scholl' is to be released on Blu-ray in the UK in October; it will be all-region, and the SD extras will be in NTSC rather than PAL. This has prompted a general question about BDs released in Europe. If a European BD contains extras presented in standard...
  10. Bruce Morrison

    'The One That Got Away' - strange jumps

    I just got the new MGM R1 edition of the British movie 'The One That Got Away', and noticed that there are are three or four moments during the film where there is a strange jump cut within a shot. It looks like a clumsy edit each time, but I checked the R2 edition and these cuts are not...
  11. Bruce Morrison

    The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981) - anamorphic release please Warner!

    As far as I know, the only available DVD of this excellent film is a full-screen version. Is there anyone else who agrees that it's about time Warner gave it the full treatment on DVD and released a newly mastered anamorphic version in its OAR?
  12. Bruce Morrison

    "Slim" Buffy and Angel sets - how slimmer are they?

    I've noticed that Fox have reissued all the Buffy and Angel seasons in what they call "slim" packaging, using the thin plastic boxes to house the individual discs instead of the original "digi-box" packaging. Can anyone tell me what the shelf thickness of a full 6-disc season is with this new...
  13. Bruce Morrison

    Tootsie 25th Anniversary edition announced!

    According to The Digital Bits site, Sony have announced a 25th Anniversary edition of 'Tootsie' for release on February 5th. No details of the number of discs or the contents as yet. It seems Sony and Warner are both a little behind schedule with their special anniversary edition releases...
  14. Bruce Morrison

    'Groundhog Day' - will the new AE be worth a triple-dip?

    Sony have announced a 15th Anniversary edition of 'Groundhog Day' for release in February. As the present special edition seems technically pretty good and already includes a commentary and other extras, I'm just wondering what could possibly tempt me into a triple dip on this new edition. In...
  15. Bruce Morrison

    'Michael Collins' DVD is still a flipper!

    I bought Warner's 'Michael Collins' DVD recently, and was amazed to find that it is still being sold as a flipper, although the film's running time is only about 135 minutes. I know this was one of their earliest DVD releases, but surely it's time for Warner to reissue this and any other...
  16. Bruce Morrison

    'Far From The Madding Crowd' - are Warner supposed to be preparing this?

    I think FFTMC was asked about in one of the recent Warner chats, but it didn't get a clearcut response. Does anyone know whether they are preparing it for release in Region 1? (There is a Region 2 version but it's technically a disaster.) This is its 40th anniversary year, but they'd have to...
  17. Bruce Morrison

    Hitchcock Masterpiece collection - a significant improvement?

    I've been hesitating over buying the 15-disc set of the Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection, as I already have the earlier DVD releases of many of the films in the set. Have ALL the films been remastered for the MC set? How much of an improvement over the earlier editions is there for 'Rear...
  18. Bruce Morrison

    Tootsie - will there be a 25th Anniversary SE this year?

    I seem to remember that there were some vague promises of a special edition of Tootsie quite a long time ago. As this is its 25th anniversary year, is there any chance that Sony will announce something in the next few weeks?
  19. Bruce Morrison

    One Eyed Jacks announced in Region 2

    'One Eyed Jacks' has been announced by a Company named 'Quantum Leap' for release in Region 2 on September 24th. Judging by the cover, it will apparently be one of a series under the generic name 'Screen Legends' (the legend being Marlon Brando in this case of course). I fear this will...
  20. Bruce Morrison

    The Pumpkin Eater - any sign of a DVD?

    I've noticed that Amazon are accepting requests for e-mail notifications if/when a DVD release of 'The Pumpkin Eater' is ever announced. This sometimes means that they have some knowledge of a planned release. Has anyone heard of any such plans? Also, does anyone know who currently owns the...
  21. Bruce Morrison

    New versions of The Hustler and The Verdict - are they worth double-dipping?

    These two Paul Newman films have recently been released again on DVD, apparently in re-mastered special editions. I have the previous releases - they seem pretty good technically and they already include significant extras, including commentaries, etc. Can anyone comment on the technical quality...
  22. Bruce Morrison

    MGM's Stephen King box - will Misery be a special edition?

    MGM have announced a Stephen King box for release on July 3rd, which will include 'Misery'. I'm wondering whether this will be the special edition, previously released in Region 2 (both the UK and Japan). The extras include two separate audio commentaries by Rob Reiner and William Goldman, a...
  23. Bruce Morrison

    The Dead Girl - is the DVD full-screen?

    'The Dead Girl' is being released on DVD on May 15th, but Amazon are advertising the DVD as having a 1.33 aspect ratio. Can this possibly be correct?!
  24. Bruce Morrison

    Deformed cover art on Blu-ray DVD

    The Blu-ray release of 'Blood Diamond' has just been announced by Warners, and the following web page has pictures of the cover art for both the BD and the standard DVD releases: http://www.thedigitalbits.com/mytwocentsa135.html#bloo This makes it obvious that the cover art on the Blu-ray...
  25. Bruce Morrison

    DTS vs Dolby Digital - what are the audible differences

    Having recently acquired DTS decoding capability, I've listened to some of my DVDs that have DTS tracks and I've switched between DTS and Dolby Digital to compare them. I have to say that I have noticed virtually no qualitative difference between them except that, on some discs, the Dolby...
  26. Bruce Morrison

    'Paths Of Glory' - any chance of a 50th Anniversary edition?

    This year is the 50th anniversary of Kubrick's early masterpiece, 'Paths Of Glory'. I hope MGM have plans to release a new special edition to mark the occasion. The existing DVD leaves a lot to be desired, especially the thin harsh audio quality. Has anyone heard any rumours about a possible SE?
  27. Bruce Morrison

    Advice on adding a sub-woofer to my HC system

    Hi everyone, I've had a 5-speaker system for several years for use with DVDs, but I've never added a sub-woofer. The reason is that my tastes in movies don't particularly lie in the big blockbusters with lots of special effects, explosions, etc. However, I do have several DVDs that I think...
  28. Bruce Morrison

    Switching between DD & DTS tracks during DVD playback

    Hi, I've recently bought the Denon 2930 DVD player, which has DD and DTS decoders. This is the first time I've had the ability to play DTS tracks, so I've been trying to compare them against the DD tracks on those DVDs in my collection that have a DTS track. I've noticed something strange...
  29. Bruce Morrison

    For how long will Universal refuse to support Blu-ray?

    Universal are the only major film studio not supporting Blu-ray. A while ago they announced that they intended to maintain this stance through 2007, but I'm wondering how long they can really stick with this before acknowledging that they are just losing out on an increasingly lucrative market...
  30. Bruce Morrison

    Region-coding on Blu-Ray discs?

    Hi everyone, I find the situation on region-coding of High-Definition DVDs quite confusing. As I understand it, HD-DVDs are not currently region-coded at all (although the Toshiba players still observe region-coding for playback of standard DVDs). Regarding Blu-ray DVDs, it seems that Warner...