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  1. Dee Zee

    Hope Crosby Road Films sale

    FYI Kino Lorber is running a sale of the first 6 Road To films on Blu-ray for $15 each. Just ordered them all.
  2. Dee Zee

    South Pacific on the big screen 2018

    Saw the TCM presents digital presentation yesterday on a fairly large screen and with good sound. Really appreciate this film so much more after seeing it that way. Even with the color.
  3. Dee Zee

    Monkees TV show on blu-ray, limited edition

    http://monkeesstore.warnermusic.com/music/the-monkees-complete-tv-series-blu-ray.html I found out about this today, available for pre-order. January 2016 release date. Limited to 10,000.
  4. Dee Zee

    The Hired Hand, ever coming to blu-ray?

    Should would love a blu-ray reissue of this Peter Fonda 1971 western. I have the 2003 Sundance Channel 2 DVD set. Anyone else?
  5. Dee Zee

    EXODUS (Bluray)

    Joining in a little late but just wanted to mention that Tadlow Music has a wonderful 2009 rerecording of the complete Exodus score by Ernest Gold. Just received the 2 CD set and it is marvelous. I learned about this score after getting the Lawrence of Arabia rerecorded score, equally great...
  6. Dee Zee

    Just joined, great site

    Hello all, After I heard about the Lawrence of Arabia blu-ray coming out on another site I discovered this great place to hang out and get educated. I've already spent many hours looking up favorite films on blu-ray and reading the discussions. The Robert Harris threads are especially great but...