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  1. Dan Driscoll

    Arcam AVR 300 Input Selection Problem

    I just got a used AVR 300 and it came with a CR-90 remote. The AVR works fine and sounds great, but I haven't been able to figure out how to select the DVD-Audio (aka EXT 7.1 or MCH) 7.1 analog input with the remote control. The previous owner never used the 7.1 inputs, so doesn't know how...
  2. Dan Driscoll

    AR Pre-5 Linestage

    Excellent analog linestage with five 2-channel inputs and one 6-channel input for MC music or home theater. Outputs are main L-R, a tape loop and a 6 channel pre-out. I am the second owner and am only selling because I was forced to down-size my system. It needs to go, the amp it drove has...
  3. Dan Driscoll

    LiTe Audio (Pacific Valve) DAC-62

    ** The previous sale fell through. However, I recently had knee replacement surgery, so I am temporarily closing this listing. ** LiTe Audio DAC-62, aka Pacific Valve DAC-62. This is a DAC-60 tube DAC that has been highly modified by Pacific Valve. The DAC chips are a pair of the highly...
  4. Dan Driscoll

    Audio Refinement Pre-5 Multi-Channel Analog Preamp

    **I recently had knee replacement surgery, so I am temporarily closing this listing.** ***Asking price dropped to $400.*** Audio Refinement Pre-5: This is a 6 channel analog preamplifier, purchased about 5 years ago. It is really an excellent 2 channel linestage, with the added benefit of a 6...
  5. Dan Driscoll

    SOLD - Sherbourn 5/1500A 5 Channel Amplifier

    **I recently had knee replacement surgery, so I am temporarily closing this listing.** ***Asking price dropped to $550 OBO,*** I purchased this amp as a demo unit from AVS and posted about it hear on HTF. It has a discrete mono-block design, remote trigger input and outstanding sound quality...
  6. Dan Driscoll

    Paradigm ADP-370 v.2

    **I recently had knee replacement surgery, so I am temporarily closing this listing.** I bought these in 2002, IIRC, but changed over to a 3.1 configuration a couple of years ago and they have been in storage ever since. It's time for these excellent di-pole surrounds to go to a new home where...
  7. Dan Driscoll

    FS; MMF-5 Turntable Package

    Everything you need for a complete vinyl rig, except the phono preamp. This package sounds very good, I only took it out because I started down the multi-channel music path last year and replaced my Rotel RC-1070 stereo preamp with an Audio Refinement Pre-5 MC preamp that doesn't have a phono...
  8. Dan Driscoll

    Stuff 4 Sale

    I've been doing some upgrading and reconfiguring over the past year and have a number of items available. All work perfectly and are from a smoke, pet and child free home. A couple of them do have some cosmetic damage, and that is reflected in my asking price for thos items. All prices are plus...
  9. Dan Driscoll

    Filter placement?

    Since my wide angle lens does not have front threads, can I put a filter or polarizer between the lens and the adapter tube? Would that be effective?
  10. Dan Driscoll

    Canon S3IS Accessories?

    I'm about to pull the trigger on the S3, but wanted to check recommendations for SD card (what speed, suggested brands), filters, other suggestions. I already have a good camera bag, lens cleaning kit and a stock of 2600 mH rechargable AA batteries. The main reason for getting this camera is...
  11. Dan Driscoll

    HD Tuners?

    Anyone have an HD tuner in their home system? I don't have a tune right now, but I'm thinking about adding one to my home system. I assume they accept a 75 ohm cable input, do they need a specific type of antenna? Current equipment: Audio Refinement Pre-5 analog MC preamp Sherbourn...
  12. Dan Driscoll

    Initial Impressions - Audio Refinement Pre-5

    My new toy arrived yesterday and I hooked it up last night. Installation and operation could not be simpler, and I mean that literally. The rear panel connector layout is clean, simple and clearly marked. Spacing between the connectors is good, I had no trouble fitting my Outlaw PCA ICs, which...
  13. Dan Driscoll

    HD radio - JVC KD-HDR1?

