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    (4) Avalanche 15 setup

    Hi guys, Finally finished my (4) 15" Avalanche 15 setup!!! Man is it wild. They are setup two drivers per cabinet, each cabinet is 5.25 ft^3 sealed and they are run on a QSC PLX3402, so each driver is getting around 800-850 watts. Like I said, it is amazing. It replaces dual Tumults on the...
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    Tumults for sale

    I have (2) Tumults for sale. $350 EACH including shipping to the 48 states. Any other destinations, assume $325 + actual shipping charges. Excellent condition. Used for a little over a year in 2.5 ft^3 sealed with 1100 watts each. . . . These are from after the pre-order, so they have...
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    Info on port tuning

    Does anyone have info on port tuning frequency when you have an enclosure with 2 ports that are the same diameter, but different lengths? I have a .7 ft^3 net volume box with two 2" diameter ports. One is 8.5" long, the other is 4.35" long. Thanks! Brian
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    SPL questions

    The are theoretical questions. . I know the real world results can vary, but: I see conflicting information on "double" loudness and power requirements. Here is what I think to be true: 1 driver with X watts will give a certin SPL 2 drivers with the same X watts (each driver getting...
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    Question on SPL calculations from another forum

    I am trying to figure out the truth to a discussion I am having on anthoer forum. Something like this: Talking about SPL ratings for 1 watt/1 meter. Got into the ratings of 2.83 volts/1 meter. Explained that 2.83 volts is 2 watts @ 4 ohms and 1 watt @ 8 ohms. I was told this was not...
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    Finding Nemo - my new favorite bass track!!!

    Bought Finding Nemo 2 days ago, finally watched it last night. While the video throughout most of it would not be my choice to show off my video system, there are some awesome audio tracks. I say that about the video, because they did an awesome job of making the movie have the real effect of...
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    new home theater

    Here are a few pictures of the new home theater setup. Posted them in this section, because it is where I post/read the most!! http://bkolfo4.freeservers.com/photo3.html Brian (Admin note - thread moved from the DIY area)
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    subwoofer problem with new home theater

    I have a BIG problem. Finally finished my home theater, and everything is great except one problem: Bass sounds great everywhere in the room except where I want to sit!!!! It seems as though the bass sounds great when I am standing up in front of my chair, but is terrible when I sit down...
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    AV-15 tuning frequency opinions

    Hi, My friend and I built the sonotube for his AV-15 this weekend. Here are the specs: Internal NET volume is 235 liters (8.35 ft^3). Right now, the port tuning is at 18-18.5Hz. Stryke 350 watt plate amp, bass boost removed (so no subsonic filter). I am wondering about the port...
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    Is the Tumult sealed?

    Does the tumult driver itself leak air in a sealed box? I noticed that my tumult enclosures do not seem as sealed as other sealed setups I have done in the past. . .By this, I mean I can push the driver cone in by hand about an inch, and all of the air I have displaced is leaving the box...
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    received (2) Tumults and a XXX 15 today!!!

    I have not inspected the Tumults yet, but when I removed the XXX from the box to check out the new dustcap, the frame was cracked in 2 places!!!!! I guess I can join the club of UPS carelessness!!! I think this happened to Brian B too. Must be something UPS has against Brian's. . . .
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    Tumult Question

    For those of us who have not received our Tumults yet, does anyone know if the Tumults we will receive will have the new motor like the prototype XXX subs I have seen? Maybe our longer wait will pay off if we get this small upgrade? . . . . What I would really love to see is the tumult...
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    ATI Radeon Differences. . . .

    My HTPC currently has a Geforce256 card installed, but am getting ready to upgrade . . . Is there a really big difference in some of the newer ATI Radeon cards such as the 9500/9700's vs. the 7500/8500 when only used for DVD playback? My friend with a radeon card has had a terrible time...
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    subwoofer problem

    Need help with a subwoofer problem a friend is having. He bought one of the Aura 18.4's and has it in a 15 ft^3 enclosure, ported and tuned to 17 Hz. The low end output is incredible, but he was wanting to know what he should do to get more "impact" bass from it. From what he desribes, he is...
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    (2) Tumults and a PLX 3402

    After hearing how the Tumults are so distortion free all the way up to the point of damaging them, my question is: If I am going to use a PLX 3402 on a pair of Tumults (1100 watts to each one), will the clip limiters built in the amp protect me from hurting the drivers? They are going to be...
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    FS: (2) Stryke AV15’s new in the box.

    (2) Stryke AV15’s new in the box. These subs are actually at TC sounds right now being rebuilt for full excursion and with new dust caps. If sold in time, I will have them shipped directly from TC Sounds to the buyer. If not, they will come to me, and then I will send them to the buyer. I am...
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    North Creek Borealis

    Due to a change in my new home home theater setup, I will be selling the North Creek Borealis 9500's I had built to use as surround sound speakers. The speakers use a single Scan Speak 8545 7" driver, and a Scan Speak 9500 tweeter. The finish on them is identical to my Rhythms's on my webpage...