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  1. DonRoeber

    HDMI - HD DVR, or Upscaling DVD?

    I've got 50" Sony HDTV, and currently I've got my upscaling DVD player connected to it's lone HDMI port. I've got a Comcast DVR that I'm replacing with the new TivoHD. Since I'm back there messing with connections anyway, I was wondering if it would make sense for me to use the TV's lone HDMI...
  2. DonRoeber

    A week in Atlanta

    I'll be heading to Atlanta for a work next week. My weeknights will be free. Anyone have any suggestions? It appears that the coke museum and the aquarium both close at 5pm, which kinda stinks.
  3. DonRoeber

    Holiday board games

    I'm a big fan of board games, and love to both give and receive them during the holidays. This year I'm giving my wife San Juan, as well as the Carcassonne expansions that we don't have. I'm hoping to receive War of the Ring. What're you giving and hoping to receive?
  4. DonRoeber

    How do you read the HTF?

    I'm curious as to how everyone reads the HTF. After loading the page, here's what I do. Hit spacebar until I'm down to the After Hours forum. Read what's new, reply if necessary. Go back to the main page. Scroll up, check in on video games software. Check in on Video Games Hardware, check in...
  5. DonRoeber

    Upcoming Musicals?

    After the huge success of Moulin Rouge! and then Chicago, I was a bit surprised to not see any big musicals in 2003. Are there any in production for release in 2004? Or are studios afraid that they won't be able to match the success of the previous two?
  6. DonRoeber

    Harry Potter Lenticular?

    Does anyone know if the Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban lenticular posters will be made available for sale? And if so, where I can get one? My wife really likes it, and her birthday is coming up, and I can't find this poster anywhere!
  7. DonRoeber

    Car Break-in

    My brother owns a Jeep Wrangler, and it's been broken into twice in the last month. Anyone have any neat ideas as to what to do about it? Police reports have been filed both times, but the cops can't seem to do much about it. Unfortunately, it's also the only parking lot close to his work. He's...
  8. DonRoeber

    Spider-Man Teaser Poster Authenticity?

    I just acquired a Spider-Man teaser poster, the one that was recalled. It's got the World Trade Center reflected in Spidey's eyes. Is there any way I can find out of it's authentic? I didn't pay too much for it, so I won't be dissapointed if it turns out to be fake. It's double-sided and 27x40.
  9. DonRoeber

    Visiting New Orleans

    My wife and I are going to New Orleans this coming wednesday for a week. She'll be attending a conference, so I'll have the days and some evenings to myself. So, what's fun to do? I'm happy doing the touristy stuff. I'm interested in checking out some voodoo and graveyard stuff, as well as some...
  10. DonRoeber

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

    I picked this up yesterday. Wow, I can't recommend it enough. If you've ever played a tactical RPG, than you need FFT-A. I'm only about two hours into the game, and really enjoying it so far. The combat system is really smooth, and I like how you can slowly build the world map however you like...
  11. DonRoeber

    Groomsmen Gifts?

    I'm getting married in less than two months now, and am shopping for groommen gifts. I've been thinking about getting pocket knives or multi-tools with the bride & groom's names engraved on them, as well as the wedding date. I need six of them, so it's going to get pricey quick :) Anyone have...
  12. DonRoeber

    I feel good!

    This morning we cut over to a replacement email server for campus. This server supports 13,000 users, and processes well over 1 million messages per day. We've been working to replace the existing system for a year now, and today we went live with no problems at all. It's a huge relief to be...
  13. DonRoeber

    Best Buy Returns?

    Tuesday night I picked up Jerry Maguire SE at Best Buy. I opened it tonight, and to my shock, the insert was gone, the security tag had been torn out (the cardboard was torn), and both DVDs had been replaced with heavily scratched consumer blank CD-ROMs! The DVD was sealed when I bought it from...
  14. DonRoeber

    Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack?

