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  1. Steve Stogel

    Wanted to Trade: Dish 811 HD receiver.

    Gone. Thanks, Chaz. My brother-in-law has a Dish 811 HD receiver he'd like to trade for a terrestrial OTA HD receiver (preferably a Samsung T165) since he does not have Dish. Anyone looking to go from OTA to Dish want to trade receivers with him? EDIT: It's gone.
  2. Steve Stogel

    Sony VPH-1251 CRT Projector for sale in Central TX.

    $900 obo. Here are some of the specifics, but I'd rather just sell it to someone familiar with CRT PJs and what a great value they are. It's a Sony 1251 PJ with less than 600 hours on it. It's in very, very good shape. It even has the little door that covers the onboard remote control. Comes...
  3. Steve Stogel

    WTB: DirecTV HDTV Receiver with VGA/RGB outputs.

    EDIT: NEVER MIND. FOUND A SAMSUNG TS160 FOR A GOOD PRICE, SO I'M DONE. THANKS TO THOSE WHO TRIED. I'm looking to get an inexpensive HDTV receiver for DirecTV. I'm going to D* because I've got a CRT PJ and need the VGA output (15-pin). Dish (my current/ex-provider) only has VGA on the older...
  4. Steve Stogel

    Mitsubishi WT-42313 for a grand...any negatives?

    Unless there's something huge I'm not taking into account, I think I'll be picking up a 42313 here in the not too distant future. It meets several requirements for me, one of the most important is that it's less than 40" tall. That's how tall my current 32" tv is on its stand. My center channel...
  5. Steve Stogel

    An observation about SVS subs...

    I'm just curious. How come when someone gets an SVS, they play the ever livin' crap out of it, shake their fillings loose, sometimes crack window panes, and get yelled out by spousi and neighbors alike, but whenever you see one for sale in the HTF Hardware For Sale forum, it's one of the few SVS...
  6. Steve Stogel

    FS: Optimus sub, 150w sub amp, RCA SA-155 mini-stereo amp.

    **PRICE DROP** Okay. Here is what I'm looking to sell. It's basically a very, very cheap powered subwoofer. I'm looking to get $100 $80 for all three pieces of equipment (preferrably a local sale in Central Texas). If you're interested in a very cheap powered sub, keep reading. Otherwise...
  7. Steve Stogel

    Can you just swap out a Tempest w/ an AV15 for better performance?

    This is just so very sad. I just sold my SVS to help towards the purchase of Mark Hayenga's DIY Tempest sub, which I have yet to actually pay for or pick up yet. Anyway, it's a 270L Tempest with dual 4" flared ports. Here's a link to the build process...
  8. Steve Stogel

    FS: SVS 25-31CS (22Hz tune)...Austin, TX area.

    ********SOLD************ Thanks, David. I've got an original SVS 25-31CS with a 22Hz tune. Original driver (not ISD). Perfect condition. Peforms great, but I've got a way-too-open floorplan in my house. Don't want to ship, so if someone in or around Austin wants it, shoot me an email. $225...
  9. Steve Stogel

    PB2+ vs. 25-31CS vs. Velo ULD-15 circa 1990.

    The guy that got me into HT had a Velodyne ULD-15 from the late '80s, early '90s. It had a 15" woofer (of course) and was sealed. Its amp was a separate 400w amp. It's a very nice sub, and it sounded very good with his Klipsch speakers. Anyway, I was just curious how the current crop of subs...
  10. Steve Stogel

    Opinions on four-shelf equipment racks. Need two.

    Here's what I like: http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/auc....ack&1050891912 Unfortunately, there's no way my equipment rack will cost more than the equipment it supports. So here is what I found for $400: http://www.audioadvisor.com/store/pr...1&ImageIndex=1 Then I found this for $189...
  11. Steve Stogel

    Technics 60+1 CD changer.

    Model SL-MC60. This is a 61 disk CD changer (actually 60+1, which I guess is how they designate that you can open up the player and remove/add CDs while it's playing a CD). I've owned this unit for a few years, but I bought a Sony 200 disk DVD changer, so that displaced this unit in the...
  12. Steve Stogel

    FS: Technics SA-AX720 receiver and SH-AC300 decoder.

    I'm selling my Technics SA-AX720 DD "ready" receiver and the SH-AC300 DD decoder. This is the predecessor to the SH-AC500 decoder, which also does DTS. THIS UNIT DOES NOT DECODE DTS. IT DECODES ONLY DOLBY DIGIAL (AC-3) Both units have remotes (the back to one of the remotes (you pick which one...
  13. Steve Stogel

    WTB: Denon 2802 or Outlaw 1050.

    Shopping for a receiver, and I'm torn between these two. If I can get a good deal on a 1050, I'll go that route. Otherwise, looks like I'll go with the Denon (it just has so many more features than the Outlaw...DTS-ES and DPLII being the most prevelant). Anyone upgrading to separates or a better...
  14. Steve Stogel

    Question about older CRT projectors.

    I was looking at some older CRT projectors on eBay. Are these things even worth considering? I'm talking about for < $500. Seems there were plenty of Sony models, and I was wondering if anyone was familiar with any of them. Here were some of the Sony models (all VPH-XXXX): 1020Q1, 1020Q...
  15. Steve Stogel

    16G vs 12G speaker wire for sub?

