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  1. John Dirk

    The DIY Screen Masking Thread

    After completing my AT screen installation a while back I briefly entertained the thought of adding a masking solution of some sort for the frequent occasions I want to view widescreen [scope] content on my 16x9 screen. At that time, after some initial frustrations, I decided to abandon the...
  2. John Dirk

    R.I.P - Naomi Judd

    I don't know much about her but respect her as a legend in the genre of Country music. https://www.cnn.com/2022/04/30/entertainment/naomi-judd-death-mental-illness/index.html
  3. John Dirk

    American Greed Saul Goodman Short

    With series finale season 6 of Better Call Saul about to drop, the venerable CNBC true crime show American Greed has released a satirical short on everyone's favorite "criminal lawyer."
  4. John Dirk

    My New "AT" Screen

    I've been working on this for awhile now. Though I am completely in love with my Legacy Focus SE's, I have had to accept a smaller usable screen area due to their size and the size of my room. I finally decided to do something about it. My first plan was to build a faux wall as is the typical...
  5. John Dirk

    Atlanta Home Theater - Amazing

    I was treated to a private tour of this incredible facility today. Special thanks to the owner, Scott Ross and Home Theater You Tuber extraordinaire, "Youthman" for bringing us together. It was a very special day. https://atlantahometheater.com/supersized/index014.shtml
  6. John Dirk

    Want To Buy: Legacy Audio Marquis XD (Black)

    Greetings fellow enthusiasts. If any of you has a current generation Legacy Audio Marquis XD in Black sitting around, please let me know if you are interested in selling. Thanks!
  7. John Dirk

    ***SOLD***FOR SALE: Panasonic PTAE8000U 1080P Projector With Spare Lamp ***SOLD***

    Hello HTF: Up for sale I have my trusty old Panasonic PTAE8000U, which was one of the standout 1080P 3-LCD models of its day. I am selling it because I've upgraded to a Faux-K projector now but this could be an excellent buy for someone looking to get into the big screen world for a very...
  8. John Dirk

    ***SOLD*** FS. SVS PB12 Plus/2 ***SOLD***

    Hello HTF: I have a SVS PB12 Plus/2 up for sale. The sub is legendary and one of the first ever built by SVS. It's way too big to even consider shipping so local pickup in or near Atlanta would be required. The cabinet does show considerable signs of use but this sub is virtually...
  9. John Dirk

    ***SOLD*** FS: Legacy Audio Silverscreen HD Center Channel Speaker - Black ***SOLD***

    Up for sale I have a Legacy Audio Silverscreen HD center channel speaker in perfect condition. I have had this amazing speaker in my Home Theater system for about a year. I am selling only because I decided to step up to Legacy's flagship center speaker, the Marquis XD. Please use the below URL...
  10. John Dirk

    R.I.P Melvin Van Peebles - Tuesday Sept 21st 2021

    This sad news was originally posted in another thread but I felt it would reach more interested members with a dedicated thread so I have reposted here and included the below clip from his son, Mario. R.I.P. to an amazing generational talent and from all accounts a great man.
  11. John Dirk

    Let's Talk About Networking

    As I've seen a few threads from members requesting help with a specific networking issue veer off into general discussions while leaving the OP's topic in the dust [I've probably been responsible for at least one such occurrence, so no judgement] I thought a general networking thread might be...
  12. John Dirk

    R.I.P - Biz Markie

    I know there aren't a lot of Rap fans here at HTF but Biz was a pioneering force in the game and has passed away at the tragic age of only 57. His self-effacing style was never mean-spirited or vulgar but instead always jovial. Colloquially known as "the human orchestra, " he had a minor role...
  13. John Dirk

    Parent Hood Actress Suzanne Douglas Has Passed Away At Age 64

    While Robert Townsend's The Parent Hood was likely her most notable role, she also starred in the movie Tap, alongside the great Gregory Hines. Suzanne was such a beautiful lady. It's hard to believe she's gone so soon...
  14. John Dirk

    R.I.P. - Clarence Williams III

    One of the all-time greats from his early days as Linc on Mod Squad to later roles such as the father of Prince in Purple Rain, Clarence Williams III has passed away at age 81. This one really hurts...
  15. John Dirk

