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  1. Adam Lenhardt

    The Boys (Amazon Prime)

    Watched this week's episode early, since I wanted to save tomorrow night for Stranger Things 4, Vol. 2. Who is worse? Homelander, who is an unhinged psychopath with narcissistic personality disorder? Or Soldier Boy, who knows exactly what he's doing, but is an abusive asshole who comes with all...
  2. Adam Lenhardt

    STAR TREK: Strange New Worlds

    One other point I wanted to make: More often than not, I really appreciate the flawed, complex captains with a compelling mix of positive and negative traits. But right now, when the real world feels so tumultuous and disheartening, tuning in each week and getting to spend an hour with a...
  3. Adam Lenhardt

    STAR TREK: Strange New Worlds

    TOS had the Klingons, TNG had the Borg, DS9 had the Dominion, and it feels like the Gorn are shaping up to be the most impactful recurring villains on this show. And this episode was arguably the first time they've been photo-realistic, rather than bag CG (like "Enterprise") or an obviously...
  4. Adam Lenhardt

    Disney+ Ms. Marvel (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    Yeah, the timeline with that felt a bit shaky. I'm also not entirely sure how much time was supposed to have transpired between Kamala and her mom landing in Karachi and Kamala getting sucked into the past. Definitely at least two days, but I'm thinking it might have been longer with some little...
  5. Adam Lenhardt

    Disney+ Ms. Marvel (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    S01E04 - Seeing Red Two-thirds of the way through the first season, and this show feels both more expansive and more intimate than most of the other MCU Disney+ shows. It feels like there's a whole lot to wrap up in the remaining couple of episodes, but I still think this is the best paced show...
  6. Adam Lenhardt

    What's on your Daily Viewing List?

    Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project Originally Released: 04/26/2019 Watched: 06/28/2022 540P HD digital streaming on Vimeo via HTPC Facebook's algorithms presented me with a post that sent me down a rabbit hole learning about Marion Stokes, a most unusual woman with an even more unusual...
  7. Adam Lenhardt

    Broadcast TV Superman & Lois - Season 2 (The CW)

    The whole Ally Allston storyline has been muddled, and this wrap up was no exception. The rules of the merge and of Ally's powers were never really clearly established, so it was hard to understand the stakes of what was going on. That being said, if you have a whole bunch of nonsense that...
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  9. Adam Lenhardt

    Disney+ Hocus Pocus 2 (2022)

    The original movie always seemed to strike a weird note for me: Too scary for little kids, but too childish for older kids. I'm surprised Kenny Ortega isn't back to direct, since he's still very much active in the Disney content machine. Anne Fletcher seems like a good fit for the material...
  10. Adam Lenhardt

    STAR TREK: Strange New Worlds

    There was a non-corporeal alien lifeform living in the nebula. Yes. The non-corporeal alien lifeform, while extremely powerful, could only survive in the nebula. M'Benga's daughter was essentially a playmate of the non-corporeal alien lifeform. The terminal illness that was killing M'Benga's...
  11. Adam Lenhardt

    Disney+ Ms. Marvel (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    These college age Pakistani American twins are posting reaction videos for each episode, and I found them almost as entertaining as the episodes themselves:
  12. Adam Lenhardt

    Netflix Netflix Series - Stranger Things 4

    Volume 2 Poster: Four days to go!
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  14. Adam Lenhardt

    HBO Max Westworld Season 4

    I would also rate the first three seasons 1-3-2. The second season was too enamored with its own mysteries, to the point where the show too often lacked stakes because the audience didn't have enough information to evaluate motivations and consequences. The third season had a lot going on, but...
  15. Adam Lenhardt

    For All Mankind (2019) - Season 3

    This was covered briefly in the series of news clips covering the time jumps between seasons. Dev, the Helios founder, made his fortune after discovering a clean, cost effective means of power generation using cold fusion. His fusion reaction requires Helium-3, the only stable isotope with more...
  16. Adam Lenhardt

    Paramount+ Evil (Formerly on CBS)

    “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” (Timothy 6:10) The forces of evil getting into cryptocurrency felt deliciously on brand, especially since in the US it would mean...
  17. Adam Lenhardt

    For All Mankind (2019) - Season 3

    Yes, given that the launch window was known and the practical challenges to be overcome to meet it were also known, it makes sense to jump ahead and just get on with it. At the same time, this episode set up a number of ticking time bombs: Even though it's a three-way race, the NASA team is...
  18. Adam Lenhardt

    What's on your Daily Viewing List?

    Everything Everywhere All At Once Originally Released: 03/25/2022 Watched: 06/25/2022 In theaters: 7:00 PM showing at Indian Lake Theater Recommended? Why? A wildly entertaining and adventurous film that works on many levels: as over-the-top, comedic action extravaganza; as an existential...
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  20. Adam Lenhardt

    Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

    Finally saw this last night at a small local theater in the Adirondacks. I was captivated the entire time. The sheer amount of cinematic creativity packed into 2 hours and 20 minutes cannot be overstated, creativity unbound by standards of decency and good taste, tone, and internal consistency...
  21. Adam Lenhardt

    The Boys (Amazon Prime)

    What about the guy fucking the octopus?
  22. Adam Lenhardt

    The Boys (Amazon Prime)

    If that episode had been a movie, it would have been NC-17 for sure. Just the stuff going on in the background of shots alone...
  23. Adam Lenhardt

    The Boys (Amazon Prime)

    ...They weren't fucking kidding.
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  25. Adam Lenhardt

    Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

    Anybody know when the Assembled documentary for this movie will be available? I think I might enjoy that more than the movie itself. Watched the "IMAX Enhanced" version on Disney+ tonight; I'd only seen the scope version before, on a regular screen in theaters. Presentation was excellent; the...
  26. Adam Lenhardt

    What's on your Daily Viewing List?

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Originally Released: 05/02/2022 Watched: 06/23/2022 4K digital streaming on Disney+ ("IMAX Enhanced" Ratio) Recommended? On What? Whether Sam Raimi's distinctive style of filmmaking is an enticing enough draw for you, and whether you're all caught...
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  28. Adam Lenhardt

    The Flash (2023)

    Just when you think this whole thing couldn't get more insane, it does.
  29. Adam Lenhardt

    STAR TREK: Strange New Worlds

    That's a shame, because most of the episode's meat doesn't come until the final act. Yeah, the cast getting to play against type was the source of most of the episode's fun. Apparently the princess's dog was Christina Chong's real dog, too. What I liked was that there was no real attempt to...
  30. Adam Lenhardt

    Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022)

    I would love another season, but if we get one I hope it doesn't involve Vader or the twins. I wouldn't mind revisiting young Leia in a few years via a different show, but it felt like you could only squeeze one of these stories in with Obi-Wan between ROTS and ANH. Now that Obi-Wan's back to...