    I've got about a 40' run of 16G wire going from my amp to my SVS. I'm curious as to what the differences are when stepping up to 12G. Thanks. Steve
  16. Steve Stogel

    Dual SVS owners. I have a question (or four).

    I've got a few questions. When you go with dual SVS's, do you place them "hip to hip" and right against the wall? I've got a single 31CS, and it's in the corner about 9" from each wall. Could you place them diagonally in a corner, side by side, and each up against one of the walls? How would...
  17. Steve Stogel

    Tyson (or anybody else who knows), who is Sammy Jenkins?

    I can't remember him if I don't know who he is. I know this isn't a speaker or sub question, but if Sammy Jenkins has something to do with speakers or subs, well, then it is a speaker or sub question :D. Steve
  18. Steve Stogel

    Betchya I can guess the new prices on the PCi's. :^D

    And the envelope, please. I'm gonna guess $550, $650, and $750 for the corresponding models :emoji_thumbsup:. Can't tell you a thing about the new features, though. BTW, if these prices stick, that's $30 cheaper than the old 31PC (B-STOCK), $5 less than the old 39PC (B-STOCK), and just $25...
  19. Steve Stogel

    If you're shopping for a 20-39CS+...

    ...run, don't walk, to SVS. There's one on the B-Stock page as I type. Good luck. $539, BTW. Steve
  20. Steve Stogel

    Quick EQ question.

    This may belong in another area, but I figured I could get a quick response in the DIY area. I'm using a Behringer Ultra-Curve DSP-8000. I'm clueless about this piece of equipment. It's my brother-in-law's and he's not using it, so I'm using it as an EQ for my sub. Long story short, you can...
  21. Steve Stogel

    nOrh 4.0 vs. Diva 2.1?

    Has anybody heard these two speakers? I did a search, and I found a nice comparison at CHT. The review, however, was not that long. It gave the advantage to the Diva for the lows (decidedly), the advantage of the mids to the nOrhs (decidedly), and the advantage of the highs to the Diva (close...
  22. Steve Stogel

    Wayne (or TV or anyone else), could you elaborate on "house curve"?

    I read this in another post, and I was wondering if someone could explain this a little more. I just got finished EQing my sub, and I've gotten it (through much anal-retentive scrutiny) to about +/- 2.5dB. This house curve issue is not something I've read about, and I'm curious to learn more...
  23. Steve Stogel

    Just EQ'd my sub (why does my wife not enjoy it as much as I), and I have a question.

    When EQing, I know you really don't want to boost the valleys, that you want to lower the peaks (saving valuable amp power). Well, in EQing, I wanted to boost a couple of frequencies. If I drop the Main down 3dB, am I okay boosting up frequencies that much? It would wash out, wouldn't it...
  24. Steve Stogel

    Upgrade SVS CS sub with only 150W amp?

    Hi, all. I just bought a second-hand SVS sub (31-25CS with 22Hz tuning) not too long ago. It is very impressive :D. The question is whether the new driver would be something I should even consider. I have a very large area (living room opens to kitchen and breakfast area, halls, rest of the...
  25. Steve Stogel

    Checked the FR of my room. Yeesh!!! Now what?

    Here are the ugly corrected numbers. 10Hz - 75dB 12.5 - 77.5 15 - 88.5 17.5 - 87.5 20 - 84.5 22 - 87 25 - 85.5 28 - 83 32 - 83.5 (yeah, so far so good, but watch this) 36 - 92.5 40 - 99.5 45 - 97 50 - 95.5 56 - 90.5 63 - 91.5 (95.5) 71 - 85.5 (85.5) 80 - 87 (86) 89 - 85.5...
  26. Steve Stogel

    What DC games have best bass?

    I've got an SVS sub now, and I'm curious as to what Dreamcast games have the best bass. Very low bass would be best, but anything that's got bass will do (I am speaking of bass, as in the lowest three octaves of sound, not bass as in fish...I do own one bass (fish) game, though :D). I think...
  27. Steve Stogel

    Well, I just got my Stryke test CD, now what?

    I bought a used SVS a few weeks ago, so the next thing I wanted was something to tell exactly how it did at different frequencies. Well, I bought Stryke's test CD. It's got sine waves and warble tones from 10Hz up to 20K. My question is, now what? Oh, sure, I plopped it in to see what 10Hz...
  28. Steve Stogel

    Can you bottom out an SVS with 150W?

    I just bought a used 25-31CS (22.5Hz tune). I'm pushing it with a pretty inexpensive dbx amp that I got from J&R years ago. It's rated at 150W into a four ohm load. So can 150W bottom out an SVS? I ask because I fully expected to hit the limits of this thing in my living room, which is open...
  29. Steve Stogel

    Well, I've got an SVS. My opinions. Question at the end, too.

    I recently bought a 25-31CS from a guy in Houston ($250 :D). My bro-in-law was down there and picked it up for me, and I got it Tuesday. Unfortunately, work has been hectic, and I haven't even gotten to watch a whole movie (just bits and pieces :)). Well, first about how it sounds (feels)...
  30. Steve Stogel

    TV, could you look at the 200Hz SVS thread again?

    Sorry, but I had one more question for you. Steve