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  1. DeanC

    Entire Engine drops out of Vehicle

    Anyone ever have this happen to them? In my 90 Cutlass Supreme driving on the Freeway on ramp, my vehicle jumps and my car is has raised and just goes dead, the vehicles behind me know what has happened so stops Call a tow truck or 2 to help tow the engine and vehicle. I just decide to...
  2. DeanC

    The Best portable game unit of all.

    Just returned from Best Buy with just my basic PSP unit, cause of income right now. And just so I have one. I was asking people what portable unit was best of all. Most have to say the GAMEBOY SP Why because people say its comact, has a closing cover, plays ALL games and the rechargable...
  3. DeanC

    Where is Paradise or Guns of Paradise?

    I'm hoping of any word of these series.