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  1. WillieM

    ACURUS - Upgrading to separates-ADVICE

    OK folks. I need some feedback on an upgrade I’m looking at. I’m currently running a set of PSB speakers (5T’s, 9C, 2B’s) with a Denon 80W 5.1 receiver (it’s been great). I have a chance to pick up some Acurus separates as follows: ACT/3 Pre-processor (5.1ch) A100x3 amp (100W x 3) A100...
  2. WillieM

    Adding an Amp to my HT...Too much power? Need some advice.

    My near- future upgrade plans for my HT involve adding an amp for the pre-outs: (Fr L/Fr R/Ctr) on my Denon AVR-882 (5.1 system w/ 80w X 5). I am using PSB speakers (5T’s front, 2B’s rear, 9C center). I want to be in position to add a Pre-Pro in the future for the 5.1 system. My plan was to...
  3. WillieM

    Toshiba DST-3000 - What's included?

    I am about to acquire my HD reciever box (just in time for Superbowl). I'd like to get a jump start on hook-up and would like to know what cables etc. are included with the unit.
  4. WillieM

    12V DC trigger - How to...

    I am planning to get a Parasound HCA-1205A amp (140W x 5ch) for use in driving the front and center channels of my HT. It is equipped with a 12V DC trigger for on-off. I am, however using a Denon AVR-882 reciever for a pre-pro. This does not have a 12V DC trigger. Can you give me some...
  5. WillieM

    HDTV Reciever (Toshiba)

    Has anyone heard anything about the Toshiba DST3000? I heard they were comming out with a new model this fall but i haven't heard anything about when or features or cost.
  6. WillieM

    CRT replacement on RPTV...2 WEEKS?

    I am having the CRT's replaced on my Toshiba 50HX81 (Warranty). The service company says they need to keep the set for 2 weeks to "burn-in" the CRT's. Any service Guru's out there that can explain this (I just need some comforting since I'll be without my baby for 2 weeks)?
  7. WillieM

    Bi-Amping Question

    First, I own a Denon AVR-882 which sports 3 pre-amp outs (L/R/C) plus the subwoofer. I am looking to use a separate amp for the front L/R speakers and would preferably like to bi-amp them (PSB Image 5T’s with bi-amp posts in the back). When I hook up to the Denon's pre-outs L/R, will this...
  8. WillieM

    Grey bar ghosts on 16:9 Toshiba

    I have noticed muted color in the two grey bar areas of my 50HX81 Toshiba while watching in 16:9 format. The set is only 10 months old and was calibrated by an ISF certified technician 6 months ago. I admit to watching 60%-70% in 4:3 mode for standard broadcast stuff but I thought Toshiba put...