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  1. Scott H

    Any shops in LA area to demo the InFocus X1?

    I have no idea whether any B&M HT places sell it, but if so does anyone know of any shops in the LA area to demo the InFocus X1? Thanks
  2. Scott H

    Can I vent a range hood into the water heater stack?

    I have been doing a fair amount of work on a friends condominium. One rather annoying aspect of the place is that the range hood does not vent externally. I did replace the range hood with a modern grease and charcoal filter equipped model, but as cooking folks the heat and odors and...
  3. Scott H

    Anyone get the Dell Home store 5% coupon in email?

    Unfortunately I did not. And I could really use it today. Apparently the current 5% off code, which is for use at the Home and Home Office store (not Small Business), has a mechanism for forwarding it to someone else while retaining it for your own use too. If anyone has a code they are...
  4. Scott H

    John Frankenheimer has died.

    He died of a stroke today in LA.
  5. Scott H

    Anyone install Brinks home security systems, or know a lot about them?

    Perhaps someone here is very familiar with Brinks home security systems? A friend just bought a house that has a Brinks security system in it. It was installed in 97. It is a rather thorough system, and seems to be fully powered (with functional batt back-up). There are two keypads, both...
  6. Scott H

    Cloud mark defects on DVDs (milky appearence on media) - information here

    For some time I have been meaning to post this link as a reference for those interested in this issue. Cloud marks, or milky swirls visible on DVD media, is a recognized manufacturing defect. Unfortunately, a very common one. However, it does not seem to inhibit playback in consumer machines...
  7. Scott H

    FS: Home Theater Direct (HTD) Level 3 speakers

    Currently offered only for pickup in SoCal/LA area: HTD Level 3 bookshelf mains. Black finish. New in box. Never connected/used. $175. If you're in California this affords a savings of over $50 on these new speakers.
  8. Scott H

    Manchurian Candidate: anamorphically enhanced transfer?

    Can someone please confirm that this disc is not anamorphically enhanced? I am getting some conflicting information from online sources. Thanks.
  9. Scott H

    Beer. What's in your fridge?

    I know from previous threads that there a few beer aficionados here. And it's been a while since a beer related thread. So, devotees, what's in your fridge? My current selection: Murphy's Irish Stout Guinness Draught North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout Young's Double Chocolate...
  10. Scott H

    World Trade Center - Rebuilding idea

    On Letterman, Tuesday night, Bryant Gumble expressed what I thought was a fascinating idea/suggestion as to what to do in the aftermath at the World Trade Center site... Let the union workers who are adament about rebuilding do so. Build an exact replica in the exact same spot, empty and devoid...
  11. Scott H

    FS: Suunto Optical Clinometer for setting up satellite dishes etc - NIB

    For sale: Suunto PM-5/360 PC self-damping optical clinometer. Used by professionals for precise installation and adjustment of satellite receiving dishes. This is a very durable precision instrument, liquid filled and housed in a single piece of anodized aluminum. This is unused, new in the...
  12. Scott H

    FS: Home Theater Direct Level Three Mains - NIB

    For Sale: One pair of Home Theater Direct Level Three main speakers (bookshelfs). Black. They are new in the box, and have never been connected/used. They include the manual and hardware in it's unopened bag. I have removed them for inspection only. For those as anal as I am, note that I...
  13. Scott H

    Opinions/feedback on the discontinued PSB Alpha Center sought

    I would like to hear feedback about the discontinued PSB Alpha Center. Particularly how well it matches/blends with the discontinued PSB Alpha A/V's, and how well it's dispersion/off-axis sound is. I would also appreciate being directed to any reviews that discuss the Alpha Center. Please...
  14. Scott H

    More Home Theater Direct speaker questions: Where made? Mix LIII & LII's?

    Could someone please inform us where HTD Level III and Level II speakers are manufactured? Also, I am considering placing Level III bookshelf front mains and a Level III center with Level II rear mains... Does anyone have any input or experiences regarding placing Level III and Level II...
  15. Scott H

    Where are Energy Take 5 speakers made?

    I would like to know where the speakers that make up the Take 5.1 package are manufactured. Also, do they feature 5-way binding posts? Additionally, if you have an opinion: For ONLY HT sound (not music), perhaps paired with the Outlaw 1050 and Sony SA-WM40 sub, which would be the better value...