    R.I.P. - Gavin MacLeod

    Originally posted by @Dave Lawrence in this thread. Reposting here. I remember The Love Boat as one of the staples of my childhood. Seeing the contrast in his characters between this one and The Mary Tyler Moore show was something to behold back then. R.I.P. Mr. MacLeod- And thanks for so...
  16. John Dirk

    Paul Mooney Has Passed Away - Age 79

    Paul Mooney was a ground-breaking and brilliant comic mind who would probably have achieved much greater fame had he also not been very vocal about race relations, especially as they applied to Hollywood. He wrote material for other great comedians such as Richard Pryor and also contributed...
  17. John Dirk

    SVS SB-4000 Subwoofer Review

    Introduction: I’ve been a Home Theater nut for over 20 years but didn’t build my first dedicated room until around 2006. Even back then, when I went looking for a subwoofer it didn’t take me long to narrow my choices down to only one, and that was the SVS PB12 Plus/2. Arriving at my home on a...
  18. John Dirk

    Anthem Finally Publishes Specs For New AVM70 Pre/Pro

    I've been anxiously awaiting this. I hear there are still a few bugs but at least we can now do some real comparisons. https://www.anthemav.com/products-current/type=av-processor/model=avm-70/page=specs
  19. John Dirk

    Anthem AVM70 Overview

    Spec of Tech gives an overview of the new Anthem AVM70. Some interesting info for those [like me] considering this unit.
  20. John Dirk

    The Great HTF Music Challenge

    OK - Your mission [should you choose to accept it] is twofold. Submit a selection or two from your favorite genre along with an explanation of what makes it [them] special to you. Watch this thread for selections submitted by others from genres [or just songs] you are currently unfamiliar...
  21. John Dirk

    Best PVR Client For KODI

    Although I've more or less abandoned my HTPC for watching films after moving to 4K last year, I still use it everyday for music and occasionally Live TV. Up until last year I had been using JRiver's Media Center as a front end client. It's excellent for music but has always been a little...
  22. John Dirk

    R.I.P Marion Ramsey

    Best known for her recurring and loveable character in the Police Academy franchise, Marion Ramsey has passed away at age 73. May she rest in peace...
  23. John Dirk

    The COVID Vaccination Thread

    I received the Moderna variant of the COVID-19 vaccination today. As a frontline worker it was offered almost immediately. It should be noted that I am generally not a fan of vaccinations. I've never even had a flu shot and I've also never had the flu. In this case however, I felt it was my...
  24. John Dirk

    R.I.P - John ‘Ecstasy’ Fletcher

    While I suspect most here will not know this icon of early rap, he was a pioneering force in the industry long before it was overtaken by the violence and misogyny that pervade todays version of the genre. Yet another, taken so soon...
  25. John Dirk

    Pre-Calibrated Projectors - Feasible???

    I've heard from many of our resident experts here over the years and the feedback is unanimous. "To get the best out of any projector, a professional calibration is required." For those of us with existing projectors, that often means asking a certified calibrator to travel to our location, a...
  26. John Dirk

    R.I.P. - Thomas "Tiny" Lister - COVID-19

    https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/11/entertainment/thomas-lister-jr-death-trnd/index.html This tragic year drags on. I remember him way back from his wrestling days. He was regarded as a gentle giant.
  27. John Dirk

    Newegg Nightmare

    OK - "Nightmare" is a bit of an exaggeration but I had to draw you in, right. ;) About a month ago I ordered some memory sticks for my wife's computer. This was my first time ever using Newegg but they had the best price for these. While the memory modules were still in transit [shipping...
  28. John Dirk

    ***SOLD*** Floor Standing Speakers - Various Makes & Models *** SOLD***

    Hello HTF! I have the following floor standing speaker pairs priced to sell. Please see links below for details. First come, first serve and I will reduce asking price by $50.00 for anyone here who wants to grab a pair. As the ads state, these are for local pickup or delivery within 100...
  29. John Dirk

    Near Miss (Or Near Hit)

    We woke up to find this in our backyard after a night of severe thunderstorms here in north GA. It was a near miss or, if you're a George Carlin fan like me, "a near hit because a collision is a near miss." :) I've heard about and seen the power of lightening before but I've never...
  30. John Dirk

    Outlaw Audio

    Are there any Outlaw Audio users out there? I have the model 7140 amp which has been powering my rear stage for several years without issue. I turn it on via a 12V trigger from my Marantz AV7702 MKII. Again, this configuration has been working flawlessly for years. A couple of nights ago...