    I'm looking to replace the factory radio/cassette player and CD playing in a used '93 Camry we bought a few weeks ago. The CD player doesn't have a buffer or anti-skip and the radio reception is terrible. I'd like to get an HD radio, if I can find a decent one in my price range (under $250)...
  14. Dan Driscoll

    Harmon Kardon Signature Series 2.0

    Anyone familiar with this pre-pro? I know it's an older model, but my local shop has a used one and I'm thinking it might be a good, but inexpensive upgrade over the Yamaha RX-V596 receiver I'm using as a pre-pro right now. I don't need video any switching.
  15. Dan Driscoll

    FS: RP-91 DVD-Audio Player

    I'm selling my legendary Panasonic RP-91K DVD-Audio player. The player is in excellent condition and works perfectly. Here's a link to the AudioGon ad. Asking $250 + shipping.
  16. Dan Driscoll

    New MS-Windows security threat

    FYI http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/10684853/
  17. Dan Driscoll

    Preliminary Thoughts - Newcastle SD-860 Universal Player

    The unit is noticably bigger than my RP-91 (think Denon DVD-2900 size) and well constructed, but is light, only 11 pounds. The front panel looks good and has a nice, logical lay-out. The buttons are small and bullet shaped, but protrude out far enough that they are easy to operate. The well...
  18. Dan Driscoll

    Macroblocking on CRTs?

    Is the Faroudja FLI-2310 de-interlacer macroblocking problem limited to digital displays, or does it show up on CRTs, also?
  19. Dan Driscoll

    Yamaha DVD-C950

    Anyone seen or heard one yet? It is out, but I haven't been able to find any reviews.
  20. Dan Driscoll

    Which SD memory card?

    I just picked up a Nikon CoolPix 4600 and need a secure digital memory card for it, probably 512MB or 1 GB. Should I get a high speed card, or is a standard card sufficient? Any particular brand(s) to look at, or just as important, to avoid? TIA.
  21. Dan Driscoll

    CD/SACD changer?

    My old Carver SD/A-360 CD changer is getting pretty long in the tooth, and I'd like to add SACD capability. Budget has a hard limit of $300, so I'm looking primarily at used changers. SACD is a must, a universal DVD changer is also an option, although my Panny RP-91 can continue to handle...
  22. Dan Driscoll

    Which 19" LCD Monitor?

    Hard limit of $300. Must have DVI and sub 16ms response time. Pivot, speakers, USB hub would be nice, but aren't necessary. Primary usage will be websurfing, home office, maybe a little photo editing and occasional gaming, but nothing on-line and no FPS games. The Viewsonic VP191b with the...
  23. Dan Driscoll

    How about this Yamaha?

    If you don't like Yamaha's new entry level receivers, how about the new RX-V4600, instead?
  24. Dan Driscoll

    FS: Bryston Preamp

    SOLD This preamp is incredibly quiet and the sound quality is excellent, especially the moving magnet phono stage. In addition to the phono stage, this preamp has 3 line level inputs and a tape loop. I have very conservatively rated it 7/10, due to age, some slight wear of the silkscreen and...
  25. Dan Driscoll

    F/S - Audio & HT items

    Unity Motion HDR-1000a HDTV OTA/satellite receiver Moved to VideoGon. Yamaha K-960dbx cassette recorder - I bought this tape deck new in 1982, while I was stationed in Germany. It is a single well deck and does not have auto-reverse, fortunately. It does have the excellent DBX noise...
  26. Dan Driscoll

    FS: ASL Tube Preamp

    The preamp and tubes have been sold. Thanks for looking. I am selling my Antique Sound Labs AQ2004DT tube based stereo preamp. This model was ASL's entry level unit and has just recently been discontinued. It is approximately 2 years old, black and in excellent condition. It was used to drive...
  27. Dan Driscoll

    Yamaha S-1500?

    Anyone have one yet? Comments and impressions?
  28. Dan Driscoll

    Showstopper & DCT5100?

    I could use some help with hook-ups and control codes. I just got Comcast Digital w/HDTV, using the Motorola DCT5100 HD cable box. I want to integrate this with my Panasonic Showstopper PV-HS2000 (Replay PVR) and Pioneer SD-533 RPTV. This is the configuration I think would work best: Cable...
  29. Dan Driscoll

    Tube pre for Sherbourn/Vandersteens?

    I would like to add a tube preamp to my system to improve the 2 channel music performance. My current system consists of Vandersteen 2Cs mains, Sherbourn 5/1500A amp, Yamaha RX-V-596 receiver (as a pre-pro), MMF-5 TT, Carver SD/A-360 CDP and a Panny RP-91 (for hi-rez stereo from DVD-As). My goal...
  30. Dan Driscoll

    FS: Paradigm Monitor Speakers

    It is time to sell my Paradigm speakers, especially the 90P mains. My wife is getting tired of tripping over them and I need the money for other upgrades. ;) I'm asking $800 for the 90Ps, $300 for the CC-350 center channel and $550 for the ADP-370 surrounds. You can view my Audiogon ad, with...