    I really enjoy the series, and really dug the movie, but now I'm trying to find the Cowboy Bebop Movie soundtrack. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  15. DonRoeber

    Acoustic Research Hi-Res series

    I'm interested in the Acoustic Research Hi-Res series of speaker; the AR1 -9 speakers specfically. My fiancee and I are redoing the living room where the Home Theater stuff us, and it'd be a big win for both of us if I could get rid of the subwoofer; she'd get some floorspace back, and I'd get...
  16. DonRoeber

    Audiotron vs. Tivo w/ Home Media Option

    I'm thinking about buying either an AudioTron or a Tivo with the Home Media Option. My initial goal is to stream MP3s across my wireless home network, so that I can play music on my home theater system. I use a Mac as my MP3 server, and both the AudioTron and the Tivo will work with it. With the...
  17. DonRoeber

    Samsung DLP, GameCube and PS2

    I'm looking to buy a Samsung HLN507W DLP TV soon, and was reading the manual. I'd like to connect my progressive scan DVD player to it, as well as my GameCube and PS2, all via component video. My DVD player I'd connect to the jacks that support 480i/480p, but the other two sets of component...
  18. DonRoeber

    What software DVD Player?

    I've been a longtime mac user, and although I still use my Macs, I recently got a Dell Latitude D600 running Windows XP. On my Mac, it was easy - there was one program you could use for playing DVDs. On XP, it seems like there are a bunch more. So, what's good? My Dell came with WinDVD, and...
  19. DonRoeber

    SunCoast Poster Frames

    All of the Suncoast stores near me have been closed. Apparently BestBuy bought them out or something. Anyway, I used to buy all of my movie poster frames from them. Unfortunately, I don't know what brand they were, but I like 'em a lot. Does anyone happen to know the brand, or more importantly...
  20. DonRoeber

    *** Official "HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT" Review Thread

    I saw this movie over the weekend. LOTS of fun. It really freaked my fiancee out :) It's nice to see Audrey Tautou expanding as an actress, even though she does the Amelie thing for the first few minutes of the movie. I have a few minor technical gripes, but other than that, I really recommend...
  21. DonRoeber

    Graduate student taxes?

    I've got a question about graduate student taxes. My fiancee is a full time graduate student working towards her PhD. She is paid a small stipend to cover living expenses while she's attending the unvirsity. The University pays for her tuition, and she has no student loans. The University sent...
  22. DonRoeber

    Christmas Stress

    Who else is suffering from lots of Christmas related stress? I feel really crummy right now because I got into a big fight this morning with my fiancee about silly crap, and although we both realized that we're just stressed out, I still feel really bad. She's been working really hard to get her...
  23. DonRoeber

    Jean-Pierre Jeunet's next project

    This came through on the clari.living.movies newsgroup this morning. Sounds neat!
  24. DonRoeber

    Logitech Cordless PS2 Controller

    Has anyone used one of these yet? I saw a review up on IGN that was fairly middling, but haven't seen any other reviews.
  25. DonRoeber

    Pronto TSU-2000

    I have a Pronto TSU-2000 for sale. It is in excellent condition, only having gotten very little use. Includes origional box, and all origional cables, manuals and software. I'd like $175. Free shipping via USPS. Update: Sorry, I forgot to add that it also includes the origional warranty card...
  26. DonRoeber

    Replacement for Sony DVP-NC655P on the way?

    I was wondering if anyone knew anything about a replacement for the Sony DVP-NC655P coming soon. I was hoping to get this player for Christmas, but it seems that everyone is dropping the price on it. Sony's online store has dropped the price, Best Buy also has it on sale, and Crutchfield also...
  27. DonRoeber

    Preordering Deals?

    Anyone know of any preordering deals for Super Mario Sunshine or Super Monkey Ball 2? I've looked around, but really haven't found anything fantastic. Best so far is $10 mail in rebate if you buy the game and strategy guide from EB. Kinda stinks. Where do most people buy their games?
  28. DonRoeber

    Computer consulting... what to charge?

    Has anyone here done any consulting for desktop computer repair? I'm being asked to help someone fix some problems with their mac. From a technical standpoint, this is absolutely no problem, I've got some good ideas already as to what the problem is, and how to fix it. But I don't know what to...
  29. DonRoeber

    Olympus 3030-Zoom Digital camera

    Olympus 3030-Zoom Digital Camera 3.3 Megapixel digital camera 3x Optical zoom, as well as a 2.5x digital zoom Quicktime movie recording with audio. USB & AV Cables for connecting to your computer & TV Remote control Includes a 64mb SmartMedia card, as well as 16MB SmartMedia...
  30. DonRoeber

    Toshiba Ultralight Laptop

    Toshiba Portege 7140 CT Pentium III 500mhz 256KB L2 Cache 192 MB memory (upgraded from 64mb) 30GB IBM TravelStar hard drive (Upgraded from 6GB) 13" Active Matrix LCD, 1024x768 native Trident Cyber Blade e4-128 video card with 4mb ram (supports up to 1600x1200 on an external...