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    Question on Timeless Media Tales Of Wells Fargo

    I know Timeless Media released Tales Of Wells Fargo Seasons 1 and 2 and part of Season 6 on DVD. My question is how do these releases compare in Video and Audio Quality to what is being shown on Encore Westerns? I have Encore Westerns. I have also learned that All 6 Seasons of Tales Of Wells...

    Question About The Virginian

    I have a question about The Virginian. I have read on line that in 1958 a 30 minute show called Decision had the first appearance of James Drury as The Virginian. Does anyone know if the1958 Episode Titled The Virginian is available on DVD? Thanks! Robert

    International Circus World 1964 Blu Ray From Spain

    I recently purchased on Amazon the Spanish Import Blu Ray of the John Wayne Movie Circus World A person had commented that the Blu Ray was Beautiful and that it could be watched in English without Subtitles. They were right! I watched the Blu Ray on my Sony 4K Blu Ray Player Saturday Night...

    Any Chance For Marooned 1969?

    I would like to see the 1969 John Sturges film Marooned released on Blu Ray. Doesn’t Sony own this film? Does anyone know if Sony has any plans to release Marooned on Blu Ray? Or liscence it to another company such as Kino Lorber, Criterion, Shout, etc? Thanks!

    True Grit 50th Anniversary

    It is hard to believe that this year is the 50th Anniversary of True Grit. Where did the time go? I have the Blu-Ray of True Grit. This evening I had the pleasure of watching True Grit with my brother and mom at a Cinemark Movie Theater! It was great! Movie watching doesn't get any better...

    What Happened TO Warners May/June John Wayne / Clint Eastwood Movies?

    It seems like for many years WARNERS would release John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies in May/June. What happened this year? Thanks Robert

    The Seven-Ups Status?

    The 1973 film The Seven-Ups is among my most wanted films on Bluray. On Another popular Blu Ray site it has listed by The Seven-Ups Twilight Time. It has TBA. Does anyone know how long this has been on the website and if it means Twilight Time will be releasing The Seven-Ups on Blu Ray this...

    Any Chance For Dan August Release?

    I would like to see the complete 1970-1971 Quinn Martin TV Series Dan August released. Also the Pilot Movie starring Christopher George released as a bonus on the set. I would have thought this would have been released years ago due to Burt Reynolds starring in it. Also with only 26 Episodes...

    Any Chance Of Cades's County Getting Released On DVD?

    Cade's County the 1971-1972 Glenn Ford show I believe is owned by Fox. Is Shout /Timeless releasing Fox shows again? I think Cades's County would be a good show for Timeless. Does anyone know if there are any plans by Shout/ a Timeless, VEI or anyone else to release Cades' County on DVD? The...

    Opinions About Chance Of BluRays of Classic TV Shows

    The recent discussion on this board about people waiting to get the Fugitive until it is released on Blu Ray made me think of this topic. I would like to give my opinion and ask for others opinion on this topic. When I refer to classic TV I am talking about TV Shows made in the 1950's, the...

    Question About Region Free Blu-Ray

    I am considering purchasing the Region Free Blu-Ray Inferno starring Robert Ryan. I live in the United States. Will my Sony Blu Ray Player and my Samsung Television play the movie? Or will I have to get a special Blu Ray Player and or television? Thanks for all Help! GOD BLESS! ROBERT

    Questions About The Fugitive Most Wanted Edition DVD Set

    I am planning on purchasing soon The Fugitive Most Wanted Edition DVD set and I have some questions I would like to ask the members of this forum. I know this has been discussed before in another topic, but I really don't have time to do a search for it. I decided to start a new thread and I...

    Difference Between Warner Blu-Ray VS Warner Archive Blu-Ray

    Could anyone tell me the difference between a Warner Blu-Ray and a Warner Archive Blu-Ray? For example Warners has released Point Blank on Blu- Ray and The Wind And The Lion on Warner Archive Blu Ray. Is Point Blank superior in video and audio quality because it is on a Blu Ray disc? What are...

    John Sturges Film The Satan Bug needs BD release

    The 1965 John Sturges film The Satan Bug really needs a Blu Ray Release, especially since the MOD Disc is below average in terms of video and audio quality. The Satan Bug does feature a great score by Jerry Goldsmith. Does anyway know if there is much of a chance of Twilight Time releasing The...

    Wishing CBS Would Start A CBS Archive MOD

    I wish CBS Paramount would start an archive MOD like the Warners Brothers Archive. CBS has so many shows that are stalled like Cannon, Barnaby Jones, etc.. Also CBS has the rights to lots of shows that have not been released at all. MOD is better than nothing in my opinion. One of the...

    Any Chance Of Cade's County On DVD?

