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  1. Jeff_Fitz

    Problem With Hell Freezes Over DVD

    I am not sure I am posting to the correct area, but here goes... I just picked up the Eagles Hell Freezes Over and slapped it in the DVD player. I chose DTS when the first menu came up and the fun began. Hotel California sounded great in DTS 5.1. I listened to a few more tracks and went...
  2. Jeff_Fitz

    6.1 receiver decision (long)

    I am looking for an entry-level HT setup for my family room and I have decided to go 6.1. For speakers, I will likely be going with the Axiom Epic Micro with an additional QS2 for the center surround. This system will be used 90% with satellite/DVD and 10% with music (mostly in 5.1/6.1 or...
  3. Jeff_Fitz

    Pioneer's Midnight Mode...Do other manufacturers have something similar?

    Pioneer offers Midnight Mode to enhance performance in low volume situations. They describe the feature as follows... "Midnight Mode addresses these low listening volume problems by making several adjustments to the signal to enhance the realism in the "Ambiance Channels" without affecting...
  4. Jeff_Fitz

    B&W Leisure Monitor Range 5.1 system

    I am looking for a 5.1 system for my family room. It will be used 75% for Home Theater and 25% for music and will likely be mated with a Denon AVR-1803. I am trying to balance cost, performance, size, and looks. My budget for the speakers likely tops out around $1500 Canadian. I am currently...