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  1. charles j

    Help on speakers and setup for family room.

    Any help is appreciated, I have a 20x25ft room with a cathedral ceiling that has a 13ft peak, 9ft walls. I have an Epson projector 2150 and a Pioneer VSX-932, I have a athena micra 6 speaker system that I would like to update, does anyone have any idea's of speakers that would work with these...
  2. charles j

    anyone know how to make an inexpensive fixed screen.

    Anyone know if you can glue a vinyl screen to a board, if so what kind of glue do you use and what type of boards? I have a manual pulldown screen that I would like to convert to a fixed screen.
  3. charles j

    athena micra 6, can you substitute any sub in this system?

    any help would be appreciated?
  4. charles j

    Question with Athena Micra 6 How would it sound if I added AS-F2's to the front?

    ANYone Have any Idea's, thanks, Charles Delauro