    I would love to see the 1971-1972 Glenn Ford TV Show Cade's County released on DVD. This show would be a great release for Timeless/Shout to release. Cade's County is owned by Fox. Since Timeless/Shout is releasing The Big Valley does anyone know if they might also release Cade's County or if...

    Hellfighters On Blu-Ray 08-11-15, See Post 9

    Universal is really picking up the pace on releasing more 1960's and 1970's films on Blu-Ray. With the announcements of The War Wagon, Rooster Cogburn, Joe Kidd, and some other titles, I was wondering if anyone knew if Universal was planning on releasing the 1968 John Wayne film Hellfighters on...

    The FBI Season 6

    I received The FBI Season 6 yesterday. They were on 4 pressed discs. I spot checked some episodes and the video quality was very good. I do have a question about the running times I was hoping someone could answer. Most episodes I checked had a running time of slightly over 50 minutes and 30...

    Any News On These Universal Shows Getting Released

    Does anyone have any updated information about the possibilities of any of these Universal shows getting released on DVD by Universal or licensed out -- Shout , VEI, etc any time within the next year? Dragnet 1950's Original MCCLOUD Hec Ramsey O'Hara US Treasury Tenafly Project UFO The DA...

    Who Owns Clint Walker's TV Show Kodiak?

    I have always wanted to seethe 1974 Clint Walker TV show Kodiak and would buy it if it ever became available on DVD. The Internet Movie Database indicates that Warner Brothers owns this show. Can anyone confirm if this is correct? Also if Warners does own it could someone ask the Warner...

    Which McLintock Has Best Quality Paramount DVD or Olive Blu

    I have been disappointed reading reviews about the disappointing OLIVE Films McLintock! Blu-Ray. I would like for members who have seen both the OLIVE Blu-Ray and the 2005 Paramount DVD to post which one has overall the best video quality? In terms of print used, colors, sharpness, etc. Also...

    Any Chance of Dan August Getting Released And Who Owns?

    I would like for the 1970-1971 Burt Reynolds show Dan August to get released on DVD. Even though Burt Reynold's career faded it is suprising with his name that this show has not already been released. It only lasted 1 Season so all it would take is 1 release. Does anyone knows who owns this...

    Any Chance That Paramount Will Release McLintock!

    I have been reading some comments on here and other places from people expressing their disappointment with the Olive Blu-Ray of McLintock! How does the Olive Blu-Ray compare in video quality with The Paramount 2005 DVD? Does anyone have any information as to whether Paramount plans on...

    Daniel Boone Season 3 DVD Issues

    I watched Daniel Boone Season 3 Episode River Passage guest starring Leif Ericson last night. The end credits were wrong! The end credits on my disc was for a previous Season 3 episode starring Cameron Mitchell! Has anyone else has this defect on their Daniel Boone Season 3 set? Thanks! Robert

    Why Isn't Paramount Releasing Mclintock? Any Concerns About Olive?

    Paramount has released Rio Lobo, Big Jake, True Grit, and Hondo on Blu-Ray. Why isn't Paramount releasing one of John Wayne's most popular movies McLintock! on Blu-Ray? I have been reading on this thread about Olive. Does this necessarily mean that McLintock! will not be as good looking and...

    Crowhaven Farm 1970 TV Movie DVD-R Available at Amazon Any Comments On Quality?

    Crowhaven Farm 1970 TV Movie is available as of October 19 Amazon, 2012 as a DVD-R from Amazon. Does anyone know how the video and audio quality of the transfer is? Also, which studio is letting Amazon sell Crowhaven Farm? Crowhaven Farm is a very good TV Movie from the 1970's. Thanks! Robert

    Any Information On Warners Releasing More John Wayne's Movies On Blu-Ray?

    I sure wish Warner Brothers would release more John Wayne movies on Blu-Ray! Does anyone know if Warners has any plans for the following John Wayne movies on Blu-Ray? MCQ 1974 The Train Robbers 1973 Chisum 1970 Thanks for any information! God Bless! Robert

    Any Chance Of Warner Archives Releasing Clint Walker Series Kodiak?

    I have always wanted to watch the 1974 Clint Walker TV Series Kodiak. I think there were only about 13 half hour episodes made of Kodiak. With so few episodes, and only 25 to 26 minutes apiece at that, it seems that it could be the type of release Warner Archives could turn out in a 1...

    Does Anyone Know If Shout Will Release Season 6 (The Final Season) Of Mister ED?

    Just wanted to see if there was any inoformation about whether Shout plans to release the 6th and Final Season of Mister ED? Thanks for all information! Robert

    Is CBS Paramount Going To Continue With Accelerated TV Show Releases?

    It is a big and welcome suprise to see that CBS Paramount has announced The Streets of San Francisco Season 4 Volume 1 and Volume 2 for release on the same day in late August! This comes less then 2 months after the release of Season 3 Volume 1 and Volume 2 in July. What is going on here...